Combining your broadband, TV and phone deals into one package can be a great way to cut the cost of staying connected.

Here's how to find cheap TV broadband and phone deals so that you pay less for all 3 and have the convenience of just one manageable monthly bill.

What do you need?

Before you start looking for the best TV broadband and phone deals on the market you should establish exactly what you need from each and of course whether you really need all 3 services.


Most digital TV suppliers come with a set package of television channels, which feature those available on Freeview and others exclusively with their TV package.

However, some specialist television channels, typically sports and movies will not be included as standard within most packages and you would need to pay extra if you wanted to watch them.

Consequently you need to weigh up exactly what you want from your TV package before you start comparing deals and then think about whether it is really worth the cost.

You should also consider whether the additional cost of a digital TV package is worth the extra money on top of the channels which are available free of charge through Freeview or Freesat.

If it is an essential for you then decide what types of channels you'd want to watch and double check these are included with any bundle you consider.


The main factors you need to consider when checking the broadband element of deals are how much you can download each month and how quickly.

Broadband download limits can start from a modest 2GB a month with the cheapest packages, with some of the more expensive packages offering unlimited downloads.

This means you need to carefully consider the download allowance you need from your media package so you aren't cut short and given extra charges. Similarly, there's no point in paying for downloads that you simply won't take advantage of, so don't opt for an unlimited package unless you're confident you'll use it to its full potential.

If you're unsure as to the monthly download limit you will require, take a look at our guide: What Broadband Download Limit Do I Need? for help working it out.

If you are a heavy internet user and stream a large amount of content online the download speed is also likely to be an important factor. This impacts the speed at which you can impact the net and affects everything from how fast a web page opens, to whether you can stream TV online.

If you don't know which broadband speed to go for, read our guide: What Broadband Speed is Right for You?


Most bundled phone packages include some free calls, either during evenings or at weekends.

However if you are a frequent user of your landline then you may feel you could save money by opting for a slightly more expensive bundle that includes anytime calls, or international calls, rather than paying extra for these every time you use the phone.

Look at how you use your home phone now to get an idea of when and where you call, and opt for a TV, broadband and phone package that gives you cheap calls at these times and to these numbers.

Consider contract length

Depending on your circumstances you may or may not want to commit to a long term contract, perhaps if you expect to be moving home shortly or just want the freedom to switch to a different provider at any time.

This can have a significant bearing on which package represents the best broadband bundle for your personal finances, so exclude any offers which don't offer a contract length that meets your needs before you start looking for the cheapest TV, broadband & phone bundles.

Compare prices

Once you've established what you are looking for in TV, phone and broadband packages you should compare your options to find the provider and package that gives you what you want for the cheapest possible price.

As you are combining three different services when comparing the cost of cheap TV, broadband and phone packages it may also be worth checking if you could save money by getting one or more of the services independently from the others, although in most cases the best discounts are available by combining the three into one deal.

You'll also need to check which providers operate in your area and whether you are eligible for the download speeds and other facilities they offer in order to make sure that you are truly getting the best TV, broadband and phone packages available.

Don't forget to also factor in activation and installation costs when you see the broadband bundles compared. What looks like the cheapest phone and broadband bundle could work out a fair bit more expensive when you add in the cost of a connection and line rental.

Looking at the total first year cost should give you an indication, but you will need to check the cost of your bundle deal beyond this if the contract lasts for longer than the initial 12 months.

You can compare TV, phone and broadband packages using our TV, Broadband and Phone comparison table.