Primus Broadband Phone and Broadband Unlimited

Full product details for the Primus Broadband Phone and Broadband Unlimited, including application criteria, downloading, costs & fees, packages, extras, protection, networking, broadband details, customer services, payment methods, landline call charges, mobile call charges and international call charges.
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10 customers rated their Primus Broadband broadband as 2.8 out of 5 in our Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews.
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Primus Broadband Phone and Broadband Unlimited Features & Benefits

Maximum Download Speed16Mb 
Download Monthly LimitUnlimited 
Contract Length18 months 
Digital TV Packageno 
Line Rental Cost Per Month14.90 
Monthly Cost2 
First Year Cost (Exc. Line Rental)16 
Total First Year Cost214.80 
Set Up Costfree 
Mobile Broadbandno 
Evening Phone Callsyes 
Weekend Phone Callsyes 
Anytime Phone Callsno 
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Compare Primus Broadband Phone and Broadband Unlimited With These Broadband Packages

Zen Internet Lite + Voice

  • New customers will get dynamic IP address.
  • Get router firewall from Zen Internet.
  • You will get 50:1 contention ratio.
  • 20GB download monthly limit.

John Lewis Broadband Standard Broadband

  • Standard Broadband gives a modem/router cost free.
  • Weekend calls
    evening calls included free in package is available with Standard Broadband.
  • You get 50:1 contention ratio.
  • Static IP address.
  • Get webspace of 100mb.
  • Get adsl technology.

Sky Connect + Entertainment TV + Talk Weekends

  • Landline national daytime expenses of 8.41p is offered to you.
  • This broadband package gives a 7.66p orange mobile evening payment.
  • You get 200mb webspace from Sky.
  • A 3 mobile evening cost of 7.66p is available from Sky.
  • Sky offers 3 mobile w/end charges -.

Sky Unlimited + Talk Weekends

  • Get t-mobile evening charges of 7.66p.
  • An 8.41p landline national daytime expense is available.
  • New customers get 17mb maximum download speed from the Unlimited + Talk Weekends.
  • Sky offers landline local weekend charges free.
  • Get a contention ratio of 50:1 from the broadband package.

Three SIM-only mobile broadband - 10GB (1 month)

  • New customers get free modem/router cost from this SIM-only mobile broadband - 10GB (1 month).
  • 10GB download monthly limit.
  • Customers can get line rental instalments due per year of 0 instalments.
  • 0kb upload speed is offered with this broadband package.
  • The broadband package has a 50:1 contention ratio.
  • Mobile broadband technology is available with SIM-only mobile broadband - 10GB (1 month).

BT Infinity TV Essential + Unlimited Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls with BT Infinity

  • The broadband package offers an unlimited download monthly limit.
  • This broadband package has a weekend calls
    digital TV included complimentary in package.
  • New customers can get 50:1 contention ratio.
  • 10mb upload speed is available with TV Essential + Unlimited Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls with BT Infinity.

Reviews related to Primus Broadband Broadband

Primus Broadband Broadband

Nine weeks to get broadband installed (after they *claimed* we were out on the installation day). Unusually slow connection in general. Only good point is the low price.

Customer Service:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Value For Money:
Good, I'm happy

Primus Broadband Broadband
Cheap deal
Over charge

I m with primus since the last 16. Month. But my direct debit was taken double In December by say they are taking advance for January then when January come they take another payment on the 1st then I've reported to them and they said its the bill for January . I've told them that you guys said it was already taken for jan . In reply the costumer service said that February bill in advance. So when feb came they took payment x2 once on the 1st then again in 27th because they've changed billing date so they will took march bill on fed 27, so today they say don't take it in advance so I will get march bill on 27th again for the amount I've used . They are now trying to cover them self up by saying this is how its works with there billing system they don't understand they've already taken twice in feb and twice on dec. just fed up of with them can't wait to cancel it next month. Good luck to everyone who's with primus .

Customer Service:
Flexibility & Fairness:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Product Features:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Value For Money:
Average, could be better

Primus Broadband Broadband
Hard to give anything positive but price i suppose
everything else

Honestly, this is the first review I have ever given on in the internet but I feel so strongly about this, I had to.
They didn't start that badly, when I first joined, although the technical and customer services team were no help to resolve a few issues I had with connectivity and speeds, I had to speak to an IT genius to sort those out. The main issues I had started when I moved address. Extremely unhelpful and call after call to the customer services team, with 'don't worry it will be all sorted' responses, to find when I got home nothing had been done! They then charged me a lot of money to connect me to the new address (they simply took the money out of my account without warning) of which I have asked them to explain on the phone and on numerous e-mails without a response. I did get one response on an e-mail stating I was lieing about the length of time I was on hold for! My Internet barely works in my new property and the issue has been ongoing for almost two months now!
Please please please don't be tempted by the cheap prices, they have been terrible!

Customer Service:
Flexibility & Fairness:
Product Features:
Value For Money: