Use our comparison above to find the best deal by comparing:

  • Download limits: This is measured in gigabytes (GB) and the higher your limit, the more you can access online. Read our guide to data limits for more information.

  • Download speeds: A higher speed (Mb) gives you faster internet access. Fibre broadband offers the fastest connection but is only available in parts of the UK.

  • Inclusive calls: You can include weekend, evening or anytime calls. You will have to pay line rental and you may need to pay extra for calls not included in your package.

Will a longer contract save you money?

You could take out a contract for 12 months or more if you are happy to be tied to the same provider for that long.

However, this could make it difficult if you need to switch supplier before your contract ends, as you may have to pay early exit charges.

Are there any extra costs?

This depends on which supplier you choose, but you may have to pay:

  • Setup and installation charges if your phone line needs activating, or if your supplier is laying cable to your home

  • Equipment costs for things like a wireless router

Unlimited or truly unlimited?

You should consider an unlimited data package if you are a heavy internet user or download music and films:

  • Unlimited broadband gives you internet access without data limits. However, you could face speed restrictions if you exceed your supplier's fair usage policy.

  • Truly unlimited lets you use the internet as much as you like without any restrictions on your data or speed. This is better suited if you are a heavy internet user.

Broadband and phone FAQs


Can I add mobile and international calls to my phone package?


Yes, most suppliers will let you add this to your package for an added monthly cost. Compare current quad-play deals on our comparison page.


Can I get unlimited calls?


Yes, you can add anytime calls to your broadband package. Check out our comparison for the best broadband and anytime call deals.


What is line rental?


The fixed monthly amount you pay for the phone line that supplies your broadband and phone services. It will be added to your total monthly cost.


Will I get the maximum speed advertised?


You may not, because broadband providers only have to deliver maximum advertised speeds to 10% of their customers.


What is a fair usage policy?


It is the restriction of your broadband speed at peak times to stop you using excessive amounts of data. You can learn more in our guide to data limits.