What is ADSL broadband?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or ADSL, is a basic type of internet connection delivered through your landline.

You can purchase ADSL broadband as long as the landline in your home is active and you can continue to use your phone line at the same time as being online. You can also set-up a wired or wireless connection.

The landline in your home is owned by BT, but can be rented by other providers, giving you a greater choice of ADSL broadband packages to pick from.

ADSL provides a modest internet connection speed, with alternative broadband packages offering much higher speeds across the UK, such as Fibre broadband.

Why choose ADSL broadband?

ADSL broadband may be the only internet connection you can get in your home, so if you require online access it could be your only option.

As ADSL broadband becomes less popular, the packages on offer have become more flexible and less expensive, some providers now offer rolling one month contracts which means it could be a cheap or short term option.

How fast is ADSL broadband?

You are guaranteed to be eligible for ADSL broadband if you have an active landline but the maximum internet speed will only be up to around 16mb and the upload speed is likely to much slower, so make sure this speed is quick enough to suit your lifestyle.

If you are concerned about exceeding your monthly broadband usage, then you will incur charges set by your supplier. To avoid this, make sure you work out how much broadband you will use each month before finding a broadband package to match.