A 12 month plan means you do not have to be tied to one supplier for more than a year, and getting the right deal could save you money on your broadband.

How to find the best deal

Use our comparison to find the best 12 month broadband deal by looking at:

  • Cost: Many suppliers offer free or discounted broadband for the first 6 or 12 months of your contract. You may find that the monthly cost increases after the first year, but then you can look at switching supplier to find the best offer.

  • Speed: This affects how quickly you access things online and is measured in megabits (Mb). Use our postcode checker to see if you can get faster fibre broadband where you live. The Ofcom website also lets you check broadband speeds in your area.

  • Download limit: This caps how much you can use the internet each month, and the limit you choose should be based on what type of user you are.

Is broadband ever free?

While you may not pay for your broadband for the first 6 or 12 months, you will still have to pay line rental if your service is supplied through a BT phone line.

Although your broadband will not be totally free, you can save on your overall cost by taking advantage of introductory offers.

Some broadband providers offer vouchers and subscriptions when you sign up for a 12 month contract. While this can be tempting, go for the cheapest deal that offers the right service for you, over a lesser package just because it includes freebies.

Consider other costs

Your broadband might be free for part of your contract, but you may still have to pay:

  • Line rental: This will be added to your monthly cost, and you can check prices on our table. Here is our comparison table of broadband packages without a phone line.

  • Up-front costs: You may need to pay a one-off charge to cover setup and installation, and your broadband provider may also charge you for equipment like your router. These costs will vary from as little as 9.99 to more than 50 with some broadband and TV packages, so use our comparison to check.

12 month broadband FAQs


Will I save money with a 12 month broadband deal?


Yes, a contract of 12 months or more could save you money long term. You may also be able to take advantage of introductory offers and vouchers.


Can I get fibre broadband on a 12 month contract?


Yes, but you will need to check that you have access to fibre where you live. Use our postcode checker on our fibre broadband comparison table to see.


Does it cost less to pay for broadband in advance?


Yes, but you may find it more manageable to pay monthly for your broadband.


Can I switch suppliers before my contract ends?


Yes, but you may have to pay an early exit fee or the remainder of your monthly payments.


Can I get broadband on a rolling monthly contract?


Yes, if you want more flexibility you can compare no contract broadband on our comparison table.