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Get a free MOT when you purchase any level of cover with The AA! Offer runs 3/9/14 - 8/10/14. Available to new customers. T&Cs apply.

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Brilliant patrol people - get what you pay for!
Terrible customer service experience - just awful. So unfortunate!

I have been with the AA for years - changed briefly as I found someone a bit more competetive but they turned out to be useless. I went back to the AA but despite having absolutely brilliant patrol people come out to me.. every time I call the advisors and staff on the other end of the line are just awful and abrupt.

One person called me and offered me free home boiler service and said I could cancel within 6 months if it didn't meet my needs. I never used it, found out I had boiler covered with my utility company anyway and cancelled. The advisor's response was "why did you take it out if you didn't want it?", so I told him straight up "because it was free!". I make no apologies for accepting a free offer which was offered by a telemarketer - I did not call for that product - they offered it to me which I accepted.

Anyway so I broke down yesterday and I called the enquiries line as I didn't know if I was covered as I had a new car. I simply asked "am I still covered?" to which the response "you've had a number of call outs last year!". I had since renewed and bought a new car by this point. I have already had a letterthe previous year explaining that I had had a number of call outs. I was well into my renewal by this point and this was the first time I had rung. I repeated "so am I covered please?" to which the response was "as you had a lot of breakdown last year what we can do for is blah blah blah blah (sales speil)". Bearing in mind I had broken down and didn't need this. Eventually I just repeated "so am I covered or..?" to which he replied "yes but your reneweal is higher because you had a number of call outs!". I said "I know.. that's fine. Could you put me through to the breakdown line?". Disgruntled he put me on hold and I got through to another abrupt person saying that he couldn't find the road that I was broken down on and that he would send the patrol to my house as I said my house was nearby and I could just direct the patrol to my car which I did but it really is a challenge speaking to the agents from the AA.

I had a very bad experience with their relay service having 5 different breakdown trucks as well as being left at a service area in the middle of the night for over an hour. As I was alone I didn't find this acceptable.
The trucks were not all AA and I definitely was unhappy with the treatment.

Recommended by aaaa123

I recently had a breakdown when on my own, I called the AA and they were with me within half an hour and although they couldn't fix it be the roadside (due to them not carrying the random part I needed) they arranged a flat bed truck to take my car to the garage of my choice. The whole service was fast and efficient and the crew were very friendly and helpful. Would definately recommend them.

Knowing that someone is always there to rescue you if your car gives u
Recommended by jennym67

I joined the AA several years ago as I as driving an old car and was concerned that it might break down.On several occasions I did have to get towed home.The company were efficient,helpful and their customer service is second to none.It doesn't cost much and although I am driving a modern car now I continue to stay with the AA for the peace of mind it offers

Brilliant service, friendly mechanics
Recommended by bronny

Always very good service from the AA. I had a car which regularly ran flat and then had its gasket blown by our local mechanic. The AA were brilliant at helping with recovery and repair for the vehicle. I would happily pay for breakdown cover with them if I didn't get it free with my current account.

People who know what they doing. prompt, efficient, polite.
had to negotiate renewal price. Initially waaay too much.
Recommended by octopus101

Garages and auto electricians told me my engine management system was on the blink. expensive stuff. A breakdown occurred, I mentioned it to AA man. He checked AA database, found that combination of symptoms a foible of my car model. All I needed was more Oil. £8 at roadside,£3 at tesco. Problem not recurred. AA man out within 10 mins to me with elderly mother. couldn't ask for more.

Recommended by sallyanne

I haven't used the breakdown yet!!! hopefully not at all but i got a really good deal from the AA.
Best inclusions compared from all the others out there

Plus i got cash back by using a cash back site

by RLF, 2 Jul 2013
Great service
Check that add ons don't make it super pricey
Recommended by RLF

AA are brilliant and always come right when you need them - never have to wait lots of time

Prices seem to creep up if you don't continually examine with extra bits being offered that are not really necessary

However, would never leave as they have been there so many times when really needed with the right answer

Peace of mind for young daughters new to driving
They will rip you off if they can get away with it

No amount of loyalty gives you the best deal unless you harass them for it. I will never understand how a company you have been with for years will take an exorbitant premium when, if you ring them, they have the facility to bring that quote down by half. Why not just offer the best deal in the first place and secure your loyalty? They have lost mine, I will go to the best deal I can find now.

Great service.
Could be more competitive
Recommended by Infinity

AA breakdown cover is fast and reliable. It's much better than previous RAC and prices are not much different.