If you own more than one car, paying out for two separate breakdown policies can be expensive; instead you might be able to save money with single car breakdown cover for 2 cars.

What type of breakdown cover do you need?

Before you start looking for the cheapest breakdown cover for 2 cars on the market you will need to decide exactly what type of cover you need.

The cheapest multi car breakdown cover policies will simply take you to your nearest garage but if you want recovery to your home or place of work you may need a more comprehensive policy.

Equally if you want to be covered should either of your cars fail to start at home, you may want to include Home Start or At Home cover as well.

Where do you need to be covered?

The majority of breakdown polices will include UK wide cover, however if you regularly drive on the continent or overseas you may need to look for extended cover.

Weigh up how often you are likely to drive either of your cars overseas and if it is worth paying the additional cost to have both covered or if you would be better applying for separate breakdown cover as and when you need it.

Compare prices

Once you know the type of cover you need you can start to compare breakdown cover for 2 cars and look for the breakdown service providers that offer suitable policies.

It's then simply a case of finding the breakdown cover company that offers the cover you need for the cheapest price.

You can compare multi car breakdown cover and their costs using our car breakdown cover for 2 cars comparison table.