How Much Gas & Electricity Do You Use a Month?

If you're looking to switch to a cheaper gas and electricity provider, finding out how much you use on average each month is key to finding a better deal. The more accurate you can be, the better - here's how to find out.

Published on 28 January 2015.

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The easiest way to find out how much gas or electricity you use is by checking your annual energy statement.

Alternatively, check recent utility bills - preferably as many as possible. Remember to work out your gas usage and electricity consumption separately too.

You'll need to base your calculations on the Kilowatt/Hour usage figures rather than the amount your bill has cost you.

This should be included on your bills, but your supplier should be able to give you this information if you're unsure.

How often do you get billed?

You'll also need to check whether your utility bills are issued monthly, quarterly or annually.

If they're issued annually then you'll simply need to divide the total kw/h by 12 to get your average monthly gas and electricity usage.

If your bills are issued quarterly you'll need to divide the total by 3 to get your average monthly usage.

If your gas bills are issued monthly, you'll need to add together total usage figures for several months to make sure your figures aren't skewed by an unusual month (like a very cold one where you use your heating more than usual). You can then divide this by the number of months included.

As the amount of gas and electricity you use is likely to vary substantially over the course of the year, it makes sense to add together totals from as many monthly or quarterly utility bills as possible before working out an average.

How much does gas and electricity cost you?

The amount you've calculated for each will let you know how much gas and electricity you use. If you then want to work out how much you're likely to spend on future bills, multiply each figure by the amount your provider currently for gas or electricity per kw/h.

If you need to cut your bills, you could consider switching your tariff. Read our guide, The Best Way to Keep Your Energy Bills Down, to work out what kind of tariff is best for you.

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