Money News in Brief: Vote NOW for CPP Compensation

If you were mis-sold CPP credit card payment or identity theft protection, the time for action is now.

Published on 12 November 2013.

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What's happening? An FCA ruling means that CPP and the banks and credit card companies that sold its policies must compensate customers who were victim of mis-selling.

Those affected stand to receive every penny they paid in premiums plus 8% interest (less any claims). However, recompense isn't guaranteed; the payment of compensation is entirely dependent on the outcome of a vote.

CPP will poll its customers to ask whether the proposed compensation scheme should go ahead. You will only receive compensation if enough people vote YES.

Who was mis-sold? Over 7 million people are believed to have been mis-sold CPP credit card protection since January 2005.

You may have bought a policy direct from CPP or from your bank or credit card provider (read this guide for the full list).

While the policies weren't universally mis-sold, you may have been misled about the risks you face while using your credit card, misguided about the fraud protection you would ordinarily receive for free or even told that the policy was compulsory.

What you need to do: CPP will be writing to all customers it thinks may have been affected from this week. Keep an eye on your mail and if you receive a letter from CPP you MUST vote.

Return your completed voting form to the address provided ASAP but by the 3rd January at the absolute latest. The outcome of this settlement is dependent on people power so please make sure you do your bit.

Once voting closes the scheme will be looked at in the High Court and, assuming it's approved, claim forms will be sent out in February and compensation paid shortly thereafter. Read this guide to find out more.

Important: Don't pay anyone else to submit your vote or make a claim for you, it's free and easy to do yourself!

What else is happening?

EDF is the latest energy company to confirm a price hike: 3.9%

Approximately 2.4 million customers on variable tariffs will start paying 3.3% more for their gas and 4.7% more for their electricity from 3rd January, 2014, adding an extra 49 per year to the average household's energy bill. EDF is the fifth 'big' energy company to confirm its intent to hike prices this autumn, with Eon the only supplier still to make an announcement. However, while the 3.9% average rise in gas and electricity prices is far smaller than those confirmed by the others, it doesn't mean that EDF will be the cheapest supplier for you. Remember to compare energy tariffs based on both your postcode and usage, and switch to a cheap fixed tariff that saves you money and guarantees the price you pay per unit for as long as possible.

Barratts Shoes has gone into administration for the third time

However the website will remain operational and stores are staying open for now, while a buyer is sought by administrators Duffy & Whitehouse. It appears that refunds are still being granted, deliveries honoured and gift vouchers accepted but it's uncertain how long this will be the case. For this reason it's a good idea to redeem any and all gift vouchers and store credit ASAP (preferably in store).

UK inflation fell to 2.2% in October, down from 2.7% in September

This is largely accredited to a fall in the cost of petrol and diesel, although cheaper air fares and second hand car prices also played a role. The drop in this, the CPI measure, was mirrored in the RPI rate that incorporates house prices (down to 2.6% from September's 3.2%) and the new CPIH measure that incorporates costs associated with running a home (2% for the year to October from 2.5% in September). Practically, this means that the rate at which prices are growing has slowed slightly.

Published Tuesday 12th November, 2013.

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