No claims bonus: your questions answered

by from, Last Updated: 17 November 2014

With the cost of car insurance rising exponentially year on year, a decent no claims bonus can help make car insurance more affordable. Here is everything you need to know about your no claims bonus.

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What is a no claims bonus?

A no claims bonus is a reward, usually in the form of a discount on your premiums, for not claiming on your insurance during your policy year.

How does no claims bonus work?

Each year you are insured and do not make a claim, you will earn an extra year's worth of no claims discount which can make a big difference to your car insurance premiums over time.

You will earn a no claims bonus regardless of whether you have fully comprehensive car insurance or basic third party, fire and theft cover.

The longer you have been insured without making a claim, the greater your no claims bonus will be and the bigger the discount you are likely to be eligible for.

How long does no claims bonus last?

A no claims bonus will last for as long as you avoid making a claim on your insurance policy. It will also increase for every year that you do not make a claim.

As soon as you make a claim you will lose your no claims bonus, unless it was protected in some way (more on that later). Once this happens you will need to start building your no claims history afresh.

How much no claims bonus can I build up?

Most insurers will allow you to build a 5 years NCB, with the discount getting higher for each year you do not claim. However, a few insurance companies can give a discount for a no claims period of up to 8 years.

Does the claim have to be my fault?

It is worth mentioning that not all claims will result in you losing your no claims discount - having cracks in your windscreen filled, for instance, does not usually count.

However, if you make a claim because of an accident you cause, theft or vandalism, it is likely to affect your no claims discount.

Even if an accident is another driver's fault but they do no admit liability, your NCB could be lost or reduced. It is only if your insurance company is able to recover all of the costs from the other driver (or their insurer) that your NCB will be unaffected.

How can I prove my no claims bonus?

The easiest way to prove your no claims entitlement is to use your car insurance renewal quote.

Each year, usually about a month before your insurance is due for renewal, you insurance company will write to you with a renewal quote.

This quote will detail the length of your no claims bonus and can be used to show other insures how long you have been insured without making a claim.

If you do not have a renewal quote which specifies you no claims entitlement, then you should be able to write to your previous insurer for written proof of your no claims. They will generally send you a no claims bonus certificate that you can use as evidence of your claim free driving history.

Do insurance companies check no claims bonus?

Yes, your insurance company will usually ask to see proof of your no claims bonus before a discount is added to your policy. At the least they will ask for details of your previous insurer and policy number so they can check direct with them.

If you apply for an insurance policy stating you have a certain level of no claims and cannot prove this, you will end up paying the full price, and may even be charged for giving false information, find that your insurer will not pay out if you need to claim or be reported for fraud.

What is protected no claims bonus?

A protected no claims bonus is where you pay a small amount on top of your premium to keep your existing no claims discount even if you have to make a claim.

However, most protected no claims bonuses will only allow you to make one or two claims per year without forfeiting your discount.

Use our comparison to find an insurance policy that offers a discount for your no claims period. Make sure you pick a policy that provides all of the cover you need for the lowest possible premium price rather than just focusing on finding the biggest discount you can; this guide looks at how to cut your costs.

Should I protect my no claims bonus?

This really depends on your circumstances. Paying to protect your no claims bonus will mean you save less money on your insurance premiums as you usually need to pay for it as an extra.

However with discounts of up to 70% available, losing your many years of no claims could be very costly should you need to make a claim.

Ultimately whether you pay to protect your no claims bonus will depend on how many years you have already and whether you feel the extra cost is worth paying. Our guide explains how to check how many years you have accrued so far.

Our guide features more information to help you decide if you should protect your no claims discount.

Should I avoid claiming to protect my no claims bonus?

If your car sustains damage that will not be too expensive to repair, it may be cheaper in the long run to pay for it yourself.

For example, if the no claims discount you have built up saves you 300 every time you renew your car insurance, a claim that will contribute less than this (after you have paid the excess) is probably not worth making.

Can you have no claims bonus on two cars?

You cannot usually build a no claims discount on two cars simultaneously. However, this is theoretically possible if the cars are insured on the same policy, or if the insurer extends your no claims discount to a second car after a set period of time has passed.

You will sometimes be able to transfer a no claims bonus on a company car to your personal car insurance policy too.

Do you get no claims bonus as a named driver?

This will depend on your car insurance policy. In most cases named drivers will not accrue a named driver no claims bonus as this discount is reserved for the main policy holder.

However, some car insurance policies have begun extending no claims discounts to named drivers, although they may not be accepted by other insurers when you change policies.

Do I lose my no claims bonus if...?

... I claim on my insurance?

Yes, in most cases you will lose your no claims discount if you need to make a claim on your car insurance although you may be able to keep your no claims discount if you have paid to protect it.

... I am hit by an uninsured driver?

This depends entirely on your car insurance policy. Some insurers will protect your no claims discount if you are hit by an uninsured driver but most do not.

This means that if you need to make a claim to cover damage caused by an uninsured driver then you could lose your no claims if it is not protected.

... I need my windscreen repaired?

Repairing small chips or cracks should not affect your no claims discount if you used an approved windscreen repair service.

However, if your windscreen is badly damaged and needs replacing then this will not be classed as car maintenance but as a standard claim, meaning you may lose your existing no claims discount if you pay for it through your insurance.

... I'm involved in an accident that is not my fault?

This will depend on whether your insurance provider can reclaim your costs from the other driver involved in the accident.

If the other party accepts liability and their insurance will pay to cover your repair work then your insurance will be unaffected and your no claims will stay in place.

However, if you need to put the claim through your insurance your no claims discount could be affected.

... a named driver on my policy has an accident?

Again this will depend on your car insurance policy but in most cases you will lose your no claims discount if you need to claim for an accident while a named driver is behind the wheel.

If you are a named driver insured on a policy that allows you to build up a no claims discount your no claims history could be affected if the main driver needs to make a claim. 

No claims bonus expiry dates - how long do they last?

A no claims bonus doesn't does not usually have an expiry date. However, if you take a break from driving and don't do not have any insurance for several months, you may find it more difficult to use your existing no claims discounts when you need to renew.

While there is no set expiry date for your no claims, most insurers will only accept proof of your no claims discount if your previous policy expired less than 2 years ago.

Some insurers may only accept no claims for up to 12 months after your previous policy has ended, while others allow up to 3 years, so make sure to shop around to check if you can use your no claims if you've you have had a gap without cover.


try putting in for a quote with zero no claims discount and then put in for a quote with full no claims discount to the same company surprisingly you'll find that they won't have taken seventy percent off.

by iangpo, 29 Nov 2012

My partner has just lost her 4 years no claims bonus due to a fraudulent claim against her. Is it legal for an insurance company to wipe her bonus away even though the claim was proved untrue?

by gutworm, 29 Nov 2012

Hi gutworm, this does sound quite unfortunate, however from a legal standpoint a no claims bonus is simply a discount from your partner's insurer for now having to pay out.

Unfortunately it's not a "no blame" discount, so if your partner did have to claim, even for what ultimately proved to be a fraudulent claim they can stand their ground and remove the discount.

However don't give up without a fight, some insurers may be willing to re-instate her no claims discount so it's still worth complaining to her existing insurer to see if they will do the same.

by Martin from, 10 Dec 2012

Cheers for your response Martin. To keep it simple 2 and a half years ago a man pulled out of a side road and drove straight into the side of my partners car. The claim was all dealt with and he admitted liability, all we had done was the repair work to our car. That was 2 and a half years ago and now using a different insurer the same man has came forward claiming my partner drove into the back of him at the time of the accident. The photo's of the damage we luckily still have are enough to prove his claim fraudulent, yet my partners insurer has taken her 4 years no claims off her and she has been left with 2 weeks notice to find an extra £600 or so more than her insurance would have been had this false claim not been made.
So it seems that anybody who makes a fraudulent claim against another driver will be successful in having that drivers no claims removed and their insurance premium increased as a result.
But cheers for the advice Martin as a £600 increase in her insurance is certainly worth chasing up for as long as it takes.

by gutworm, 10 Dec 2012

how did this end up mate? i only ask as my brothers just had his first years no claims revoked because of a false claim, his insurance company paid £1500 for a courtesy car for some guy while they took his car for inspection only to find there was no damage to the car! They now want an extra £6500 from him (yes you read that right!) on top of the original £2000 the insurance cost in the first place. were you insured with liverpool victoria (LVE) or is it all insurance companies that like to screw us?!

by shinky, 12 Feb 2014

Don't most Insurance Companies discount to a ceiling limit of 9 years no claims bonus (protected or otherwise). More than 9 years accumulation doesn't count for anything.

by save24, 1 Dec 2012

Hi Save, you're right most insurers do limit their maximum total discount, although the total number of years you can accumulate does vary from one to another...

Of course even if you have 15 years no claims and make a claim you have to start from scratch, the same as if you had 9 years - so each year beyond the first 9 still maintains your existing discount if nothing else! :-)

by Martin from, 10 Dec 2012

Just found this - thanks Martin.

by save24, 14 Jan 2013

I have 25 years NCB with my current insurer, company A. I want to join company Z who only accept 9 years but offer a better renewal price.

My question is, if I join company Z and if/when I leave company Z in a year, how many years NCB will I have? 9-10 years NCB, or will I have 25-26 years NCB?

Basically, what I'd like to know is, will I be losing 15 odd years of NCB by joining company Z? If so, is this a wise thing to do?

Thanks in advance.

by sean22, 8 May 2014

What if I have no claims protected on one policy and named driver on another policy and have an accident in vehicle where I am not the policyholder but the named driver?

by Bakerman, 14 Jan 2013

Hi Bakerman,

I've just spoken with the ABI about this, firstly you would need to declare your accident to both insurers.

In most cases you wouldn't lose your No Claims on your personal car insurance policy, however, this would ultimately be at the discretion of your insurance provider.

There is also no guarantee that they wouldn't decide to increase the cost of your cover as a result of the accident when you come to renew your cover.

I hope that helps.

by Martin from, 14 Jan 2013

if i have protected no claims and made a claim, i am a named driver on two other policies. will they be affected or does my protection extend to them ?

by Paul1967, 23 Jun 2013

Can anyone help? I took out an insurance policy 15 days ago (so beyond the 14 cooling off period). I have just found out that my NCD is just slightly over the 2yr limit, therefore the insurer is probably not going to accept it. They have sent me a letter saying they will cancel the policy within another 14 days if I don't send them proof of NCD. If I explain the situation, are they likely to be willing to recalculate my premium based on no NCD? Will they just cancel my policy regardless? Will this make it difficult to get insurance in the future? Should I get in there first, cancel the policy, and live with the cancellation fees? It was an honest mistake as I didn't know about the two year cut-off, but I'd rather not be penalised for years to come, and I don't want to have some sort of black mark against me, because new insurers think I tried to commit fraud, without knowing the details...

by ArtyK, 14 Jan 2013

Hi ArtyK

I can understand your concern here, your best bet would probably be to contact your insurance provider and explain the situation. Although it will be their decision whether to accept your no claims, increase your premium or even cancel your cover, being upfront with your details should help your case.

I hope that helps, Martin

by Martin from, 16 Jan 2013

I have been been driving a company car for three years and am now buying my own again, the insurance company have accepted the three years on a company car but won't except the 5 years previous no claims that I had on a previous private car which I have provided proof of, do you know if this is correct?

by kimway, 17 Jan 2013

Hi, no claims bonus is only valid for up to 2 years to the date.

Some insurers may make exceptions in some circumstances but this is very rare.

by neenor, 29 Jan 2014

I have just encountered this same problem. I had a quote from Admiral who have said that for every year over 2 years without personal insurance they deduct two years per year, i have had 7 years private no claims bonus before i went on to the company policy 4 years ago. So in theory in my own name i would have 3 years no claims bonus, alternatively i could use my company accrued no claims bonus of 4 years but they also allowed me to use the 6 years i have gained from being a named driver on my wife's policy.

by taylo72, 24 Feb 2014

I have a similar problem to Kimway. Have two different NCDs - one for 9 years, one for just one year. The insurance Co is saying they'll only accept the 1 year, as its the most recent. Is that right? The 9 years is still within the 2 year "usable" period. Are there any rules relating to this?

by georg87, 23 Jan 2013

Hi Georg, No claims discounts are simply a promotional tool used by insurers to reward drivers who don't cost them any money, unfortunately this means there are few rules relating to their use, other than those they impose on policyholders.

I would suggest you approach some rival insurance providers and explain your situation to see if they will accept your NCD, if you explain that you're unhappy with your original insurer only accepting 1 year they may consider accepting them in a bid to "trump" their rival.

by Martin from, 21 Feb 2013

Hi Martin, thanks for your advice. I did go back to the pervious insurers and ask them if they'd accept the 9 years, and they said yes. So I then asked the "current" ones for info on how to leave them, and guess what! They said they'd accept it too. So dispite about two weeks of frantic google searches and confused emails, it appears I'm right back where I started!

by georg87, 14 Mar 2013

Martin - can you explain why NCD cannot be used on more than one policy? Surely the proof is that you haven't made a claim, regardless of policy. This just seems like another money-making excuse by insurance companies to me.

Maybe it is time that the government took a tighter grip on the regulation of insurance policies which are a legal requirement? I can't think of anything else that is a legal requirement which is opened up to the free market to exploit!

by phil_j, 21 Feb 2013

Hi Phil, I think you've hit the nail on the head in that insurers simply don't want to give large discounts on multiple policies.

Your best bet may be to look at taking out a multi-car policy and get your NCD off of that single premium, although there's still no guarantee that this'll be any cheaper.

by Martin from, 21 Feb 2013

I had over 20 years with churchill with no claims, I then worked in the USA for 3 years and used Progressive insurance Co there, so I was always insured and have always had a car, when I came back to Churchill they said that because I was out of the UK for 3 years and 7 days they would not honour my no claims despite being able to prove that I used progressive and never made any claims ever. they said I had to build my discounts from zero. I still find it hard to believe they treated me so badly, I have given them thousands of pounds over the years and never made a single claim.

by ruski, 25 Feb 2013

That does sound a little harsh Ruski, to say the least! Have you approached any of their rivals to see if they will accept your NCD?

by Martin from, 25 Feb 2013

Hi, im 29, I passed my test and got through my 1st year with no crash or claim, then during my second year my partner was named driver but he crashed my car into someone who claimed against us. direct line took the second year plus my first years no claims discount from me and now i'm back to square one again. Is this normal?

by alicealleyne, 25 Feb 2013

HI Alice,

I'm afraid this is common practice as you partner was insured on your policy it was yourself who had to make the claim and subsequently lose your NCD.

by Martin from, 25 Feb 2013

Ok thanks, but why take my first years NCD too? was that because i was a new driver?

by alicealleyne, 25 Feb 2013

HI Alice,

NCD are built up year on year and are meant to reflect the length of time you've had your policy without claiming.

This means if you drive for 5 years without claiming you'd have 5 years NCD, if your drive for 5 years and make a claim in your second year you'd have 3 years NCD - as you go back to 0 every time you claim.

Once you have a certain number of years you can usually protect your NCD (for a small fee) meaning you can claim once a year without losing the full number.

I hope this makes sense?

by Martin from, 25 Feb 2013

Hi...ive been insured for a year and just took out a policy with a new provider stating my one year no claim bonus. Having now requested my proof of no previous insurer is telling me that they do not give no claims bonus out under the terms and conditions of the specific policy. Can this be right? Apparently ive been given a cheaper rate but only due to the fact that i will not recieve a NCD. I want to complain about the fact that this wasnt mentioned more clearly to me. What can i do?

by Kully, 26 Feb 2013

Name and shame! which company is refusing to give you no claims proof? I would contact them again and speak to a manager....

by Bonnycot, 26 Apr 2013

Hi say if I start my no claim bonus on for instance September 2010 will I receive 3 years no claim bonus or will I have to wait for the exact month to attain my no claim bonus

by John-khan, 1 Mar 2013

Hi John,

NCD is usually counted as the number of full years.

by Martin from, 18 Mar 2013

i have had my insurance with quinndirect if you have an accident and your no claims bonus is less than 4 then you lose all the NCB. In order to lose only one years worth you need to have more than 4 years. Is this the same for all companies

by hsaadia90, 12 Mar 2013

Hi hssadia,

This will vary from provider to provider, you can also often pay a little extra to protect your NCD, meaning you would be able 1 (sometimes 2) claims without losing any NCDs.

by Martin from, 18 Mar 2013

i own my own car for personal use which has my own insurance but i also have a works vehicle which is insured by the company i work for. A 4x4 took my drivers side mirror off my van earlier in the week and drove off. i managed to get the vehicles details and a witness details aswel. is it likely to effect my own personal insurance? as my transport office sent me a accident form to fill in which asks if im insured on a vehicle and the insurance details. why?

by gh0st_dan, 14 Mar 2013

Hi, I have a problem with my insurer: In may 2012 someone hit my car (their fault). In July 2012 I had to renew my insurance policy. I had 7 years NCD, but insurer says, that I am loosing 5 years NCD until liability will be proved, so I had to pay twice as expencive premiums. Take few long months, until everything was confirmed - it wasn't my fault and third party paid for repair of my car, so I call my insurer for recalculate my premiums with my 7 years NCD, but they say, that they can't change my premiums now, I have to pay this high premiums till end of this years insurance (!?) Do they are right or just robbering me? Thanks for any info about this.

by Zibby, 18 Mar 2013

Hi Zibby,

This does sound quite unfortunate, especially given that the original accident wasn't your fault and they implied they could re-assess your premiums once fault was established.

NCD are a bit of a grey area as they are essentially a promotional tool, so controlled at the whim of insurers.

I would suggest that you complain to the insurance company in writing, explaining your case in full and the action you would like them to take.

They have 8 weeks to get back to you and if you're unhappy with their response you can take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen.

by Martin from, 18 Mar 2013

Thank You Martin for quick response. I'll try then complain in writing and see what they say. Thanks for advice.

by Zibby, 18 Mar 2013

No problem Zibby, good luck!

by Martin from, 18 Mar 2013

Hi martian, i had 9 years ncs on my car insurance, and i cant find them, i cant remember what insurance i was with, could i ask the bank to go back on my acount about 2years and see what insurance was on my direct debit?

by skinny, 26 Mar 2013

Hi Skinny,

If you use online banking you may be able to search through your transactions/past direct debits yourself.

Otherwise you could ask your bank to look for you, although if you need to request printed statements there may be a charge, this depends on your bank.

by Martin from, 26 Mar 2013

Bear in mind that insurance companies are in most cases the high street Banks with different names, and we all know how that story goes...

I believe that the Government are starting to look at this industry, I think they have brought it on themselves. What with £55 for a name change, discounts dependant upon sex, checking my tread depth when my vehicle was stationary when it was hit in the rear, etc, etc... Bring it on I say, regulation is needed!!!

by Pigzmickey, 28 Mar 2013

I was hit by a truck on the motorway which didn stop. my car was a cat c write off the accident was whitnessed by a traffic control guy but he didn get the reg of the other driver. no havins some one to claim against the insurance company says i lose two years no claims and now tyring to get new insurance a lot of the companys web sites say as there was no one to claim against then the accident is classed as my fault

by freem48, 31 Mar 2013

Hi Freem,

That sounds terrible, I hope you weren't injured in the accident. I'm afraid because the cowardly truck driver didn't take responsibility for his actions you will probably lose your NCDs.

However, I would suggest calling the insurance companies directly if the only online option is to class the accident as your fault - they should be able to give you a quote tailored to your circumstances and hopefully a little cheaper as a result.

Good luck! Martin

by Martin from, 2 Apr 2013

Hi there

The last policy I took out with 9 years ncd was 7/7/11, coming up on two years ago. I cancelled it on 9th September of the same year. Does the 2 year window for taking out a new policy with ncd accepted expire on 7/7/13 or 9/9/13?

Thanks in advance!

by Jamesk1, 7 Apr 2013


I've had a policy with one company on a car for 11 months and 2 weeks. This car has now died and isn't worth repairing so I've just got a new one. I'd like to change companies to insure my new car as I've found a much cheaper quote. Will my renewal notice from my old insurer (which shows 1 year's NCD) be enough even though it's actually a couple of weeks short of 1 year?



by Rooroo87, 11 Apr 2013

Hi, I have 3 months left on my policy then i will have 2 years NCB. The question i have is:

If I cancel my policy early (end of April) can I still take the 1 year NCB i have in the bank (so to speak) with me to another company or will Admiral cancel all my NCB as i've cancelled the policy early?

by richz, 13 Apr 2013

Have 2 cars 2 separate Ndc I have had an accident in 1 car but need to insure the other do I have to declare the accident because it was different car and different Ndc Please help.

by lesle77, 21 Apr 2013

Hi and welcome

The insurers ask for details of all accidents hat have occurred in the past five years, so yes, you will have to declare it, even though it was a separate policy

by Jazzj, 21 Apr 2013

Thank you just thought because it was different vehicle and policy and the named driver not me I didn't have to declare but thanks for the quick response.

by lesle77, 21 Apr 2013

You're welcome. Sorry it wasn't the answer you wanted :-)

by Jazzj, 21 Apr 2013

Hi, lots of useful info here - thanks. I have my car insured with Churchill and have a protected 9 year ncb. Two years ago I bought my kids a small car and insured it with a different company with my kids as named drivers. My son was involved in an accident and a claim was made on the insurance. My ncb is protected on the Churchill policy but I also have a motorcycle which is insured with Bennets. They have just written to me referring to an 'undisclosed claim' and charging me an additional premium. Is it right to reduce my NBC and charge me more for an accident which had nothing to do with me and insured on a different policy? Ian W

by ratpho, 22 Apr 2013

Hi Ratpho,

This is a tricky one and will largely be down to the discretion of your insurer.

In the first instance I would suggest you complain to your existing insurer outlining the reasons above, you might also want to approach a couple of other insurers to see if they would accept your full NCB in this case.

by Martin from, 24 Apr 2013

I work for an insurance broker - you only have to declare an insurance claim if you were the driver, the question that is asked by insurers is have YOU suffered a loss or been involved in an incident in the last 5 years. Although the policy was in your name, the driver (your son) is the only one that must declare his incident.

In this instance I would go to the insurer that the incident was with and advise them that they have updated the claims database incorrectly, as it shows you were involved in an incident and you were not. This database is what your other insurers will have cross referenced to find the incident in question.

Once this claim is updated to show that your son was the driver involved in the incident, insurers should not penalise any other policy that your son is not a driver on.

Also in respect of the no claims bonus, your no claims bonus on seperate policies would not be affected even if you were the driver in the incident in question - however they may 'load' the premium (charge extra) for any motor claim made on any other insurance policy.

by neenor, 29 Jan 2014

my partner had a crash in oct 2012, we made no claim for our exspenses but since it was our fault a claim was made against my policy by the other driver. Sorry if this is a silly question but when filling in quotations for new car insurance now do I need to say yes to any claims made?

by vikkibeth80, 24 Apr 2013

Hi Vikki,

Yes you would need to say you've made a claim, this is because the claim made by the other driver was against your insurance policy.

In effect you've had to claim to pay off the cost of their damages.

I hope that makes sense?


by Martin from, 24 Apr 2013

thanks for the comment ime in same situation withh aa and esure i went to esure 3 months agoo they got me too cancel my insurance from AA car insurance now esure will not insure me cos i lost my ncb of 4 years starting a fresh is hard but honesty does pay with some insurerrs still searching for the right one so i dont get me wallet snatched by these two company`s again
esure not very sure what they are about my honest words

by sunset18, 4 Jul 2013

Hey aye hit some 1 from the back now it's time for me to Start looking again do a just Put in all my Details and put down I have had a Accident and that's it unsure ???????

by andreww123, 25 Apr 2013

Hi Andrew,

Yes you will need to declare your accident when looking for your new insurance policy, you usually have to declare any accidents within the last 5 years.

by Martin from, 25 Apr 2013

hi, Is there any other way of finding out who your last insurer was as its been well over a year and i was only insured with them for a few months and lost all details, I had 15 years NCB , stopped driving for a while whilst someone else did for me for work purposes but did get insured for a few months between that time, I need now to find the last insurer as its been less than 2 years since i have driven but cannot remember/find who that insurer was ?

by dquart, 27 Apr 2013

Suggest you go back through your financial records, chq book, bank and credit card statements, to see who you made the payment to.

by Bonz1957, 12 Jun 2013

if i got 3 points this year will it show on my no claims bonus next year

by adamf8, 3 May 2013

NCB is earned for a year without making a claim. Any points you may get will not affect your NCB, though it may put your premium up.

by Bonz1957, 12 Jun 2013

Hi. As of May 2013 I am currently up to 4 years and 11 months on my NCD. I'm getting new car next week and would like to change to a different insurer.
If I switch insurance companies next week, would I need to stick with 4 years when entering my quotes, or could I use 5 years? Seems a shame to miss out on a years NCD for the sake of 2 weeks!
Thanks, Louise.

by xOUIJAx, 19 May 2013

May be worth just changing the car on your current policy to earn that extra year NCB.

by Bonz1957, 12 Jun 2013

I am a new driver and have heard rumours that the first year since you pass your test doesn't count toward a no claims bonus and you only gain one once you have already had your licence for a year, is this true?

by george_52, 2 Jun 2013

Hi I have a question about my NCB 0f 2 years for my car. I took out a policy last year for my car starting from may 2012 to april 2013. I had 2 years NCB which expired on 06/02/2011. When I took out new policy in may 2012 over the phone. The sales rep sad to me that they will only accept a NCB upto 2 years. I advised him that I have no idea if my CNB is over or under 2 years, so he organized my policy to set as the time i have had my license which is 9 years. He asked me to send him the NCB which I did and he also confirmed me to over the phone that even though i will be paying higher insurance for the whole year but at the end of the policy I will get 3 year NCB regardless, which I was happy with. Now the policy has ended and they are only giving me 1 year NCB. Please could someone help me with this as I am copying the email below they sent me?? Thanks in advance

Thank you for your recent email.

As advised at the inception of the policy we were advised that you did not have any No Claims Bonus free to use on this policy, we based this policy on 2 years driving history earned on a second policy with Yes Insurance.

As you have earned 1 years No Claims Bonus whilst insured with ourselves the No Claims Bonus documentation you e received is correct.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

by proud-dad, 9 Jun 2013

Hi Proud-dad,

I would suggest that you go back to your insurer again explaining the situation and that you were assured that you would have accrued 3 years cover at the end of your policy.

It may be worthwhile including the proof you sent originally when you took out the cover to support your case and that this was confirmed by a member of their team over the phone.

Sorry we can't be of any more help.

Good luck!


by Martin from, 12 Jun 2013

Hi Martin

Many thanks for your reply. I have managed to pursued them and in the end of all this drama, I have my 3 years NCB. Lucky me i guess haha!!!

by proud-dad, 12 Sep 2013

Very helpful last two paras (I had imagined that there was a standard practice across all insurers). Shall shop around as suggested. Thanks a lot.

by protagoras, 11 Jun 2013

Hello Martin,

I might have a bit more complicated question, story....10 months ago I took out insurance policy through high street insurance agent, paid £150 for the service, although managed to secure good deal, thought at that time. After 10 months got a letter my insurer stating that my policy is void due to non genuine ncb, problem is I did not send anything through....ever. Tried to explain that insurance was dealt through agent, they still did not take that onboard. Talked with this agent, he apologised and promised to resolve issue. After three weeks and no respond from him or my insurer. I took things in my own hands, checked FSA register agent does not come on the list, rang my insurer and they said they never use brookers as they are direct insurance conmpany. I already been listed on insurance database and I am not able to take another insurance. I have another car, which is due for renewal in 1.5 month ,probably will not get cover for it, shall I try explain this situation with other car insurer.

My next steps are to write a letter to the insurer , which void my policy explain again on paper and not on the phone, contact FSA. Do not understand why my insurer never contacted me about any issue and just void my policy without giving me any chance to explain situation - how come they did not contact me or void policy earlier...

I have contact details of the agent, shall contact Police about it? I need to act quick as from my understanding void policy is treated as I commited fraud....I am very stressed about whole situation never had any problems with law etc.

Thank You. Peter.

by novakp, 17 Jun 2013

Hi there.

I recently transferred from 1 insurance company to another and had 8 years NCB when switching (proof of NCB was requested and sent to the new provider). I have had to make a claim on my policy and have been informed that my NCB will drop to 3 years as they only offer discount to a maximum of 5 years. This will obviously push my premiums up substantially next year but my question is if I move to another provider at renewal can I prove I have 6 years NCB instead of 3?


by LJa, 17 Jun 2013

any thoughts on this??

by LJa, 30 Jul 2013

hai, can i know whether i get ncb this year if there was any third party claim registered or settled on my vehicle

by naveen78, 20 Jun 2013

HI Naveen, if a third party has made a claim against your insurance policy you will not get any additional NCD for this year - you have to have a year without no claims by anyone to earn a year of NCD.

by Martin from, 20 Jun 2013

when NCB is allowed on Basic OD Portion how does it effects if some third party claiming on my policy. you mean to say that A claim is a claim whether it is OD claim or Tp claim

by naveen78, 20 Jun 2013

Anyone help me please, I have just paid up on my 1st years insurance and I now have 2months free, and my insures said they would send a new offer in the coming weeks, with my 1yrs ncb, I actually want to sell my current car and buy a slightly bigger engine one. How do I go about this and can I do that now or have to wait?

by Abarth, 20 Jun 2013

the insurance company is saying that they dont provide no claim certificate to the third party. can that be possible?

by jeong, 21 Jun 2013

Yes, your proof of NCD will have been sent out as part of your renewal letter. If you no longer have this - make sure you keep it in future - most Insurers will be prepared to ring the old Insurer to get details, just tell them who you were with and what your policy number was.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

I have a couple of questions.

1. Why does your premium jump massively if you make a claim when you have protected your no claims discount?

My latest quote still says that I have maximum discount and protected NCD, but the quote is massive!

2. If I switch insurer - do I need to tell the new insurer about the claim, or can I simply show my NCD (protected)?

It seems that if the premium goes up anyway and you have to tell new insurers about claims there is little point in protecting the discount...


by sputnik, 23 Jun 2013

What you have protected is your Discount, not your Premium. If you make a claim then your Premium will go up to reflect the fact that you are no longer as safe a driver, but if your NCD was protected then you will still get that discount off the larger premium - you don't face the double whammy of an increased premium and a lower discount level.
For example, lets assume you have 60% discount on a £500 premium, you would pay £200. If after a claim your premium goes up to £750, but your NCD is still 60% because it was protected, then you would pay £300. If your NCD wasn't protected and you lost 2yrs for the claim taking you down to 40%, then a 40% discount on the new £750 premium would see you pay £450!! So well worth protecting your max NCD.
As all Insurers share details about claims, if you fail to tell your new Insurer about a claim, i.e. you lie on the proposal form, then you are likely to find your cover being cancelled or your policy becoming invalid if you ever make another claim - as they look for any reason to avoid paying out.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

ime in same situation withh AA aNd esure i went to esure 3 months agoo they got me too cancel my insurance from AA car insurance now esure will not insure me cos i lost my ncb of 4 years starting a fresh iTs hard but honesty does pay with some insurerrs still searching for the right one so i dont get me wallet snatched by these two company`s again
esure not very sure what they are about my honest words FELT LIKE I WAS DRAWN AND QUARTERD BY THIS SCOTTISH COMPANY

Read more:

by sunset18, 4 Jul 2013

i wonder if you can help me my car insurance was canceled by the car insurers (privillage) who im with (as two payments were missed- as we are not receiving our mail). Having paid the outstanding sum they have sent me two years no claims which i occured just under two years however i was insured prior to this and our 6 years no claim with (NFM) which was not added to our the policy. Having contacted new insurers (Allienz) which was taken out about a week ago stated that i could not add my 2 years and 6 years no claims together, although my 6 years of no claims is still valid. My new insurers (Allienz) stated that i had to get my previous points added to the policy that was canceled by (Privellage). The old car insuers (NFM) stated that they will send me a letter stating this fact which i will be in receipt of shortly. The question im asking is - do my new insuers with proff from both old insurers except my 8 years no claims to reduce my payments or will they only except the 2 years as this has already doubled by premium. Help

by helenrb67, 9 Jul 2013

If I change my car will I still gain the 1 year no claim at the end of my insurance if I just change the insurance over to a different car???

by ryan4b, 13 Jul 2013

Hi Ryan,

If you amend your existing policy to change your car you should still earn a full year NCB - still best to double check with your insurer though :-).

by Martin from, 15 Jul 2013

what if my husband and i had seperate cars and he saved up 10 years no claims and now we share a car and he is only the named driver.he now needs a seperate car do we have to put that he has 0 years no claims?

by tmullo, 28 Jul 2013

Hi Tmullo,

How many years have you been sharing a car? If it's less than 2 years he should be able to use the NCD he built up previously.

by Martin from, 29 Jul 2013

we have been sharing a car for about 4 years so does that means all those years have to be wiped?

by tmullo, 29 Jul 2013

I'm afraid that they usually last for 2 years, your best bet is to contact the last insurer that your husband had and see if they will accept them, unfortunately I doubt that other insurers will accept them now.

by Martin from, 29 Jul 2013

Does a NCD have to be 1 year with 1 insurer or can you use 2 providers with 6 months each to prove it?

by bex_08, 29 Jul 2013

It only accrues for full years with a single Insurer.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

can I reclaim my no claim bonus even if its from 2000 to 2004 and how can I do that? we changed the policy to my wife from 2005 till now, can I get my no claim bonus from 2000 to 2004?

by jamalmerna, 14 Aug 2013

No, it lapses after 2 years.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I've got 10+ years NCB which is over 2 years old, but not yet 3 years old. I've been told "some" insurers will accept up to 3 years old NCD, but none of the ones I've found do so. Can anyone advise which ones do? I would be so grateful

by Manny1980, 21 Aug 2013

As far as i'm aware no Insurer accepts NCD over 2 years old.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Ihave been driving my disabled brother for the last 2 years on his insurance, how will that impact on my no claims bonus?

by shosha, 21 Aug 2013

Some insurers may take into account your driving record as a named driver.
Any NCD you had built up in your own name will have lapsed if not used for 2 years.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi there could You tell me if the insurer can knock down my 2yrs of NCB if I had an accident which still hasnt been proved as my fault - the case is still in the court (and there is a big chance as well that they gonna prove that the accident wasnt my fault)

by revers, 21 Aug 2013

It is standard practice to take the discount away when a claim is made, it may be re-instated if the other party accepts full blame and pays all costs.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

you say some insurers accept ncb up to 3 years without a policy,can you give the names of these insurers as I cannot find any that accept n.c.dicounts after a 2 year period without a policy...thanks

by jammy6, 10 Sep 2013

As far as i'm aware no Insurer accepts NCD over 2 years old.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Go through a broker (I went through Swindon) they came up trumps with aviva saved me my 9years ncb!

by Char666, 3 Mar 2014

I had an minor accident it was my fault how many years of no claims bonus can take the car insurance off me??

by goodys, 12 Sep 2013

You will need to check directly with your Insurer as they all have different rules.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi can someone help. I've been driving since 17 without a claim, so 13 years no claims but i have changed insurance companies a few times, the last one i have been with for 2 years. So can i use 13 years or does it go on the last how long i've been with my last insurance company?? Many Thanks Melissa.

by mbrait, 21 Sep 2013

It goes by what it says on your last renewal letter. Some Insurers go up to a maximum of 5 or 6 years, some 9 years, other 15 years. Unless you have documented proof for the last 13 years you will have to accept what it says on your last renewal letter.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Can you pass ncd from a commercial insurance to a private car insurance. I no longer have my ford ranger so have cancelled that insurance, but now have a private car insurance is it right to have told them I have 6yrs ncd.

Thank you in advance
Fish cake

by lyndam13, 24 Sep 2013

Some insurers will allow this but it will involve a lot of ringing around. When I sold my last van I switched the NCD to a private car, but stayed with the same Insurer as it made matters a lot easier. Have a word with your last Insurer and see if they have a dept that covers cars.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

my no claims discount is a couple of months over the 2 year cut off point, i have heard that some insurers except 3 years ncd, does any one know of any insures who do please,

by emmy00123, 26 Sep 2013

As far as i'm aware no Insurer accepts NCD over 2 years old.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

I have always had my own insurance. But then decided to go on my boyfriends insurance due to selling my car so we just used his. The last time I had my own insurance was in 2010. I am now looking into getting a car of my own again. Would I be right in thinking that now I would have to start from scratch with my ncb? As it's been longer than 2 years!!!???

by lloven, 28 Sep 2013

When you fill out the proposal form there will be a section that asks how many years NCD you have and how they were earned. It would be worth saying 2 or 3 yrs as a named driver, you may find some Insurers will offer you a discount based on this.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

My husband's pick-up died last year and so we've tried to see if we can survive with the family car instead. He is a self-employed farmer. We have just renewed our insurance and put him down as the main driver on the car. But have just realised that the NCD which he built up on his 'company' vehicle cannot be used with swiftcover. My car has now been insured under Social and Business use. Does this mean I will loose my 10 year NCD? Even though it is only this past year that it has been classed as For Social and Business use?

by hilaryc63, 2 Oct 2013

Your NCD is valid for 2 years, so there is nothing to stop you using it when you renew next year.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014


I currently own two cars my son drives the older car which is insured by myself and hes on my insurance with 9 years no claims. I currently drive the newer car which is insured by another company they have put down 9 years on this policy as well is this right. Does my 9 years cover both cars.

by jevo17, 8 Oct 2013

No. A set of NCD can only be used on one policy at a time. The only way to cover two cars would be if they were both on a Multi-Car policy.
If you haven't already rectified the situation you may want to think about letting one of the companies know of your error, before one of them realises what you have done and cancels your cover.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi,actually my husband had a false calmer made against him for accident and injury. We refused it an went to court. Later on other party took there case back before court hearing. Is his no claim bonus still effected?

by maria48, 18 Oct 2013

Hi i need help, i want to know if i don't protect my no claims discount (6 years) would i still earn 7 year no claims discount if i don't make a claim ?

by Ibby, 23 Oct 2013

You earn NCD whether you protect it or not. The amount you will earn depends on the maximum that company allows at renewal. If they only state 6 yrs then you could be with them for 20 years and their renewal would still only show 6 yrs.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014


I have a question on behalf of one of my grandparents. I recently got him a new car insurance quote and the maximum no claims discount applicable was 9 years. However on the previous insurer the maximum was 6 years. The previous insurer has advised that they can only give us proof of the 6 year NCD despite the fact that my grandad has been driving for over 50 years and has never claimed!! How can we get proof that he actually has over 50 years NCD rather than 6? Thanks, Aimee

by aimee73, 31 Oct 2013

Not sure you can unless you have all of the renewal letters going back years to show no claims were made. If he still has his renewal letter from a previous insurer showing 9 years or more that is less that 2 years old, your new insurer may be prepared to recognise that.
In reality it doesn't make a huge difference as the maximum discount is earned after 5 or 6 years with most insurers regardless of the no of years NCD you have. Having 15 years is unlikely to earn you a larger discount than 14 years, it just makes you look a safer risk.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi, I have had a company car for 20 years+ without making claims. Last year, I bought a private car instead and am looking to get insurance again for the second year. Last year, we went with the same company that provided us with the company insurance, Dixons in Northern Ireland, but the policy was through a company called Amlin I think. I've bought insurance from M&S and when they asked for proof of my 9+years no claim bonus, I asked Dixons and they told me they will only share proof of the 1 years NCD that I have accrued with the private car. I find this disgusting. Help!

by thecraftybee, 7 Nov 2013

I agree - really unfortunate, but sadly thats how the industry works. The reason is, your company arranges policy to cover many of their drivers by a single business insurance policy - mostly likely via their vehicle leasing agents. This is different from a private motor insurance where single named-main-driver policy has to exist to receive NCB entitlement.
I realised this problem 12 years ago when I had a company car and changed jobs. From then on, me and my wife swapped 'main driver' titles to build our own individual no claims history every other year, while continue to drive the company leased car. This is the only solution as far as I am aware to build an NCB while driving a lease car with insurance arranged by the employer. Hope that helps

by moneyminder, 10 Nov 2013

hi i had a 5 car motorway collision around 1 year ago my no claims was unaffected as i was hit in a stationary state while in traffic which then piled me into a back of another driver then so on so forth. i re-insured with the same company on the 28/12/12 with 3 years no claims had the accident on the 5/12/12. now gained another year they have sent me a renewal policy for only 1 year no claims which was generated this year when it should of been 4. is a insurance company allowed to do this taken no claims when they feel like it and is there anything i can do about it. i didnt claim on my insurance i claimed on the person that hit me and the person i hit due to being physically moved from a stationary place claimed on the same guys insurance as my company said to them i was not at fault any help would be great thank Sean

by Sean77, 7 Dec 2013

I havn't been driving now for 33 months. Are there any insurers that could be recommended that could protect my NCD as I have 9 yrs NCD from my previous insurance but they wont insure me as it had to be within 24 months.

by itares, 10 Dec 2013

No, Insurers will only recognise NCD that is less than 2 years old. Unless you can find an Insurer who will recognise your previous good driving record you will have to start again.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I recently Had a accident and a claim was made against me. I had 4 years NCB at the time. Around 4 weeks before the accident my insurance was due. I was told by Tesco that that my No claims would go to 5 NCB but then they would take 2 years NCB off taking me down to 3 years!
But now Tescos are telling me my No claims will go to 2 years so in effect i lose 3 years NCB? Is that correct? I always thought people only lose 2 years NCB by making a claim?

by Bigron1980, 12 Dec 2013

Hi. I have had 5 years ncb with my previous car. Ihave just got a new car and change insurance company. I sent them proof of how many ncb I have. They say that these are with the oother car and that they dont count on this car

by jamierobson1, 15 Dec 2013

You just need to tell them that you no longer have the other car, and that you want to use your NCD on the new car.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

I have been driving since April 2013, when I passed my test, but I have been insured on my car since December 2012, does my no claims start from when I gained my full license or when I started paying for my insurance?


by aricka, 15 Dec 2013

You only earn NCD from when you take out your first policy as a qualified driver. At the end of that year, if you have been claim free, you will earn a years NCD.

by Bonz1957, 17 Jan 2014

Hi, I've just renewed my car insurance with one year's no claims discount and sent the proof of no claims to my new insurer. However my old insurer has now come back to me saying that a driver who ran into the back of me a few months ago has disputed that the accident was his fault. Does this mean that I could potentially lose my no claims discount even though I've already sent proof I have it to my new insurers?

by dg63, 17 Dec 2013

Make sure you fully explain the situation to your new Insurer as soon as possible, before they find out and possibly cancel your cover.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Hi I was insured with one company for 7 mths but I sold my car so they cancelled my insurance and I've charged me £193 but I just got a new car and rang to see if I could be re-insured but they were going to charge me a lot more then other company's so I went with someone else,I rang my old insurance company and asked for proof of my 7 years ncb but they said they will not give it me till I pay what I owe them,can they refuse to give it me as I'm stuck as told new company I have the 7 years,hope this makes sence I really need help

by amandad78, 18 Dec 2013

So far as I'm aware. all insurance companies have access to the Insurers' Database, so written proof of NCD is no longer necessary.

However, if you owe money to your previous insurer, they may have erased this information. Perhaps you should pay them what you owe them.

by Feline123, 20 Dec 2013

I've heard this too. My insurers didn't want physical proof they just looked it up.

by staceyw699, 5 Mar 2014

Hi I have been driving for exactly one year now. I have recently received my proof of no claims discount which states that I have 0 years no claims. Am I being dim? I haven't made any claims within the year so surely I should have 1 year no claims discount not 0, right?

by griff4, 2 Jan 2014

Hi griff4,

You should earn a year's worth of no claims at the end of each insurance year but there are some exceptions, for example if you are a named driver and the policy is held in someone elses name you are unlikely to accrue no claims.

Your best bet is to contact your insurer and ask for an explanation.

by Martin from, 6 Jan 2014

Hi, I joined swintons insurance with 10yrs ncd but now im due for renewal they have issued a 9yrs ncd when I should have 11yrs, is this legal? And do I fill in 9yrs or 11yrs when online searching. Thanks a confused Amba.

by ambasweet, 3 Jan 2014

Hi Amba,

This may simply be an administrative error, I suggest you contact Swintons to find out whether there is any other reason why you have been issued with a reduced NCB and if there is ask for a full explanation of the reasons why.

by Martin from, 6 Jan 2014

They said they only go upto 9yrs but how if I went to them with 10yrs & do i state 11yrs. Only have 2days left to get insured :(

by ambasweet, 6 Jan 2014

OK, in reality most insurers offer their maximum ncb discount to drivers with 5 or more years no claims, so I doubt very much that it will make much difference to the cost of your insurance if you look for quotes with 9 years no claims rather than 11.

This is probably the best way to proceed - you could then contact each insurer you are considering to explain you actually have 11 years rather than 9 but that you can only get proof for 9 years for the reasons above.

They may offer you an additional small discount but I expect you'll already have the full discount with 9 years anyway.

by Martin from, 6 Jan 2014

Hi I'm trying to insure my car with w new company as my current insurer has increased my payments. The only problem is the new company will not insure me unless I prove that I have 4 years no claims. How do I do this if I have only been with my current employer a year? Do I request proof from each company I have been with for the last 4 years?


by vikkipc, 4 Jan 2014

Hi Vikkipc,

Your current insurer should be able to provide you with proof of your no claims bonus entitlement for the full 4 years, this is usually as a certificate or letter.

by Martin from, 6 Jan 2014

Hi, do you only earn a full years NCB when you have been with ONE insurance company for a full year? Or is it calculated from the date of your last accident. Next month will be a year since my accident, but I have only been with my current insurance company for 5 months as I changed vehicles and they gave me a better deal. I have just changed cars again and want to know if I can take advantage of a years NCB by taking out a new policy next month? From the research I have done online, it seems this is not the case and I will have to be with the same insurer for a full year to earn that - whereas I was with my previous one for 6 months and the current for 6 months. Can you confirm this?

by ameliaj17, 7 Jan 2014

Your research is correct. You only earn a years NCD when you have been claim free for the duration of the policy.

by Bonz1957, 17 Jan 2014

Hi, My insurance company have basically paused my no claims and reduced from 8 years to 3 due to an accident that wasn't my fault but is however dragging on and is nearly two years in..apparently this can drag on 3 years or more and all the other party have to do is reply once in 6mth period and the case will then stay open. My question is that as my insurance is due for yearly renewal can I technically take my original amount of no claims which should now be around 9 years to another company for quote as there has only been this one incident with present company? ie I wouldn't be breaking any laws.? thanks for any reply given

by blooze, 9 Jan 2014

Hi, I have recently had an accident due to the driver size front tire blowing which resulted in me hitting a pole, I know my NCB is gone but how does this effect my current insurance policy, the car is a write off and they are paying me out? Do I just change the car as though I have a new car or do I need to start from the beginning with NCB. I am with Aviva. Many thanks!

by briank35, 10 Jan 2014

You will need to contact them for a specific answer, but they should allow a change of car - though it may result in an increase in premium and a mid-term Admin fee. At renewal, your NCD will be adjusted accordingly.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

I know a person who has just got his license and is a new driver. He has got insurance and told them he has got 3 years no claim bonus. Which is obviously a lie because he's just passed his practical. They didn't ask for proof and he's now insured. How do I report him. Any address?

by yas_456, 14 Jan 2014

Hi Yas,

You can report this to the Insurance Fraud Burea, their telephone number is: 0800 422 0421 or you can contact them online here:

by Martin from, 14 Jan 2014

i am looking for car insurance but its been over 6 yr since as i last drove or was insured and cant even remember who was with, will i still be able to get a new insurance deal even though i do not have no claims bonus of any sort

by drewdingdong, 17 Jan 2014

Of course you can get insured, but you will have to say you have no NCD and start from scratch.

by Bonz1957, 17 Jan 2014

I had a car for six months then another car for six month. I didn't claim on either policy and now I'm wondering if I have a years no claims bonus from this or not?

by rodyr5, 17 Jan 2014

If they were both on the same policy then you will have earned 1yrs NCD. If they were on separate policies then No. It has to be a year on the same policy.

by Bonz1957, 17 Jan 2014

It was two separate policies but do you think the insurance would consider it as both policies were with the same insurer? Thank you

by rodyr5, 17 Jan 2014

Unlikely, unless you are going to use the same Insurer. If you cancelled the policies and did not get a renewal letter clearly showing your NCD Entitlement then almost certainly No.

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Any idea how long Admiral hold your no claims bonus before it expires - I havent had a car now for nearly two years and I hadf 7 years NCB and don t want to loose it?

Why expire at all most annoying!!

by Omendata, 17 Jan 2014

As far as I'm aware Omen, no Insurer will recognise NCD after it has not been used on a policy for more than 2 yrs.

by Bonz1957, 17 Jan 2014

So better find a car soon then!!!!

I knew it had to be less than two years it says so in the guff above but some insurers say it has to be less than or equal to a year - presumably just to make sure you re-insure with them quick as so I am hoping Admiral are not in that category.

Once again good drivers get the shaft!!!


by Omendata, 17 Jan 2014

Apparently after browsing an "alternative" forum Aviva will take up to 3 years NCD.

by Omendata, 17 Jan 2014

Sadly Omen that is not true, which only goes to prove the point that you should never trust what idiots write on forums, always DYOR!!
This is from the FAQ section of Aviva:
Q: How long is No Claim Discount for motor insurance valid for?
Our answer: Your No Claim Discount (NCD) will be valid for 2 years after the expiration of your last policy, provided it is not being used on another policy

by Bonz1957, 18 Jan 2014

Thanks Bonz yes you are indeed correct us idiots have been corrected.
This is the better forum anyway!!!

by Omendata, 18 Jan 2014


I currently work overseas in Afghanistan and so two years ago this June I sold my car and received a letter from my insurer saying that I had two years grace to keep my maximum no claims bonus. It now looks like I will be staying in Afghanistan for another year so I am wondering how to keep my bonus? My wife has a car and I am a named driver on that car. Could I insure myself on that car to keep the no claims or might I have to buy an old banger and just do 3rd party in order to keep my no claims for when I do come home and buy another car? Help!?


by tezza999, 20 Jan 2014

Just being a named driver will not keep your NCD. You could buy an old car and insure it, but would have to weigh the cost against starting from scratch when you return.
One other thing you could think about would be taking out cover on your wife's car for a year with her as a named - and the main - driver. Use your NCD for a year while it is still valid, and then your wife can switch back to her name with her 1yr old NCD at the end of the year. You would then have 2yrs for your NCD to lapse again - should you end up staying out thee longer. Hope you can sort this out to your advantage.

by Bonz1957, 22 Jan 2014

Hi Thanks for this advice and I will check re taking out a policy on my wife's car as you suggest for a year. My other thought was putting a scrap £50.00 car in the garage and just taking out 3rd party only.

by tezza999, 22 Jan 2014

Sorry also further to my last and your advice, would I be able to take cover out on my wife's car as she is the registered keeper, would I have to be the registered keeper in order for her to be a named and main driver?

by tezza999, 22 Jan 2014

Shouldn't be a problem. I am the keeper of the wife's car and it has never been a problem for her to get cover in her own name. You would have to look at the cost of buying a scrapper, getting it to you, insuring it, getting rid of it, etc, against letting your NCD lapse and starting again. Most Insurers offer a fairly good intro bonus to get your business that you wouldn't notice a huge difference.

by Bonz1957, 22 Jan 2014

Thanks will proceed when I am next home as you suggest....most helpful thanks.

by tezza999, 22 Jan 2014

Hi I am about to purchase a new VW Polo that comes with free insurance for a year. I have heard that this will mean I lose my NCD? I have called VW insurance who have assured me that this is a common misconception, although its not that common as I can't find anything about this. Any idea if this is true? I have been driving 8 years and have never even had a scrape. Thanks

by colm, 21 Jan 2014

No not true!

by Omendata, 22 Jan 2014

No not true!

by Omendata, 22 Jan 2014

Can anyone help me. My dad had his car stolen (but he left it in his son's care to borrow over the weekend) and it got stolen from outside his house. It appears that it was then involved in an accident. Police have been involved etc but now my dad's insurance company say they wont pay out cos it was in my brothers care...but thats not fair surely as my dad was full comp etc and you ar etalking a small technicality because it seems that if my dad reported it stolen he would have been padi out?

by ksdisguise, 23 Jan 2014

good evening to you all. can anyone help; i have been driving on my fathers car insurance for the pass 10 years and we have built up 10 years no claims bonus. now my father is giving up driving, is there any companies that you can transfer no claims bonus between family members?

by wonderingmike, 23 Jan 2014

I have a question because im kinda panicking right now, just called my old car insurance bout gettin my NCB and they inform me that they are unwilling to release it until I pay £51.51 cos my ex had cancelled the last payment when we split, my new car insurers need the NCB by the 9th of Feb, im currently on ESA so no matter what the tories say I currently dont have a spare £50 note laying around, I have no clue what to do would anyone have n e suggestions

by strandgsx, 24 Jan 2014

Hi can anyone help? I'm a little unsure what to do and don't want to get penalised for doing the wrong thing. My partner crashed his car earlier today and his insurance renewal is due on Sunday. The crash will be classed as his fault as the guy ahead slammed on and he went into the back of the car. He has exchanged insurance details with the guy but at the moment we do not know if there will be a claim, I assume there will be but how do we know? Should we just automatically assume he now has no NCD or do we still declare it? Do we need to wait for something in writing to say he's lost his no claims?

by jessic97, 24 Jan 2014

I have not driven for about 7 years due to finance situation, I do need to get a car now though, I had no claims for all my licence, since I started at 18, does this count or do I have to start again? expensive

by lauramc34, 27 Jan 2014

no claims bonus is only valid for up to 2 years from the expiry/cancellation of your last policy.

Insurers will require you to start again from NIL no claims bonus

by neenor, 29 Jan 2014

i dont except that anyone should lose ncd simply because they havent driven for any length of time after all you dont just become a bad risk if you decide to not drive

by phaywo, 29 Jan 2014

most insurers will not accept no claims bonus that has been redundant for 2 years+. (some will accept 3 at a push but it is very rare)

they see that you have not had the driving experience of the last 2 years, therefore you are a greater risk.

by neenor, 29 Jan 2014

Hello I haven't claimed since starting driving 7 years ago to today how do I prove this for ncd? My renewel is coming up but not sure I registered my no claims with my current insurance?

by mhughe, 3 Feb 2014

Hi Mhughe,

You will usually earn 1 year NCD for every year you are insured as the main driver on a car insurance policy and don't make a claim. I would speak with your existing insurer and see if they can provide proof of your NCDs.

by Martin from, 4 Feb 2014

My car rolled into the back of another car as I didn't put the handbrake on properly, they made a claim on my insurance but I didn't as I didn't need to, however does this mean I lose my NCD?

by jordan94, 4 Feb 2014

Hi Jordon,

Unfortunately this will usually mean that you lose your no claims discount, as a claim has been made against your policy, it usually doesn't matter if the money is paid to you or a third party who is claiming on your insurance.

by Martin from, 4 Feb 2014

My husband has a company car, which he will lose when he retires in 5 months time, we have bought a car. We wish to insure it now and have a letter from his firm saying he has had no accidents in all the time he has had a company car. We wish to use this letter straight away, thereby getting any no claims bonus this letter will allow us. How do we do this and keep the company car for the 5 months? any suggestions.

by Goink, 4 Feb 2014

Hi Goink,

You'll need to speak with your husband's employer to see if this is something they can provide. Be warned though, just because the employer will provide a letter detailing that he hasn't claimed for 5 years, that's no guarantee that insurers will accept this as proof of No Claims and offer a discount.

by Martin from, 4 Feb 2014

Thank you for your reply

by Goink, 4 Feb 2014

Hi can anyone help I have 5 years no claims with current insurer but they voided my policy due to not being able to send proof of address (utility bill)as I live with my mother in law now as split from husband and have no bills in her address but my drivers licence has my old address on,need to insure with a new insurer but old policy wasnt up till may will I lose my 5 years no claim, will they still give them to me even tho they voided my policy please can someone help

by julie_19, 4 Feb 2014

You have two years before you loose your no claims but check with your insurer as some are ripping customers off by only giving 1 year or less!!!

Get your mother in law to register you for say Broadband or telephone, mobile phone, or leccie then use that to prove your address!

by Omendata, 6 Feb 2014

Hello. Id really like to know this. Please help.

I started insurance in 2004. In 2009 I was at fault for an rta. The third party claimed off my insurance.
In sept 2011, I cancelled my insurance.
Now I want to take out new insurance again. How many ndb do I still have?

by jdbunn, 9 Feb 2014

You would probably have at least 4 years NCB as it starts again from when you lost it.

by Omendata, 17 Feb 2014

need advice with my no claims, i had 2years no claims and a lady crashed into the back of my car, but the insurance company wanted 2 proofs of my address e.g. bills or bank statement (i dont have 2) so they canceled it after taking money out, so now i got covered quickly and they want proof of my no claims now they previous company wont give me then! the claim didnt go through as i couldnt prove address so why dont i have my no claims?? anything i can do?

by anthony52, 21 Feb 2014

Hi a woman banged into the side of me and I advised my insurance cause I had no idea what to do I said I was not making a claim. After varies letters I decided to not proceed with the claim, and I got a renewal for £400 with another company. My current insurance renewed me for 1000. I phoned them up and they said I had made a claim? Even tho they did not fix the dent on my car and the other woman did not claim? Will I still get my 2 years nc? As I am not goin ahead with the claim.

by louis12, 23 Feb 2014

Yes they do this! Apparently u have to tell them of every bump whether u make a claim on your policy or the other party. My neighbour reversed into my car a few years ago and believe it or not I have to tell every new insurer about this or else they can accuse me of withholding information!

by staceyw699, 5 Mar 2014

Hi martin, I have 3 different insurance policies on 3 vehicles all have no claims bonus, they are not protected, I had an accident on one of the vehicles will I loose the no claims on all of the vehicles. Really worried about this

by blondie3770, 26 Feb 2014

Hope this helps someone, I insured my car today and still kept my 9 years NCB I went through a brokers (Swindon) and they found me insurance with Aviva. Perfect next year it will cost me a lot less!

by Char666, 3 Mar 2014

I had 9 years no claims but haven't had insurance for 2years and 3 months. How do I find an insurer that will still let me keep it. I understand some insurance company's allow up to 3years. Any ideas?

by Char666, 2 Mar 2014

I've been driving for 4 months and want to change cars do I keep the 4 months I've been driving toward my no claims?

by terryrose96, 3 Mar 2014

My wife is a named driver on both my own and my daughters policy. If she claims on my daughters policy will this affect my no claims?

by bmcl17, 3 Mar 2014

i have been driving for 23years, only making 2 claims in all that time, one was my fault and didnt involve anyone else, and second someone reversed into side of my car and admitted full liability, on both occasions i was protected so that means i should have 23yrs NCD, however i have just cancelled a policy and the letter says i have 8yrs NCD, how can that be???? who can i complain to ?? insurance is one big legalised con as far as i am concerned :(

by adrian71, 5 Mar 2014

Me and my partner have 2 cars. I'm the main driver of one and him of the other. We are both fully comp and able to drive eachothers car. We have a multi car policy so it's a joint policy I assume?
Anyhow, he was driving my car some idiot didn't give way to us on the roundabout and crashed into us. Will I lose MY 6 years NCB because of this? I wasn't driving my car but because it's a multi car policy I assume I would be okay and my partner would lose his ncb (which is hardly any) help!! I hope this makes sense :)

by staceyw699, 5 Mar 2014

My daughter had a policy in her name with Aviva with 5 years NCD, with me (her mother) as a named driver. She then went abroad and Aviva said that they would make me the Main Driver as she wasn't in the country to drive here. They said when she came back we could transfer her back as the main driver. What they didn't mention was that her NCD was now mine and they couldn't transfer it back to her. Said they only transfer from spouse to spouse (but they did transfer my daughter's to me originally!) They are going to listen to phone calls made at the time and get back to me. Any advice if they turn down the NCD? She has been driving for over 8 years and never made a claim (neither have I).

by lizkna, 10 Mar 2014

Hi my son had a bump in my car and was on my insurance I have 8 years no claims and there protected will I loses them ?

by wilkman, 10 Mar 2014

I was hit by another car while stationary and made a successful third party claim, so neither my insurance or NCD was affected. I now need to renew my insurance. Do I have to declare this accident to a new insurance provider?

by chrisdh71, 14 Mar 2014

What if a liability claim is opened but insurers are still arguing who is at fault and I buy a new policy with a new insurer? As it is unknown who is at fault yet (the claim is opened), can I still say I haven't lost my no claim bonus?

by gnessmusic, 22 Jun 2014
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