8 Ways to Raise Money for Charity

by from money.co.uk, Last Updated: 9 December 2014

Finding different ways to raise cash for a good cause can be fun and entertaining, as well as providing your chosen charity with some vital support. Here are 8 ideas for raising money for charity.

Women runners marathon training

If you fancy doing something slightly different, take a look at our 8 ways to raise money for charity below for some ideas and inspiration:

1. Strip off

Whether you're a Chippendale or a Calendar Girl, teasing but tasteful calendars are a great way to raise a smile and start earning some cash for your charity.

Think of a theme you can use throughout your calendar and contact a friend or family member who's good behind the lens of a camera (and not easily embarrassed!) to take the photos.

Of course, if you don't fancy bearing all for the camera, you could simply put together a calendar without taking your clothes off!

There are lots of different companies who offer discounted printing rates for charity calendars meaning you can keep costs down and offer your calendar at a price people will be glad to pay.

Of course, where a calendar is concerned timing is essential so aim to have you calendar finished and ready to sell at either the start of the year, start of the academic year or the financial year to maximise your sales.

Before you start selling your charity calendar you will need to check whether you should be charging and paying VAT on your sales.

Unless you are selling directly through a registered charity that has a specific exemption in place it's likely you will need to pay this levy. For more information visit the HM Revenue & Customs website.

2. Release a single

You may think that releasing a charity single is reserved for national celebrities and pop stars.

However, in this digital age there is no reason why you can't get behind the mic to raise money for your chosen charity.

If you're not particularly musically inclined then why not seek the support of a local band or choir to give their backing to the track, or perhaps compile an album of poetry.

Once you've recorded your chart-busting hit you can sell it both as a CD by advertising in your local community and online, either using your own website or by selling through a third party site such as eBay or Amazon.

As with creating a charity calendar you are likely to need to pay VAT on each sale you make, so check exactly what you will have to pay before you release your single and start conquering the charts!

3. Speed date

Hosting a charity speed dating session can be a surprisingly popular and profitable way to raise money for your good cause.

You'll need to find a suitable location to host the event and try to negotiate discounted hire costs to make the evening worthwhile.

Advertising your event is also essential to ensure it's a sell out and you make as much money as you can for your good cause.

4. Organise a raffle

Everyone loves to win a prize, especially when they're raising money for charity at the same time!

So a raffle can be a great way to raise funds, especially if you can get people to donate prizes to your cause.

A good way to bolster your raffle prize list is to approach local business as they may be willing to donate prizes to your raffle in return for the extra exposure it will get them within your local community.

Making the draw for the raffle an event in itself is another good way to increase the amount you can raise for your charity.

Try and arrange for the raffle to be drawn by a 'celebrity' or someone well known and you may be able to get more exposure, and sell more tickets through the local press.

5. Host a pub quiz

A pub quiz can be a great way to bring people together to raise money for your good cause.

You may find that your local tavern or ale house is keen to host a quiz night on your behalf as it's a great way to get punters through the door and buying drinks.

Of course, the more entrants you have the more cash you're likely to raise for your chosen charity, so make sure you plan your pub quiz well in advance and advertise it throughout the local area.

6. Hold an auction

Hosting a charity auction in support of your good cause can be a fun and entertaining way to raise money.

You can either choose to host a bachelor/bachelorette auction where people bid to take volunteers out for a date, or arrange an auction where people bid for services provided by individuals and businesses instead.

Popular across the US, singleton auctions can be a fun and light hearted way to raise money; of course you'll need to approach as many of your honourable single bachelor or bachelorette friends and colleagues to see who would be willing to be auctioned for charity.

If you don't feel that a bachelor auction is a good fit for your fundraising efforts then a charity services auction could be a good alternative.

After all many people would be willing to pay good money for someone to wash their car over the summer or mow their lawn once a week for a month.

Advertising the event is also essential to recruit as many people as possible to be auctioned for a good cause, and of course, to get people to bid on a night out with your bachelors or for the sought after services on offer.

7. Sponsored activities

Sponsorship is the most well established way to raise money for charity. However, that doesn't mean you can't be creative in what you're being sponsored to do.

Everything from wearing a fierce rival's football shirt to work, sitting in a bath full of beans to jumping out of a plane can all be used to raise money through sponsorship.

Another popular sponsorship strategy is to get money for not doing something - a sponsored silence, fasting or going without alcohol just some of the ways you can raise money for your chosen cause.

8. Run run run

OK, while not the most inventive way to raise money, any fundraising list that doesn't include the most popular way to raise cash for charity would be missing something.

Whether you aim to join in your local fun run or vow to conquer a full marathon, getting your trainers on for a charity run is a great way to raise money for a good cause.

And just because you've decided to run to raise money for charity doesn't mean you can't mix things up a bit to make your efforts grab people's attention.

In recent years, fundraisers have completed the London marathon dressed in everything from a snail costume to a deep sea diver's suit, meaning the sky is literally the limit when it comes to picking your running get up!

Plus you don't have to stop there, if you're feeling really bold or are just a glutton for punishment and want to push the boat out even further why not complete a marathon backwards or using a pogo stick!


Thank you so much - lots of ideas - some I already do !

by pennyk, 12 Apr 2012

Great article!

by flemin, 16 Apr 2012

Strip off? People would be withdrawing their money in droves!

But seriously, Martin, a good guide!

by Feline123, 16 Apr 2012

some of these are great new ideas

i want to raise money for all of the children dying in syria and hopefully some of your ideas will help!


by sabastian, 2 Dec 2012

Thank you for all the ideas - that is really helpful !

by pennyk, 4 Dec 2012

I no same

by ollwinspear, 5 months ago

Thanks, though I was really looking for something simple like a stall.

by tabvyh, 25 Feb 2013

Good ideas but I'm sure they could be better!! Well done anyway though

by GorgeousGirl126, 5 Jul 2013

Can you help me raise money for cancer relief please my grandad died of it

by chloewa35, 8 Oct 2013

Thanks for all the information re fundraising - have used most of the ideas - I wish there were more ways of raising small amounts of money - little and often !

by pennyk, 8 Oct 2013

How about baking cakes and selling them at work once a week for charity? Or having a swear jar perhaps?!

by Martin from money.co.uk, 8 Oct 2013

We used to have a 'swear jar' in the local pub, Martin, but some of the regulars didn't quite get the hang of it. They used to take the lid off and swear into it.......

by Feline123, 8 Oct 2013

Thanks that's really cool idea mabe you shall try a bike ride and get people to sponsor you

by milly23, 30 Dec 2013

These ideas didn't help me at all

by milly23, 30 Dec 2013

Perhaps you should try them for a little longer than half a day, milly.

by Feline123, 30 Dec 2013

Some churches will allow a table sale. They may want a small cut for heating/lighting etc but most of us have a bit of junk to sell. Maybe combine with idea of cake sales... or do the catering yourself - soft drinks , sweets , cream tea as if you combine people may stay and browse more.

by martini97, 30 Dec 2013

That's a good money raiser, we have done it for our charity.

by lockwo38, 27 Jul 2014

I want to raise money for a different charity each week by dressing up as something silly and walking round my local town with collection box. Is that possible?

by trace125, 1 Mar 2014

Sounds like a great fun idea, trace125.

I think you need to contact the charities so that you can get the official collecting boxes.

Good luck!

by Feline123, 1 Mar 2014

Depending on your local authority you may also need to apply for a collecting permit (we had to when collecting for the marathon a few years back) otherwise you may be asked to stop.

by Martin from money.co.uk, 3 Mar 2014

I was struggling for ideas but now have plenty to go on

by mantgx, 4 Apr 2014

Welcome to the forum, mantgx. Good luck with the fundraising.

by Feline123, 4 Apr 2014

Hi there,

All great ideas but I don't think with all this you can get enough light on your good cause as you can only implement these ideas on a local level. I strongly believe there's a way to get more light on your project to raise money! Indeed living in this modern world within this internet it's now possible to tell the world what you're trying to achieve. I mean why not doing like the Small Start Up do to get funded?? Sulch as CrowdFunding, it's literally the same concept.
You just need to Pitch your Charity and put this on a crowdfunding website.
After i do not know if there's a website like this for Charities as I think KickStarter or Indiegogo are only for companies.

by Claude1, 27 Jul 2014

Hi Claude, and welcome to the forum.

I think a lot depends on where you live. I've been lucky enough to live in places where you can raise quite significant amounts of money for relatively small charities.

by Feline123, 27 Jul 2014

We have made a substantial amount at our Bowls Club by selling books for 50p each. It's an ongoing thing and runs all the time at the club house, a good way to rid yourself of a book once read, and most return their bks again to resell.If you haven't a club to house them, perhaps a nursery or elderly peoples club, where regular folk are in and out.
Hope it helps, good luck.

by lockwo38, 27 Jul 2014
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