Can you cancel your mobile phone contract if you can't get signal?

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Being stuck without signal can be frustrating, but does it mean you can ditch your network and break your mobile contract without charge? Here is when you can cancel your contract without facing a hefty fee.

Man holding mobile phone outside

For thousands of people having a mobile phone is an essential item, allowing you to access e-mails, use the internet on the go and make phone calls and texts on the go - but, even the latest iPhone or Android device is useless if you do not have any mobile coverage.

We explore what steps you can take to make sure you do not feel stranded with a contract that does not perform to the standards you expected.

Where have you got signal?

Nowhere - If you cannot find a mobile signal anyway within a reasonable distance surrounding your home then you have the right to raise your concern with your mobile network provider.

You can request a signal strength check to be performed, which will reinforce your claim to the provider. Once this has been addressed, you will have reason to cancel your contract for non-performance.

Outside your home, but not inside - Occasionally, a lack of signal can be caused by something homemade, rather, something in your home that is interfering with the network signal reaching your mobile device.

Check your mobile contract to see whether your network declared within its terms and conditions that they are not responsible for short losses of mobile service. If you cannot find this, then make sure you express this issue when you speak to the provider.

Regardless of your location... If the loss of signal is of no direct result of your actions, and it was never explained to you before agreeing to your mobile contract that the signal may be weak, poor or sporadic in your area, then you have rights to cancel under the supply of goods and services act 1982.

Who can cancel your contract?

Mobile Network

Under current UK law a mobile network is not required to cancel a mobile contract without charge due to poor network coverage.

However, all mobile network providers offer a 14 day cancellation period to protect consumers.


There are a few ways you can look to cancel your mobile contract, each depend on the circumstance you find yourself in at the time you intend to cancel, so if:

You are in your cooling off period

Under current UK law you can cancel a mobile contract within the first 14 days without the need to give a reason to the provider if you have either:

  • Ordered online
  • Ordered by phone
  • Ordered by post

However, this 14 day window does not automatically apply to contracts purchased in store, where your ability to cancel will depend on the store's returns and cancellations policy.

Many network providers do include an additional cooling off period with their mobile phone contracts, where they can be cancelled freely without any charge.

This cooling off period varies from provider to provider but is unlikely to be longer than a month.

While this should give you time to test your new mobile receives suitable network coverage it also means if you encounter a problem that you should contact your mobile network immediately.

Your contract includes a network guarantee

Some mobile networks offer a guarantee of acceptable network coverage within their mobile contracts, allowing you to cancel if you find that you do not have the signal that you expected.

However, this guarantee is not offered by every mobile network provider so you will need to check the contract terms and conditions before you apply.

A rival provider will buy you out

If you find that you cannot cancel your contract due to poor network coverage without incurring hefty cancellation fees, you may be able to approach a rival network to ask them to buy you out (either directly or via a high street mobile phone retailer).

Essentially this would involve the rival network paying off your current mobile phone contract in exchange for you taking out a fixed length contract with them.

Whether or not this will make financial sense will depend on how long you have left to run on your existing mobile contract and how much you would be charged in early exit fees.

Although approaching a rival network in this way could enable you to avoid substantial contractual fees, or paying for a contract you cannot use, you could find that you have less bargaining power with the new provider as a result and may not get the best contract possible.

What to do if you cannot get out of your contract?

If you find that you are unable to cancel your contract but still unable to use your phone your options are limited.

However, the best course of action will often be to ask your network provider to drop you on to the cheapest contract option that they are able to (or pay as you go if they are willing). This way you will be minimising the cost of keeping a contract you cannot use.

Needless to say it is still worth keeping your SIM card and using it whenever you can so that you do make use of it when you are able to.

When and how can you complain?

If you feel you have been mis-sold your mobile contract or been given misleading information or promises regarding mobile network coverage then you may be able to complain.

Every mobile operator in the UK must belong to the Communication Ombudsman Service and they have the power to award compensation to you the consumer of up to 5,000 if your complaint is up held.

However, before you take your complaint to the service you will need to have complained directly to your network provider and been through their in house complaints procedure.

There is also no guarantee that your complaint will be supported by the Communication Ombudsman Service.

What to look for in your next mobile contract?

To avoid unnecessary hassle cancelling your mobile contract due to poor network coverage, it makes sense to thoroughly check the reported coverage level in your area before you apply.

All the major UK mobile network providers publish maps of the UK detailing the areas that their networks cover, which you can use to check the signal strength at your most common locations, such as your home and work.

If you find that either area, or any another location you spend a large amount of time, is not covered then you may want to look for a mobile contract from an alternative mobile network.

There is a full list of network coverage maps available on the Ofcom website.


26th June 2012
Around 4 months into my contract with Three, I noticed that my signal was begining to suffer with my contract mobile. I contacted them and they arranged for my phone to be repaired. I recieved my phone back from Three no longer than 48 hours after I had sent it - however sadly, the issue had not been resolved as I was still having signal issues. I contacted the customer services department once more, and informed them that I was still facing issues with signal - even after the phone had been fixed. They checked my phone in for a repair today. I informed them that I had been using a different phone whilst my contract phone was being repaired and it had exceptional signal. The customer representative told me that "different phones have a greater ability to connect to networks than others, Nokia phones for example have the best signal".

Returning to the subject however, the representative said to me "You live extreamly close to a phone mast, so your reception should be at full capacity on your contract phone. If after the second repair you are still facing issues then we shall determine that the issues lies with the design of the phone which could be the cause of the signal issues of which you are facing. In that case, we will look to cancel your current contract as we believe that a customer should not pay for a service that they are not receiving. As you can get a signal with other handsets, we hope that you will consider taking out a new contract with Three and to take advantage of the cooling off period where you can cancel the contract within 14 days if you notice that there are any issues with signal."

by JHD1995, 26 Jun 2012

5th July 2012
The phone has been sent to Three, twice in the past 9 days. The advisor guaranteed me that the motherboard of the phone would be replaced. However, no such thing has happened - and the repair team simply wiped my phone again.

Bearing in mind that this was the third time that my phone had been sent to Three, and the third time that the hand set was not repaired I expressed my disconcern with the service that I had received. The advisor referred me to the complaints department, and gave me a complaints reference number. I informed the advisor that I would like to cancel my contract under the grounds that the phone had not been repaired, and that I was still facing signal issues. I was told to expect a call within the next 4 days from a superior who would be able to offer me a solution and/or cancel my contract.

by JHD1995, 5 Jul 2012

I checked with 3 network online before ordering my pay monthly sim card. I then telephoned them before ordering to reconfirm as instructed by their website. I was told I would definatly have a signal inside my home and outside. When I received my card it would not work inside or out so I phone them within 24 hours to say the service was no good for me. They told me to wait 6 days then they called to say that they could possibly help with a home signal box but because of my contract they could not help me. They told me I had to upgrade my contract to a fixed term before they could assist me. I told them this was unacceptable and that I would like to cancel. They told me I had to pay 2 whole months of charges to cancel the contract.
Can this be right as I followed their area coverage instructions to the letter.

by igotafeelin, 14 Aug 2012

Hi igotafeelin

Sorry to hear you've had some problems with your Three sim card.

From what you've written it appears that you called to cancel your contract within the 7 day cooling off period you are afforded by current Distance Selling Regulations.

Strictly speaking I believe you have to give written notice to utilise the 7 day cooling off period, however, I would contact Three again reminding them that you called to cancel your phone contract within this cooling off period, that you acted in good faith using their area coverage tool and are unhappy that you are being charged 2 months fees.

If they are unwilling to cancel your contract you might then need to looking at lodging an official complaint with Three or through Cisas or the Communication Ombudsman Service.

Sorry I can't be of more help & good luck!

by Martin from, 14 Aug 2012

I'VE been having issues with three for 35 days and counting, they have bit helped and keep telling me it will be fixed in 7 days now its 35 and counting. I want to cancel but they keep telling me to wait. They do not care about their customers

by phatdick, 11 Sep 2012

They constantly say wait 7 days each time you speak to them, it's like ever decreasing circles. I had perfect signal from dec last year till may and ave been oing round in cicrles ever since, really fed up now and asked to speak to the manager, they rang me back and I still got no joy so asked to speak to their manager see how that goes when they ring me back. Aagghh

by lynnsp, 17 Oct 2012

Three.... terrible customer services. I had a perfectly good signal and then over the course of a weekend in March the signal deteriorated massively. I can now only use my phone at home to a reasonable standard when in the attic. I have been on the phone to them numerous times over the past months and had always reached a dead end when it came to getting in contact with the 2nd line technical support as they always phoned me during office hours and had greater than 10 minute waiting times in the evenings. Finally had a 45 minute conversation with them today. Despite me renewing my contract with them a year ago on the basis of my original great signal they now will only offer me a £5.60 reduction per month OR a free signal booster (which I would only be able to use if I signed up to a broadband package with another provider). I have 12 months left on my contract so cancellation would be £300 if I keep my handset or £196 if I give it back to them. Their excuse for the poor signal is me living between two masts and my phone wanting to swap between them. I take this with a massive pinch of salt as both myself and my partner (also with Three until this week, lucky her) have been told numerous different reasons to why our signal has become so poor. The customer service staff give the impression that they are fobbing you off and like to hide behind putting you on hold. I declined all of their offers and have been told that it has been passed to their complaints department and to expect a call next week. If you can afford it, avoid Three like the plague!

by Anyonebut3, 14 Sep 2012

A customer service manager phoned me. They asked what I would like, I said I hoped for £15 per month discount off of my forty pound per month contract to enable me to purchase alternative broadband from another company so I would at least have wifi at home to make up for the lost signal. I also (jokingly) mentioned that if they did this and supplied a home booster box I would have my previously great calls and internet service. They offered just £7 discount per month! Their only alternative to this was a 'free' cancellation and I return the handset. I reluctantly cancelled. Bye

by Anyonebut3, 20 Sep 2012

Avoid three like a plague. Terrible coverage, no signal at home or work, inspite of their map showing "good" indoor and outdoor coverage! I don't how they are being allowed to operate inspire of so many complaints from so many customers! I hardly used any minutes in the last 20 months and now they want me to pay over 200 pounds to cancel, although I only had 4 months remaining on my contract!

by AKY, 23 Sep 2012

I had to go through to the complaints team for my cancellation.... but if you have to hand your phone back to get a free cancellation and you only have 4 months left it may be touch and go to what's cheaper. 3 run on a particular frequency that doesn't penetrate buildings very well. They don't tell you that but on their blog here ( they do kind of admit to being a network that's best suited for those who spend their time outdoors!

by Anyonebut3, 23 Sep 2012

As per my experience three is really bad in the London area, no signal at all in most of the super stores and "all you can eat data" is rubbish the amount of time it takes to buffer is a night mare, I am paying £35 for their One Plan, its of no uses, I get no signal at all at my workplace so 22 days of the month my phone is useless. I have called them several times to cancel my contract as I have 12 more months to go but they keep telling me the issue will be resolved in few days time. I am using call divert for the past 4 months, if Orange and other big names charge you money for their service its for a reason that I have understood now...dont go for cheap Three network its not worth it !!

by m0609, 4 Oct 2012

Hi, My mother who is 68 as sighnd contract with 3 mobile , she did not realy understand what she as done , there is know way she can pay this ,it is with in the 14 days can she council ,

by buxts, 8 Nov 2012

hi I am In the same situation signal is terrible so bad I have bought a sim only giff gaff which provides much better coverage and fast internet. I am with tmobile and have complained as I am stuck in a 2 year contract that I took out in January. after many calls and letters they have finally agreed there is coverage issues and are willing to cancel my contract without an early termination fee however I have to return the goods..problem is due to the HTC One that I took out on contract having broken and I now no longer have the phone I replaced it and I am using an iphone. I rung up to enquire and they have said they cant cancel without the equipment back - my point is my whole complaint isn't to do with the handset its the signal and if I did have the handset I would send it back. not sure what to do I am reluctant to carry on paying 30 pounds a month until 2015 when I don't get coverage - are they allowed to do this even though I took the contract out 10 months ago?! I have sent another letter if they still refuse I am eager to take this further - any help much appreciated

Read more:

by bfowler91, 6 Oct 2013

All these complaints are understanding but with any provider the issues are all the same no mater who you go with. Providers have to keep on upgrading their masts removing some that are old and putting new ones up but not always in the same places due to the landlords of those properties. So theirs always constant changes so you might get a signal from one direction but if the mast is moved it will mean there could be a building now blocking the signal from another direction. So consider the providers predicament and go back to them with a reasonable offer and believe me they will make much more of an effort to help

by zonic, 10 May 2014

bought a three phone on tuesday same day could not receive calls from landlines,been on to three customer service said i cant cancell,then yesterday gave me cancellation number but the shop wont except it.i dont want this contract when it not fulfilling it service.

by dell55, 14 Oct 2012

Hi i am with 3 mobile, i took out the contract in December 2011, the coverage has been fine until the 10th of September, on that day my phone just showed no service, i contacted 3 who informed me they were doing maintenance work on the mast and it should be up and running in 3 days. It was not up and running in the three day. i have contacted them on several occasions to be told it is a bigger issue than they thought and it could take upto 28 to put right. I asked if i could cancel my contract with them and was told if it was not up and running by the 15th of October they would cancel my contract with no ETF. This is documented on there computer. I have just contacted them today 15th October I still have no service and have not had since 10th of September, to be told they can not cancel the contracted as it will incur cancellation fees. I have explained what i was told and they also read it back to me about three canceling the contract on the 15th of October, they are still refusing to cancel it. What are my rights??????? If any??????

by kazmo, 15 Oct 2012

I'm surprised they had kept a record of the previous conversation but not surprised at all that you get a completely different story from the next Three customer service rep. If you haven't done so already, ask for your case to be referred to the complaints department. That's the only way I made any definite progress and managed to cancel (but did have to return my handset). Good luck and act now as they strung both me & my gf on for 6 months as we didn't persist strongly enough. Three have a very poor and weak network and they know it, so they won't let anyone leave easily!

by Anyonebut3, 15 Oct 2012

Thanks for the response. i have received a call from the tech dept, they are saying they will cancel the contract but i have to return the phone.
I paid an upfront fee for the phone plus 11 months of line rental.

by kazmo, 15 Oct 2012

Me too, why should we give the phones up, we have paid an upfront fee and all the line rental and should keep them for just dor the convenience alone! Plus there is the info about the phones not being theirs anyway. Apologies for the ranting x

by lynnsp, 17 Oct 2012

Oh dear, reading the above comment are scarily familiar, we went with 3 through the car phone warehouse so that we had the 14 day coverage guarantee which we thought would mean not getting stuck with a lengthy contract without coverage, we had fantastic coverage (took contract out in dec 11) then in may 12 we started getting no service Come up on the phones or 1 bar (which you couldn't make a call with) 3 said a new mast had been put up and they were sorting out the problem, got this blurb for a few weeks, then got told the problem was major and could be a few months! After more than a few months they sent us a booster box which connects to the broadband but the signal doesn't reach the stated 15metres so won't reach the office/workshop in he garden (used for our business) which doesn't help if we are outside or in the immediate area, which I tend to be local mainly - we should get a fantastic signal seen as we are only quarter mile from the mast! They are of saying they will cancel the contract with no fees but I have to return the phone (I didn't like the original phone so I sold it an brought an iPhone which I don't want to return to them) I spouted about my friend who lives 2 mins walk away hat they cancelled hers and she hasn't got to return her hand set but it didn't help as they couldn't comment on another contract, they can do it, that's my argument with them but they not budging, it is a nightmare to understand them as we'll . They wouldn't stand paying for a service if their staff couldn't receive calls would they, and our customers should get the same we run a business 2

by lynnsp, 16 Oct 2012

dont pay them a penny... they wont take you to court, and if they ever dared, they'd lose. I did the same and threw their letters in the bin.... they gave up after a year of computer letters... wankers

by tb303, 17 Oct 2012

Agree - they broke the contract, would be another story I'm sure if it was me that broke it x

by lynnsp, 17 Oct 2012

Yes i re contacted them too as it stated in their terms and conditions that items not brought through the 3 stores or 3 online.telephone remained the property of where you had them from but their are not having a bar of it. Even the Carphone warehouse said i would not have to return the phone. Bugt 3 have said if i don't return it within 5 days of receiving the jreturns jiffy bag i will incure all the cancellation fees. Arghhhhh I am soooooo Mad.

by kazmo, 17 Oct 2012

Thans for that info kazmo, I will quote that at them next time. Keep asking to speak to the manager, then their manager, let me know if u get any joy. Think I will get my friend over when I speak to them next as they cancelled her and she hasn't got to return the phone, then when they say they can't comment on her case I will pass the phone to her and say 'here, speak to her and she will give u permission to discuss her case' worth a try. If they can do it once they can do it again, if they hadn't broken their contract and I hadn't lost the great signal I did have for 5/6 months there wouldn't be a problem!!

by lynnsp, 17 Oct 2012

thank you i can use the phone to phone,but i cannot get calls from landline phones,it states my number is not available,but i can phone out.
i was not the only person who had this trouble from three,i am not using the phone now.but i need to cancell the contract but no one wants to know.i cancelled the direct debit so they cant take..

by dell55, 18 Oct 2012

During the couple of issues I had with 3, the complaints team seemed to have more muscle than the technical team. The technical team guy referred my case to the complaints team and they rang me the following week. I was loathed to give up my handset but was happy to leave them. They accepted my argument that my signal had deteriorated but I had previously renewed with them and had the extra argument that I wouldn't have renewed if the signal was so poor at the time. Not sure where you stand re paying up front for your handset but you'll need to raise a complaint with them through the complaints team before you can threaten them with taking it to the communications ombudsman. Sorry to hear about your issues as I know what a pain in the arse they are. The general ethos of the company and their treatment of their customers is awful. Keep fighting!

by Anyonebut3, 18 Oct 2012

they can have their phone back i not using it.

by dell55, 19 Oct 2012

I am with Three and have lost work because clients have reported not being able to get through to me for the last 2.5 weeks. I've spent hours on the phone to Three sales, tech and sales then tech I can now hear audio for less than a second, every couple of seconds. Today they are sending out a new phone (not a smartphone) but I think i'll go change services as my contract has a cooling off period. Wish me luck. I also bought a one month Tesco Sim card to see if they're better. I'll report back.

by madebythebird, 30 Oct 2012

I've been calling 3 for over 4 months with the same issues: poor signal etc. finally after 2 months of ranting they agreed to cancel free of charge but I had to return the phone I had paid up front for! I then had to send a proof of purchase via email. They then offered to pay that amount back £69 but I also had to send the phone back. I said I wanted to keep the phone, they then said ok but I had to pay them £50 for the phone?! I then reasonably offered them , we'll you keep the £69 and ill keep the phone, no! I have to pay £50!
3 are idiots, poor service, poor network, avoid!

by njwarh, 10 Nov 2012

Golly. I've started to actually record my calls to Three now. Partially because it's funny to hear a really strong Indian accent getting quickly upset that I can't hear them... it took over 38minutes (recorded it!) to make them understand that I can hear is a syllable every few milliseconds. I would translate then repeat.

I bought a TESCO mobile sim JUST TO CALL THREE services so I could spend so far over 3.5 hours total trying to get out of this service then eventually having to re-register my two year old phone to reset a non-existent password... to which I have no reference!

What's YOUR most memorable place? I don't have one.
I've enjoyed MOST of my life.
Whats your most memorable name? I don't have one!

by madebythebird, 10 Nov 2012

This certainly became a bit of rant on Three Mobile but i'm glad to report that over the weekend and on the day I rang them to cancel the contract, reception was improved massively in north London. In fact, I could hear everyone I rang to test it and it's been great for 3 days.

I admit, their terrorist technique got me by simply making it so hard to talk to an actual person, really difficult to talk to the right person and frustrating to understand the thick Indian accent. They got me for another 24 months by being horrible. I've been "Pavloved" but it's so frustrating to try and leave, that i'm staying.

By the way, if you want to improve voice reception; don't use a smartphone.
There's also great byproduct of not having a smartphone; getting your life back!
Happy hunting everyone.

by madebythebird, 12 Nov 2012

I took out a new contract by phone with Orange Mobile last March 2012 because my
mobile was not getting a signal, they at Orange told me it was the old mobile was at fault, the new contract supplird me with a new Nokia, since then I have had problems
such as loss of signal, late messages coming in or no messages getting through. I have complained over the last 10 months every time they say they will sort it out.
I have 10 phone numbers, 9 different passwords, copies of letters I have sent them
but still I cannot get a continueing signal, I have tried a different mobile which made no difference. I wanted to get out of the 2 year contract I made last March and was
told it would cost me £174, for the the last month I could not use the phone even in a different area when I was in Hospital and yet the other patients on different networks were using they'r mobiles OK. Anybody can help I am fed up of talking to
India, they cannot understand me and I cannot them what with the bad line accsent.

by teren89, 10 Jan 2013

I am over a year into my contract with Orange and have recently been moved to a new area of the country as I am a serving member of the Royal Air Force. We have no choice in moving as it's part and parcel of the job. Where I have moved to in Cumbria has no Orange network coverage whatsoever. I spoke to Orange 'lack-of' Customer Service and was told because I had moved it was my fault i had no signal and they couldn't terminate my contract. Despite once again speaking to another customer service rep. they stated as i have moved it is my fault. Surely they can see that I didnt move by choice but out of service to my country, I am not trying to get out of my contract because I want a better deal, I want to get out of my contract as my I-Phone is currently more use as a paperweight.

by CraftyCoxyRAF, 19 Mar 2013

I have 3 I have really bad signal I called 3 and send to me home signal box I try it but is same bad signal in home and all my area and this is problem for me if have any problem I can call any one and I can text it is herbal and I pay 34 very month it is not fire to pay for nothing I need to cancel

by vekez, 20 Jun 2013

I have been with Orange (and then EE) for years. Have been living at current address for 4 years with no signal problems. Suddenly I can get a signal on my mobile, receive the occasional text but can't make calls, send texts or get online. Phone tells me I am not registered on the network. Have checked phone at shop (where it worked perfectly and I had a full signal), they tell me the phone is not at fault. Have spoken to EE who say "it's just my area" ... can't give me any reasons why I now no longer have a signal and can't tell me when, if at all, I'm likely to get one again. According to their EE website, I should have a good coverage at my location. Was told by the EE employee that it's a "mobile" phone which means that you have to move around to get a signal, he suggested I go outside somewhere else to use it! Will be complaining to EE and asking them to provide the service I signed up for.

by bb7, 5 Aug 2013

Hi I am currently in the same position. I have been with orange for years and recently the coverage has got worse when they they joined T Mobile and now the EE . I have been told that it is due to maintenence on the mast ready for the new EE. I have contacted services and they said that they would send out a booster box .. ok i thought..2 months on and very limited reception (as and when it feels like it) I have been told today that I can not end my contract early as i have to wait for the booster box. I stated well waiting two months i think up held that one... Orange stated that they were not breaking their contract as I have reception ... to which i reminded him that i was actually stood in a doorway unable to move or i would lose teception he said they are providing a service!!!! I can not use my phone down stairs apart from by the crack of the front door ( i know people may laugh) and on/off when upstairs. Do you / anyone know if i would be able to cancel.
I hope that you have sorted your issue out :)

by mazze95, 28 Aug 2013

Mazze95 i am in EXACTLY the same situation as you. Can only stand right next to front door to get signal. I have had some problems with my phone which is currently getting repaired but i was told the loss of signal was due to a t mobile mast being taken down so my signal was just relying on the local Orange mast. But as you say, i had no problem for years. I have a year left on my contract and i just want some further advice. Does anybody have anything. I was thinking of using my lack of calls as proof i cant use it but i find myself going to the front door to call. I suppose i understand them not allowing this as an excuse to get out of contract as everyone could try to use it even if it wasnt true but there must be a way that you can prove it or that they have to make reasonable efforts to help you (like only waiting a few days for a booster box). Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

by nishnac, 18 Sep 2013

hi I am In the same situation signal is terrible so bad I have bought a sim only giff gaff which provides much better coverage and fast internet. I am with tmobile and have complained as I am stuck in a 2 year contract that I took out in January. after many calls and letters they have finally agreed there is coverage issues and are willing to cancel my contract without an early termination fee however I have to return the goods..problem is due to the HTC One that I took out on contract having broken and I now no longer have the phone I replaced it and I am using an iphone. I rung up to enquire and they have said they cant cancel without the equipment back - my point is my whole complaint isn't to do with the handset its the signal and if I did have the handset I would send it back. not sure what to do I am reluctant to carry on paying 30 pounds a month until 2015 when I don't get coverage - are they allowed to do this even though I took the contract out 10 months ago?! I have sent another letter if they still refuse I am eager to take this further - any help much appreciated.

by bfowler91, 6 Oct 2013

I have sent EE a recorded delivery letter giving them one month's notice that I am cancelling my contract and I have obtained my PAC number from them so I can keep the same mobile number. Their only response to this is tell me I am on the waiting list for a signal box but they can't tell me when it will arrive. I told them they have until the end of the month's notice to deliver it ... I have been waiting for 3 months already which I think is long enough. I will also be sending them an invoice for 3 months worth of rental on my mobile and for the additional costs I have incurred on my landline as I haven't been able to use my mobile. I've been an Orange customer for years but once I leave them, I won't ever be going back.

by bb7, 20 Oct 2013

hi I am In the same situation signal is terrible so bad I have bought a sim only giff gaff which provides much better coverage and fast internet. I am with tmobile and have complained as I am stuck in a 2 year contract that I took out in January. after many calls and letters they have finally agreed there is coverage issues and are willing to cancel my contract without an early termination fee however I have to return the goods..problem is due to the HTC One that I took out on contract having broken and I now no longer have the phone I replaced it and I am using an iphone. I rung up to enquire and they have said they cant cancel without the equipment back - my point is my whole complaint isn't to do with the handset its the signal and if I did have the handset I would send it back. not sure what to do I am reluctant to carry on paying 30 pounds a month until 2015 when I don't get coverage - are they allowed to do this even though I took the contract out 10 months ago?! I have sent another letter if they still refuse I am eager to take this further - any help much appreciated

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by bfowler91, 6 Oct 2013

I have been with three for a very long time. We have contract, one of which was recently renewed. Their network has been down for 2 weeks. They have sent us a booster box which will run on our sky broadband and on our electricity. I almost lost my job as I have no contact with outside world. They are refusing to cancel my contract. I call them every day several times. However, they have point blank refused to cancel. Their argument is that they have 8 weeks before they can give me a deadlock letter or cancel and even then I have to pay charges.
I haven't had network for 2 weeks, why hasn't ofcom updated their policy. If a network that doesn't provide service for any reason for 15 days, the customer should be able to cancel their contract without cancellation charges.

The stress is unbelievable. I don't know what to do now.

by para2, 18 Oct 2013

keep asking to speak to managers and to have your complaint escalated.

by Anyonebut3, 18 Oct 2013

I have been emailing and calling them everyday. As both of us are on three is really hard to communicate. I am ready to pay cancellation charges as I just want to get rid of them now.

by para2, 19 Oct 2013

Regardless of any cancellation rights at the beginning of a contract there has to be some rights for the customer that suffers reduced service mid contract. These companies operate at arms length and will never actually visit an individual customer to witness their situation, only use the legal bindings of their contract to basically accuse any customer that is in this situation of lying.

by Anyonebut3, 18 Oct 2013

I took out a 24 month contract with three in store using the nexus 5. When I took it home out of the packaging (which obeys their terms) I had no signal, maybe 1 bar at a push. I took the phone back into the store the next day, less than 24 hours into it and arranged to have it canceled. Spent an hour on the phone to customer services/technical support. After refusing the offer of the " signal booster" (bare in mind this uses home internet and there is no signal to boost) so they have sent me packaging to send the phone back. Let's hope they cancel it and refund me my up front 49 quid. Will let you know how it goes

by zebede, 5 Nov 2013

I have a contract with Vodaphone which runs out nov 2014 ' I & many others have been having problems with the network in our area Gwynedd north wales since the end of November 2013 , phone breaking up , cant get signal , texts not being received & if they do finally get through it takes about an hour , but its impossible to speak to any one as it breaks up & cant understand them & vice versa,wondering if I would be in my rights to cancel contract , its so annoying, being elderly I relie on my mobile .

by annnsu, 2 Jan 2014

It seems from most people's experiences on here that with a lot of time and pain you can get out of your contract but will have to return your handset. I'm not sure how people have got on if they have paid a specific amount within their contract upfront for their phone or if they have used a 3rd party like car phone warehouse. Might be best going in store and getting them to put you in touch with customer services via their phone line. Take some food and drink and do not leave until it's sorted. Maybe a group protest may help if everyone locally is suffering? Also, there's a website (can't remember exactly) that lists the local masts and has contact info for finding out if any maintainence had been carried out around the time the signal deteriorated. Good luck

by Anyonebut3, 5 Jan 2014

I took out a contract with t-mobile on 11th december, i told the cold caller that I was in the process of moving. I now find i do not get a signal so unable to use my phone in or around my new property, I called T-mobile who basically told me tuff.. I had been with them for 13 years on a pay as you go...

by dorothy11, 7 Jan 2014

I am currently on a contract until November with O2. For 4 weeks, I haven't been able to use my phone in the workplace as there is a problem with their mast, and they're unable to tell me when this will be fixed. I am still expected to pay my bill even though I can't use my phone at a very important time while I am working on a house restoration and have to make frequent phone calls. I have been told to note down the times when I haven't got any signal and they will reimburse me....when they've repaired the mast. Which could be a while as they have no date in mind of when it'll be fixed! And anyway, that's not the whole point. They're not keeping to their side of the contract whereas I a have to! Tip of the century, don't go to O2. I'm joining EE as soon as I can!!

by saz748, 29 Jan 2014

my husband took out a contract with 3 for me and him today but im not happy with the phone i really dont like it i have not opened it will they cancel the contract for me i spoke to a 3 worker and she said no so what im i menna do paying 39 pounds a month for sometihng i dont want

by hibzy, 9 Feb 2014

Anytime that you are in a mobile phone shop -
especially when located inside a shopping centre
think if there are no problems when being given a demonstration.
ask youreslf this question -is a signal booster box being used at the location too increase the signal strength that is being supplied

if you are unable to use a phone anytime - go and stand outside your networks store and see if you can make a call -even download a signal coverage app
to test this and see if the reading is stronger when do a test
if able to call a stronger signal is coming from somewhere near you.
also always bear in mind that to either call or text will only require a 2G signal -so you may be able to call but
are unable to send or receive data as a 3G signal (at least) is necessary

by backjack, 5 months ago
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