Cold Weather Payments - Are You Eligible?

by from, Last Updated: 10 December 2014

When it's really cold outside, keeping your home warm can be costly, but you could get a helping hand from HMRC courtesy of a Cold Weather Payment. Find out if you're eligible to claim.

Cold old man on sofa at home

If you are eligible for a Cold Weather Payment, this could help cushion the impact when temperatures plummet below freezing.

Cold Weather Payments are granted during periods of extreme cold to help people on low incomes heat their homes. They are paid in the form of 25 credits on top of existing benefits each week that temperatures fall below freezing.

Do I qualify?

If you currently receive pension credit then it's likely you will be eligible for a cold weather payment.

If you claim income support or job seekers allowance you will receive a cold weather payment if:

  • You have a child under the age of five living at your address
  • You receive a disability or pensioner premium
  • You have a disabled child
  • You receive child tax credit which includes a disability element

If you are paid income related employment and support allowance (ESA) then you will receive a cold weather payment if:

  • You have a child under the age of five living at your address
  • You receive a 'severe' or 'enhanced' disability premium
  • You have a disabled child
  • You receive pensioner premium
  • You receive child tax credit which includes a disability element

For more information on who qualifies for Cold Weather payments visit the Direct Gov website.

Do I need to claim?

You don't need to apply directly for a Cold Weather Payment as - providing you're eligible - they will be paid automatically when temperatures in your area are forecast to or fall below 0degC for more than 7 days in a row between the 1st November and 31st March each winter.

The government has set up weather stations across the UK to measure temperatures and monitor when Cold Weather Payments should be made.

For each 7 day period of cold weather, those who qualify will receive a one off payment of 25 within 14 working days. This is paid into the same account where other benefits such as pension credit and job seekers allowance are credited.

Cold Winter Payments will not affect any other benefit payments you receive and are not taxable. If you believe you should have received a payment but didn't you will need to contact your pension centre or Jobcentre plus office.

What about winter fuel payments?

Winter fuel payments are made to help people over the age of sixty with the cost of heating their home and are often confused with cold weather payments.

You can find out exactly what they are and if you're eligible by reading our article on Winter Fuel Payments.


I received the cold weather payments last year.
But this year I have been told I am not entitled to any.
Last year I was receiving ?91 per week on Incapacity Benefit, on the premium rate.
This year they have taken that away from me and put me on ?50 per week.
I have appealed against this, and I am awaiting a date to go and see them.
I have been told the earliest date will be after April next year, and if I win my case I will receive back payment of money.

No good then, when it is now when I need the Cold Weather payments.
So it looks like, if you don't get the higher rate of money, you do-not qualify for the cold Payments.
So on ?91 per week, means receive cold weather payment of ?25.
On ?50 per week, you get none.
Is this fair?
As I am doing exactly the same this year as last year, Only not putting the heating on as I cannot afford it.

by Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010

NO. It is not fair
Contact your CAB and get an appeal in .

by nadge, 9 Nov 2012

Why do pensioners get winter fuel payments but not people on dla,even children on not saying oaps dont deserve it,of course they do-but its the people on dla need it too-especially kiddies!!!

by moomoo2, 9 Nov 2012

i am on disabilitt alolowance paid at higher rate for an indefenant period what happens wnen universal credit will i still get this allowance and what other allowances can i claim 4

by iankay, 30 Nov 2012

Ask your CAB , ian

by nadge, 15 Dec 2012

Do u get get cold whether payment if you live with parents and got your child living with you full time

by scottse60, 22 Jan 2013

so unfair i was born august 1951. me and my wife are living on just my retirement pension. we are really struggling. our gas bill for the last two months have been over £300.00. we have been trying not to put it on in the day. because poll tax payments are about to start. and we cant afford to pay both

by howard48, 6 Feb 2013

I have received 'cold weather payments' before, but so far this year only ?10.00 Any ideas as to why this may be so ?

by VincentBarry, 15 Dec 2010

cold weather payment is not paid to people on Incapacity Benefit or DLA - ?10 Payment is Christmas Bonus paid to pensioners & those claiming DLA (Disability Living Allowance)

by legs, 15 Dec 2010

If someone is a pensioner they should be receiving the winter fuel payment. Sixty and over you get £200 per household and over eighty you get £300 and also £10 Christmas bonus.

by Sabre, 14 Dec 2012

stp whinging for those of us that are willing to work we dont get nay help , so you get your benefits from my taxes and me and my children will freeze this year!

by workingmum, 16 Dec 2010

You should be grateful to have a job !
Millions cannot get one !

by nadge, 9 Nov 2012

iv'e worked all my life (im 50) had my kids and am now too ill to work my consultant oncologist put me off work i've paid my taxes so does this mean im whining aswell? i've had to fight to get my benefits because i worked ?!!! so how fair is that

by scooby2210, 14 Dec 2012

Claim all you are entitled to , scooby2210.
You've paid into the system , it's wrong you've had to fight for your benefits. .
Check the MacMillan Cancercare website to make sure you are getting all you are entitled to .
Good luck .
This corrupt government , and its corrupt agencies , are quite prepared to cheat people of their entitlement to hard-earned benefits .
Don't trust them , scooby.
Seek advice from MacMillan .

by nadge, 15 Dec 2012

I agree! Be THANKFULL you have a bloody job, and not having to live off benefits like the majority of us!. If I could get a job today, I'd JUMP@the chance!!!!!!!! I have a mortgage up my bum, which I gotta pay outta my benefits,as I dont get help with rent in any way( obvs, I mean, the gov aint gonna fork out to help buy ppl a home EVEN if THEY HAVE worked al their lives!). I just wanna know what makes pensioners soooo different from having kiddies and poorly ppl@home? Why do they get there heating paid for and the rest of us HAVE TO struggle? Where's the fairness???????. The gov need to give there heads a shake and help us all to keep warm@ winter.they have never had top go without, so they won't and don't care, I mean, why should they???? Whilste all this countrys letting the gov walk all over them, of course there gonna keep on doin it, more + more!!!!

by KevsTracyx, 14 Jan 2013

The apathy of the pathetic British people appalls me .
We really need to fight back against the corrupt government , and the rotton , exploitive RIP-OFF society which has been forced upon us .

by nadge, 15 Jan 2013

Hello, KevsTracy, and welcome.

I'm sorry you feel that way about pensioners. I worked all my life and paid into the system. I'm now drawing my pension and have a disabled husband.

Do you really begrudge me the bit that I get back?

by Feline123, 22 Jan 2013

Not all pensioners get it, only those on pension credit or other benefit. They get it because they are on low incomes or have a need.

If you are disabled and cannot go out then heat is needed in the home 24/7.

by Sealate, 22 Jan 2013

i got 5 children and 3 under 5 why havent i recived my cold weather payment and everyone eles have

by winnie55, 23 Jan 2013

Not everybody else has .
Many have been cheated .
I suggest you contact your local CAB , who will advise you .

by nadge, 24 Jan 2013

Only those who qualify AND whose postcode has qualified by having a low average temperature over a seven day period receive the cold weather payment.

by Sealate, 24 Jan 2013

Good post, Sealate.

by Feline123, 24 Jan 2013

im on income support sickness benefit im appealing aganst decision am i still entitled to cold weather payment

by raymondwoolford, 16 Dec 2010

Would really like to thank the person thats working and paying for my dla and.esa, housing ben and council tax. I get just under 900 a month cash. 520 housing ben. And to be honest dont much the council tax that they pay for me is, as iv.nevet had to pay it in my life. Am on dla for a reason. And if i can get anything else for free i will. Why not. My heatings on 24/7 ITS sometimes to hot. My cuboards are always full i end up throwing loads away iv got that much. I dont have no kids to take care of, just my good old self. You never thought about getting ur kids a paper round for few extra pennies, by the sound of it u could do with the money. And as a ur kids are lucky enough to come.across any spare papers u can always throw them on the fire for "free" heating. Also so i hear this is a good time of year being xmas to get a paper round cos the customers might take pitty on the kids and give the a couple of sweats. Thats if they can get a job the little mites with the ression. Not all bad. Anyway as far for me am going to paris for newyears. And spent a shocking amount for xmas. Dnt come on here slaging people of for being on benifets. I look at people like u and makes me have a nice warm feeling inside ha. Or is the heating. Anyway am of to the pub. Oh and thanks for paying your taxes towards my benifets. Ant tbh you cant be paying that much into the system if ya cant aford nothing. And as i dont work i watch jez kyle every day thats if i can be bothered to get up. But as he says if u cant afford to have kids... keep ur legs shut. Once again thanks

by micky2166, 19 Dec 2013

Oh year just been told am getting intrest free budgeting loan for 400.
I cant stand people that winge cos there gettin more money than u for sitting on my arse. U have to have good medical reason for . Ao being on dla and esa so try stop judging people and think about getting a better job. Any way cold people am of clubing, bloody costing is 30 quid each way in taxi to get there and back. Thay tem

by micky2166, 19 Dec 2013

If you are over 60 and on high rate dla do you get cold weather payments

by Mk, 18 Dec 2010

My husband is on the highest DLA and on ESA support, but not income related. Does he qualify for the cold weather payments?

by kathrynfoster, 19 Dec 2010

hi i have a 12 yr old son who i get disability allowance for and i am also on esa my sister is on esa and has no children so why does she have 2 cold weather payments and i dont if any one can shed some light on this subject i would be most greatfull thanks

by misssarahfox, 19 Dec 2010

I am in recept of SDA and Lower rate DLA. Last year I received the below freezing cold winter payment will I get it this year.

by KathrynBoulton, 22 Dec 2010

How can the governmen justify not paying cold weather payments to people who cannot work because of illness or/and a dissability yet those on job-seekers and and income support who are fit to work get it, along with free prescriptions and dental care and glasses?!! So people who are sick aren't supposed to keep warm and have to afford to pay for medicines for their illnesses ludicrus and disgusting !!!!!

by Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010

I totaly agree with the comment made by 'Anonymous on 22 Dec 2010 15:45'. It seems this few extra pound we receive is supposed to work miracles. Pay for prescriptions, make up any rent that is not paid by the council (only a maximum of 75% of rent paid by them in my area) make up the difference in council tax, etc ect. The people on job seekers/income support are more than capable of work, in many cases, but just don't want to and get everything thrown at them, including grants and loans from the social security. If you are on incapacity you are not entitled to any of those. The government needs to have a serious re think on how they justify giving money to lazy people when people who are ill (incap ben) have to just get on with it, even though they would love to return to work.

by Andyb, 24 Dec 2010

I agree the government does have to have a re think but not everyone claiming ( incap ben ) should be receiving benefits As for the so called lazy people there`s not exactly an abundance of jobs out there, but maybe some people can`t afford to work with the price of rent some of these private landlords are charging because they know the wait for a council house is ridiculous. Its not always a case of being lazy some people just can`t afford to work.

by glasgow1, 20 Jan 2013

the winter is coming , is that any adjustments of it? i'd like to know more though i don't think i will get it ! but how much this project will cost , does it like someone post here , it is a plan wasting money !

by zutou, 18 Oct 2011

iam on esa and the lower dla payment ,i didnt recieve cold weather payments last year ,

by byrnes, 28 Nov 2012

Hi Byrnes, if you think you should have received a cold weather payment and didn't you'll need to get in touch with your nearest Jobcentre Plus Office:

by Martin from, 28 Nov 2012

am i entitled to it on esa and dla

by byrnes, 28 Nov 2012

Your local CAB will advise , byrnes

by nadge, 15 Dec 2012

how do you claim ? my son is gets DLA, thanks

by jillytot, 30 Nov 2012

Via the Jobcentre Plus office

by nadge, 2 Dec 2012

I was told I was. Not entitled to cold weather payments I am on incapacity benefits ,and have high rate dla low rate care ,I'm stuck in house all day as I can't get about can you please help

by Susie1965, 7 Dec 2012

Your local CAB will advise you , Susie .

by nadge, 15 Dec 2012

Great info there Martin, thanks for that!

by familily4tunes, 7 Dec 2012

im due my esa to go into my post office account on x
as day,will i recieve my payment early?

by bwylie, 17 Dec 2012

My 11 month old son gets middle rate dla does he get cold weather payment?

by lynzee, 16 Jan 2013

No DLA is not a qualifying benefit

by ijm, 20 Jan 2013

Hi,if you receive a disability element in child tax credits then yes you will be entitled to the cold weather payment :-)

by judoss, 7 Feb 2013

I am 61 year old and get DLA and income support born 4/11/51 would I be able to get winter fuel payment/at the moment I only get £25 each 7 days of cold weather

by Davem51, 16 Jan 2013

Cold weather payments are only made to people born before the 5th July 1951 and this date is being frozen until women who would have qualified at 60 reach 65 the universal retirement age

by ijm, 20 Jan 2013

I live with my grandad with my 2 year ok daughter and I get income support as its not my house do I get cold whether payment

by scottse60, 22 Jan 2013

Hi I'm a widow in receipt of Income Related Support Part of ESA, and I also get High Rate Mobility and Low Care Rates of DLA and get full Housing Benefit, can anyone tell me if I qualify for the cold weather payment?

by Mirabelle, 22 Jan 2013

Hello all I'm on IEsa I won't a job but with my illness of M.e and cfs I've had for 3years I'm in no fit state to even do out the ones they wanna look at is people who have got hidden money I.e people with shops and there in some one else's name and. Claiming for undisclosed amount of children I.e pakis mussas who are ripping off the state and people who have got lots of money and get a buss pass weather payments and pension credits and have caravans rent there second home out and still get a helping out I've worked as a HGV driver for over 20years paid my stamp now I've lost all to ill healf I couldn't afford to pay the mortgage I have to pay out of my benifits to my rent of wot goes to a landlord who no's higher rents will get paid cus they all rob dogs theifs blame the Conservatives and who voted them but civil war is comming

by Englishhuman, 23 Jan 2013

Yes , I certainly predict civil unrest in 2013 .
A FIGHTBACK against the evil imposition of austerity by corrupt , thatcherite politician-scum is inevitable .

by nadge, 23 Jan 2013

Well the DWP have answered my question for me..I received a letter saying I am due a CWP of £25 into my bank for period of 11th-17th January in the next few days, and you can check with your post code on their website too, my post code says 2 CWP are due so will probably get another letter in due course..hope this helps anyone needing to know. As for Tory/Thatcherite government the less I say the better!! I'd only give myself a headache..

by Mirabelle, 23 Jan 2013

Do I get it even though I'm on esa and appealing

by moira71, 23 Jan 2013

Your PM wasn't very nice moira and I have looked through all the posts and the only one I put was good information for pensioners so I am bewildered by your remarks to me.

by Sabre, 23 Jan 2013

Ignore the trolls, Sis! x

by Feline123, 23 Jan 2013

No I was a bit offended by her PM Feline, totally out of order and I've asked her why she has written to me in this manner. Thanks sis for your support, much appreciated.

by Sabre, 23 Jan 2013

i am on long term disabilty living allowance, i was in receipt of income support until 3 months ago when i appealed against a decision to change to employment support allowance, which is still ongoing and am still being paid income support until the appeal date comes through, however now i am told i cannot receice a cold weather payment due to the appeal, why is this when either way at the end of it i will still either be receiving income support or employment support as im on dla

by lynda36, 24 Jan 2013

My daughter is 10 and on high rate dla,previous years she has received the winter payments but we've been told she's no longer entitled to them,is this right?

by judoss, 7 Feb 2013

Hi I get child tax and i have a child who receives high rate DLA for care, i dont get income support i only get parent widows benefit, can i claim the cold weather payment due to my disabled child?

by arw67, 15 Mar 2013
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