Should You Be Claiming a Winter Fuel Allowance?

by from, Last Updated: 17 November 2014

In winter, getting all the financial help you're entitled to is essential if it's going to help you stay warm. If you're 62 or over, you can claim up to 300 in Winter Fuel payments, here's how.

Man in warm clothes reading in front of fire

The cost of keeping your home warm in winter can soon mount up, especially when the temperature drops. So, to help those 62 or over cope with the cost of heating their home, the government introduced Winter Fuel Payments.

These are simple one off payments of up to 300 made at the start of each winter.

Do I Qualify?

If you are over the age of 61 then there is a good chance that you will qualify for a winter fuel payment - exactly how much will depend on your circumstances.

If you were over 80 years old in the week 16th - 22nd September 2013 and live alone, or are the only person living in your property who qualifies for the Winter Fuel Payment you should be eligible for the full 300.

If you were born on or before the 5th January 1952 but are aged under 80, then you should qualify for a payment of 200.

However if you live with someone else who qualifies for the payment the amount you get will be split between the two of you. For example if you are both over 80 years old you will receive 150 each.

There are a couple of exceptions: if you are living in a care home or independent hospital and are already receiving other benefits such as Pension Credit, Jobseekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance you won't qualify for the Winter Fuel payment.

However, if you are living in a care home or independent hospital but don't receive any of the benefits listed above then you will be entitled to half the standard payment - so 100 or 150 if you are over 80.

The UK government is also reviewing whether to continue offering the Winter Fuel Payment to eligible persons living in warmer EEA countries. Legislation is expected to be introduced from 2015/16 subject to parliamentary approval.

For more information on eligibility visit the Gov.UK website.

How do you claim?

If you were paid the Winter Fuel Payment last year and you circumstances have not changed since then you should automatically be paid again this year without needing to submit a claim.

If you think that you are eligible for a winter fuel payment and didn't recieve it last winter, then you can claim by completing a form on the Gov.UK website and sending it to the specified address.

You will also need to enclose your birth certificate and, if your name doesn't match your birth certificate, some proof of when your name changed, such as a marriage certificate.

The Direct Gov website states that "The Winter Fuel Payment won't affect your other benefits and you won't have to pay Income Tax on it" so there is no need to worry about any benefit implications.

All claims for winter 2014/15 have to be made before the 31st March 2015 deadline.

What about cold weather payments?

Cold weather payments are paid during periods of extreme cold and often get confused with winter fuel payments.

You can find out exactly what they are and if you're eligible by reading our article on Cold Weather Payments.


49 yr old man with cystic fibrosis. Need to keep warm and eat well, but have to live just on incapacity benefit. V poor quality of life. Too sick to work. No heating help is a joke when many that rae not sick and well off get it. Help me

by ChrisMiller, 15 Dec 2010

I agree it's an unfair system how can it be right that people still working and some are comfortably well off and are higher tax payers earning over £40k per year aged 61 yrs receive the winter fuel allowance when some sick people too ill to work do not get it.

Although i assume that the winter fuel allowance and free bus passes to people aged over 60 will change with the increase to the state old age pension in the future.

Unfortunately i do not see these CON/DEMS helping the less fortunate in our society they will be intent on cutting benefits for the poorest in society at the same time next April those who are getting a salary of £1 million pounds a year will be given a £40 thousand pounds tax relief as the 50% tax rate will be reduced to 45%.

by gregzc, 8 Oct 2012

I think you've answered your own question, gregzc.

Higher-rate taxpayers are paying higher-rate tax.

by Feline123, 9 Nov 2012

The fact is that the UK pays out more in social security and benefits per capita than any other country in the World. If people are hgenuinely sick and have disabilities they qualify for the appropriate benefit payment. The Winter fuel allowance (WFA) is a totally separate 'argument' and should not be mixed up with other benefits. It is not only the WFA that needs looking at it is ALL benefits. Other than genuine ill health, we cannot continue to pay people not to work or try to work. Michelle

by mich953, 14 Nov 2012

Yes , that is true regarding the per capita cost of benefits .
The reason is because the World's benefit fraudsters , parasites , beggars , organised crime gangs , and general vermin and trash have been allowed to abuse this country by the insane' open door 'policies of successive corrupt , inept , and fraudulent governments .
I would jail the politicians who allowed this disgrace for treason .

by nadge, 14 Nov 2012

Hi, Michelle, and welcome to the Forum.

You are quite right about the WFA. It is a part of the State Pension and, as such is not actually a 'benefit'.

by Feline123, 14 Nov 2012

I have a friend who lives permanent in Spain-BUT- keeps a UK address so she gets the Winter fuel allowance -its a joke!!!!

by alanand69, 28 Nov 2012

Spain is Brrrrrrrrrrrr
Cold in Winter
If your friend paid into the corrupt system , then your friend is entitled to a Winter Fuel Allowance
Unlike the alien vermin who flock here and milk the system . .

by nadge, 29 Nov 2012

I've paid my taxes all my life & never claimed any benefit ever. I own my own house but if I need anything, because I've also been self employed for 30 years I stand I chance. I was looking forward to a bus pass at 60 but missed out and that & the WFA 'cus I was born Dec 51.

by Signhammer, 27 Dec 2012

It's just shocking , Signhammer .
People must awaken to the fact that we taxpayers are being deliberately and systematically robbed of benefits that we have already paid for by this corrupt government of cheats, fraudsters and liars .
The apathy of the British electorate is truly appalling .

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

Too right signhammer, I was born on 01/05/1952, and dont qualify for them either.
Paid N.I and Taxes all my life,..Never taken from the state and am penalised for anything in latter years,
Still lets help the Spongers Eh?!!!!

by pjh555, 19 Jan 2013

The qualification date changes every year. Chec after 31 march 2013 the last day to claim 2012 wfp

by Oldhead, 7 Feb 2013

i agree with signhammer lost out on bus pass, dont get wfa had company pension ddown tubes so get less state pension. looking forward to retirement no end

by longshanks, 15 Mar 2013

My husband got heating allowance at aged 61. He died in August, and it would appear that me his widow, unemployed will not qualify this winter, my date of birth is 10.2.1952???? Seams strange.

by jeanhut, 8 Nov 2013

Check here for the updated info on when you qualify, jeanhut.

Welcome to the forum, and I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.

by Feline123, 9 Nov 2013

I have no complaints about the wfa. I was born April 1951, received my state pension that May, wfa last winter aged 61. All OK for me.

by Hoho51, 25 Nov 2013

I was 61 sept gone worked all my life till ill health finished me I was a carer for my husband when I was able to work again which was classed as a full time job, sadly he passed away last year aged 59, at the age of 61 I am now expected to go back to work after being out of the workforce for 17+ years, and they expect me to live on and keep a home going on £72.40, before they moved the goal posts on the pension age I should have retired last Sept, something seriously wrong with our benefits system, when the young have kids to get housed and permanently live on the state living a better life than those that have worked all their lives until illness stops them. TOTALLY WRONG in my eyes

by elaine6, 5 months ago

Blame the tapering of pensions bus passes and wfp on the equalities act preventing men and women being treated differently. The transition time takes a long time to taper into the system, but in another 5 years we will all get things at the same age.

by Oldhead, 5 months ago

I'm not sure wether this is the right place to post but my parents are 61 and 66 respectively and get sent winter fuel allowance every year. This may suprise most but I was horrified by this and so were they. They both luckily continue to work and achieve a very comfortable standard of living and so give the equivalent amount to charity as they do not believe it should be given. Can the government not cross check the people who qualify for the allowance against people who pay over a certain level of tax and allocate the allowance accordingly? Surely then the people who really need it could be given more...

by kkkk20, 9 Nov 2011

Hi kkkk20,

How good of your parents, that's really generous of them.

Why not post this as a Discussion as I'm sure our other members will have views on this issue?


by Hannah from, 10 Nov 2011

yes ,it is helpful for someone ,so let more members know will be nice ! but is that a bit late for this winter ?

by zutou, 19 Dec 2011

Look again after 6 April and the qualification date is published. These payments are part of the state pension and not means tested. Old people feel the cold more than youngsters of 50!

by Oldhead, 2 Apr 2013

I suffer from very poor circulation due to polio as a child,it seems because I was born in December 1952 I won't get the heating allowance is that right? and is this a never or will I get it next year?

by broken, 20 Nov 2013

Does the queen get heating allowance

by costar48, 21 Nov 2013

Broken, I should think that by now you will have had your notification of your payment. If not, you will definitely get it next year.

by Hoho51, 25 Nov 2013

I am 60 in January I have a terminal dieses I have to apply to my energy provider in November every year and I get about 130 pound of my gas /electric paid in march don't know if any help to anyone

by alanij, 4 months ago

Well said zutou March " 30th March 2012 deadline, Well it's A Bit late to find that out now,This is one of the main reasons we don't hear or no one tell's you these thing's except if you keep in touch C.A.B Who I MUST ADD Are ALL Volunteers & most of them are OLD AGE PENSIONER'S themselves, Which is how I knew all about what you seem to think is NEW NEW'S How come they Told my wife & I last year?.
They were Fuming & that is the VERY WORDS that were Spoken to us.
We cannot all keep going to the CAB they are out of money & closing down because they cannot pay the rent & they all have to be trained, it is a thankless Job How we would ever have Managed this long without their advice well the TRUTH IS WE WOULD NOT.
Stuck in a wheelchair unable to keep warm I am not a weak person but I will admit that last Winter I sat with my Coat & Blanket around me & my hat so I could watch T.V. Robbery with Violence that is all you can say because that is the TRUTH but M.P.S. Don't have that word in their Vocabulary All they know is Expenses Claims & Subsidised Food & Rent RIP OFF BRITAIN.

by crossf, 20 Jul 2012

Well said , Crossf.. Keep on rrrrockin' , Mate .
The corrupt filth who are in government don't give a damn about those in need . They would much prefer pensioners who contributed so much to this corrupt living hell society to just die , so Corrupt.Gov. have more money to buy duck ponds and third and fourth homes .I really wish the apathetic , clueless Sheeple would wake up to this , and understand how we are all shafted by these evil governments . RIP OFF BRITAIN .

by nadge, 21 Jul 2012

How can it be right when someone living in Canada receives this this heating allowance. Yes, they paid taxes before they left for Canada but still it seems crazy to me that they get an allowance when they no longer live in the UK.

by curiouscat, 18 Oct 2012

But they have paid for these allowances in their taxes , so they are entitled to receive them .
What concerns me more is the alien influx who infest the UK , and arrogantly demand access to our NHS , housing ,schools , benefits , when they contribute nothing .

by nadge, 30 Oct 2012

Seems that the nearer I get to being eligible for the winter fuel allowance of £200 so the goalposts change and I have to wait even longer. I have paid income tax and national insurance for over 44 years and although still working have no guilty conscience about taking what's on offer and what I've paid into. As said by nadge, people who have contributed nothing to this country's coffers seems to be getting everything. Maybe next year the goalposts won't have moved and I'll get my £200!!

by barbara34, 7 Nov 2012

Claim everything you are entitled to , Barbara .
You have earned it !
Unlike the alien incomers who have not earned an entitlement , and should get nothng .
Pay nothing in , get nothing out .

by nadge, 7 Nov 2012

i have read through the various comments,it is difficult to agree or disagree with most of them they all have points in case. i wish a fairer system was was in place,But i dont think the people who like myself have worked 50 years and contrubuted full NI and tax should be denied the benefit had nothing from the system in 50 years. i agree more geniune sick disabled people should be included but there are a proportion of people who have brought poor health upon themselves excess drinking smoking drugs etc.
if you have contributed you should have the right and what you do with it ie pay some to charitable causes fine a lot of people do.
people come to our shores from all corners of the earth and we as a nation welcome them, but we shouldnt have to pay for them in front of our own this is not racist it is fairness if you have paid your dues then you are entitled. and if you are genuinely sick as well.

by redal, 9 Nov 2012

But we should not welcome those alien invaders who steal jobs that our own unemployed should have .
Or those who steal benefits.
Or those who are criminals .

by nadge, 9 Nov 2012

Isn't something wrong when MPs can fiddle their EXPENSES upto the tune and over £50' 000 a year when some pensioners only get £73 a week state pension.just over £3,500 a year ....get them out ..... OUT.....OUT....OUT

by rosetta, 28 Nov 2012

How can they do anything to the criminals ,when they are criminals themselves...

by rosetta, 28 Nov 2012

They are criminals of the worst kind .

by nadge, 28 Nov 2012

What difference does it make when you were born we all feel the cold. There is always money ready to help othere countries but not our own. I'm 62 born 15 July 52 but get nothing I'm on high disability

by Juststars, 26 Oct 2014

They keep saying winter fuel payments are elgible for the over 60...not any more. I'm 60 now and its changed i will get mine when i am 62 if it doesn't change again before then. Shame on all the warm comfortable middleaged politicians who allowed this to happen

by jenni10, 9 Nov 2012

No, jenn. The rules on WFA have not changed,. But the rules on when you get your State Pension have,

Once you hit 60 you will be eligible for WFA.

by Feline123, 9 Nov 2012

Feline is right jenni10. You are entitled to WFA...

by rosetta, 28 Nov 2012

Hi everyone, to qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment you have to be born on or before 5th July, 1951, meaning you would be aged 61 or over.

If you're currently 60 then you wouldn't qualify for the payment quite yet I'm afraid.

by Martin from, 28 Nov 2012

OMG just checked Martin ,you are so right ....the unfair..Sorry jenni ....

by rosetta, 28 Nov 2012

But the taxpayer robbing , lying , cheating , fraudulent , corrupt politicians won't suffer , will they ?
All in this , together , Shameron ?
I think not !

by nadge, 28 Nov 2012

Sorry, wasn't aware of this change.

by Feline123, 28 Nov 2012

I was 60 in April and I have just found out via the website that I do not qualify for wfa!!!! To think you worki all your life in a full time job and then you have to wait for the benefits when others can come into our country and claim everything!!!!!

by kitzer, 6 Dec 2012

im still confused derrrr lol, i was 61 on 23rd nov this year,
born in nov 1951. my husband will be 61 on the 15dec this year born 15th dec 1951, when do we get it, both retired but i dont get my pension till next july making me 61&7mnths. Help somebody please !!

by margar40, 6 Dec 2012

The sneaked that change in. I only knew about ti because my pal is now 61 and she cannot get it for another 2 years.

by save24, 6 Dec 2012

Marg got to the DWP website and it is all explained there in detail.

by save24, 6 Dec 2012

Thanks, save. B*ggers!

by Feline123, 6 Dec 2012

The government are crooks , cheats , liars , fraudsters ,and criminals

by nadge, 6 Dec 2012

Sorry typos - wrong specs!

by save24, 6 Dec 2012

Ive not recieved any cold weather payments for at least two years,thought i would be eligble for it being as i am a diabetic

by karenn, 12 Dec 2012

Your local CAB will advise you on this .
You can also check the qualifying criteria on

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

Goal posts moved again I am 60 and cant get wint fuel allowance and i also cant get a bus pass will never vote conservative again robbing people who have paid in all their lives.

by freddiegood, 16 Dec 2012

That's exactly the point .

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

This conservative. Goverment are just carrying on we're thatcher left off should never have sold the utilities off , they are going to give the utilities money to help private company's to invest in green power and expect us to pay extra to fund this,
I take it that the extra money the goverment is giving the private company's is tax payers money and they still want to charge a levy on are fuel bills, so in theory we are paying tax on top of tax we have already payed in.
All we are doing is lining the share holders with more taxpayers money.

by lol78, 19 Dec 2012

Of course we are !
it's just an immense scam .
taxpayer robbery .

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

I didn't realise they had put the age up to 61 Martin, thanks for that.

by Sabre, 19 Dec 2012

The goverment shysters always try to bury bad news .

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

Yes they are suggesting those who can do give it away now.

by Sabre, 28 Dec 2012

Yes , I heard that pathetic suggestion on the radio .
Don't be fooled by the lying politicians . This is a very rich country .
I would double state pensions , payable at 60 .
I would double the winter fuel allowance.
Pensioners deserve so much more .
The Wasteminster Wasters should concentrate on effectively taxing their rich tax-evading chums and mega-rich tax-evading companies , and not steal from us .
All in this together , my arse .
Shameron and Gormless Gideon must not get away with this .

by nadge, 28 Dec 2012

Glad you say it as it is Nadge. Wonderful words from the mouth of an angle ;-) !!!!! Keep up the good work chuck.

by Sabre, 28 Dec 2012

Angle.......? ;-))

by Feline123, 28 Dec 2012

Angel - whoops, got letters wrong way round. ;-))

by Sabre, 28 Dec 2012

Hah !
An acute angle !

by nadge, 29 Dec 2012

I would dearly love to bury an axe in the head of this rotton , vicious , corrupt , evil government of swindlers , fraudsters , cheats and liars .
They are taxpayer- robbing criminals .

by nadge, 29 Dec 2012

Same here nadge.

by Sabre, 29 Dec 2012

Governments are a corrupt , destructive , exploitive , self-serving behemoth that must be crushed .

by nadge, 29 Dec 2012

Bring in Sharia law so most of you whiners would not be heard, and Nadge would walk 5 steps back :) AA GIG

by Makafoot, 3 Jan 2013

We'll never have that rubbish here !

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

We will not indeed, nadge!

by Feline123, 4 Jan 2013

They will just carry on maiming young girls who have the intelligence to challenge their brutal and archaic laws , until we wipe the religious nutters out .

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

Nadge, Me thinks we would end up like Cyprus,Greece then Italy & Spain maybe in trouble - you can't spend all the money in the Banks unfortunately!! Re: fuel allowance - they need to check who gets this allowance properly - I know a married couple who get £200 **EACH** and don't need it.....what is going on....

by prunela, 1 Apr 2013

That shouldn't be happening, prunella. It should only be one payment per household where one or more occupants are over state pension age,

Welcome to the community, by the way!

by Feline123, 1 Apr 2013

people getting more than £200 fuel allowance per household, should be means tested - wherever they live.

by prunela, 2 Jan 2013

The WFP is part of the State Pension entitlement prunela.

by Feline123, 4 Jan 2013

Why , prunella ?
Surely our elderly deserve more ?
They have contributed greatly , and have earned their entitlement .

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

Quite so, nadge!

by Feline123, 4 Jan 2013

I see they are doing their best to stop us O.A.P's having it at the end of this year. I wonder if they will succeed. !!!
Honestly you would think it was thousands of pounds the way some people go on about it instead of £200 for £61 or over and £300 for the over 80's. Perhaps they would be pleased if they used it to inject us and finish us off so we wouldn't get it.

by Sabre, 4 Jan 2013

In this rotton , greedy , exploitive society the elderly are worth NOTHING , Sabre !
This country is a damned disgrace .
We must FIGHT THEM .

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

IDS , The Quiet Madman , intends to target benefits that our elderly receive .
I urgently suggest that everyone e-mails their corrupt MP-Slug expressing their opposition to this disgraceful proposal by this corrupt , criminal government of thatcherite tory filth .

by nadge, 9 Jan 2013

It's only the over 80's that get more than £200 prunela so I don't think we will begrudge them a bit of extra money to keep warm. I understand it would be more expensive to means test everyone anyway.

Let's face it the amount of money the Government waste they are not going to go bust with the bit they give the old age pensioners.

by Sabre, 2 Jan 2013

Quite right !
Corrupt. Gov. must stop wasting OUR money on ill-conceived projects , overseas 'aid' bungs , the EU Tyrant , and themselves .

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

Apparently if you are both over 61 you 'may' be entitled to up payment to £300 instead of £200. This I agree is a great help to those who need help ( and yes we recv and need £200 in our household) but some people recv and do not need it. Alan Sugar donates his to charity ( good for him) but there are some people out there to get what they can and more!
A new idea from one MP is, instead of receiving fuel allowances - they put the money towards care costs if and when you get older you would only lose 40% of your savings /house value if and when time comes to sell, instead of 80%.
Maybe this is the way in the future. There will always be somebody somewhere that isn't happy with the outcome - BUT there are more OAP's than ever and on the increase and the cost of care and medicines has to come from somewhere. I don't like the idea of losing the fuel allowance, but if it means that certain people can't claim things they don't need, then so be it. The money can be spent on care home's AND improving them (another topic ha! as some have been found to be disgraceful)

by prunela, 4 Jan 2013

No only if you are over 85 do you get the £300 per household prunela, over 61 you are entitled to £200. Would you mind being means tested then ?

by Sabre, 4 Jan 2013

All care costs must be met by the State , Prunella .
This is a rich country .
Please do not believe the lies of the corrupt politicians .
WE are all paying for our care needs in taxation .

by nadge, 4 Jan 2013

all care costs are not met by the state. My dad was in care home for 15months - his pension money paid for most of it and the state put rest.

by prunela, 5 Jan 2013

No I wouldn't mind being means tested - would you?

by prunela, 5 Jan 2013

So 61 & over - if you are short of money - you wouldn't get more than £200?? there is an application form where you can apply for more....

by prunela, 5 Jan 2013

No they can means test me anytime.

by Sabre, 5 Jan 2013

Have you applied for more prunela ? If you can get more will you let us all know then we can apply. Thanks

by Sabre, 5 Jan 2013

No I haven't applied for more as I not 61 YET ha! but I know other people who are trying ( who have admitted they will milk the system for all they can get...) I have nothing against OAP.s getting help at all, if they need it - but the rich shouldn't be (sorry if I wind these people up, but they don't need it, do they) could go towards improvement of care if & when OAP,s need it.

by prunela, 6 Jan 2013

Unfortunately due to the greediness of some people they will always milk the system and it's daft, honest folks like me who lose out. At least I can say "I've asked for nothing" and receive the winter fuel allowance which I am entitled to at the moment. I have a feeling that this will be stopped maybe next year after listening to a talk by one of the Liberals on T.V. last Friday.

by Sabre, 6 Jan 2013

When the WFP was first announced it was clear that it was part and parcel of the State Pension entitlement.

The, then, Government decided that it would be more beneficial to pay it in one lump in winter than increasing the pesion by £4 per week.

So, if it goes, the pension must increase or we have been cheated again.

by Feline123, 9 Jan 2013

Absolutely spot on , Feline .

by nadge, 9 Jan 2013

My wife aged 59 has COPD with serious lung disease, and had her bus pass taken off her because they decided her condition wasn't terminal. Yet alcoholics and junkies, some in their teens still get their bus passes. It makes me sick with rage seeing these people get help meant for the genuinely ill!

by Alloa, 9 Jan 2013

I feel for you and your wife, Alloa, as I have COPD too, and my husband has MS.

But I haven't heard of any teenage alcoholics or junkies getting bus passes.

by Feline123, 9 Jan 2013

Hi Feline123. I'm not up to speed on other parts of the UK, but in Scotland it seems to be the norm.

by Alloa, 9 Jan 2013

That's terrible Alloa and no wonder you feel outraged. Do you think they are Students if they have passes ?

by Sabre, 9 Jan 2013

No Sabre, they've been openly heard talking about their scripts, a term they use for the methadone prescriptions they get.

by Alloa, 10 Jan 2013

Oh that's even worse Alloa.

I was talking to someone today who knew someone who recently went for an examination to see if she was entitled to any benefits after an operation. She was in a wheelchair when she went to be assessed and then managed to get out of the wheelchair and walk with a crutches.

A few day's later she got a letter to say she was fit to work as a cleaner even though she couldn't walk without her crutches or be without her wheelchair for many minutes. Are they mad or what ?

by Sabre, 10 Jan 2013

Totally mad, Sis!

by Feline123, 10 Jan 2013

Trouble is we all live too long now. My inlaws died in their late 60s which was the norm. My parents lived into their 80 s so my dad got his state pension for 27 years. He worked for about45 years. Could you put away a third of your pay every week to pay for your pension? The gov takes the third so we do get it back. And we get free health care on top and free schooling and bus passes. All brought in by Labour and they can't getvrid of it

by Oldhead, 7 Feb 2013

can anybody tell me if u live on a boat can u still claim wfa only got care of address

by tommy1931, 26 Feb 2013

My Garden pond has been frozen over since xmas 2012 now April 2013 pond still frozen over, We have not received any cold weather payments in this area dt9 uk. and the price of oil is going up and up. cannot cope any longer. so many OAP dying of the cold, am I next.

by briddy, 1 Apr 2013

Contrary to what was said above UK benefits we rank 10th out of 35 countries on the level of welfare benefits. In Europe France, Germany and the Eurozone countries are all above us. You could argue that this explains many economic problems, but then you have to explain Germany , the economic powerhouse of Europe managing it, not to mention Norway, Sweden, Austria, Finland,The Netherlands being able to do it whilst still being prosperous.

Again it is never that simple,no matter what the media tells you.

by pipmkl, 1 Apr 2013

How is it we are billions of pound s in the red and we still give away millions of pounds to other country's in aid.
who have space programs and large armed forces
Surely we could be well in the black before we give any thing away it's basic economics

by bansbu, 9 Apr 2013

Seems that this government can now find the money for a state funeral for mrs T, but I suppose that's ok while many pensioners of her age are dying because of the cold. Cannot Cameron and other members of his mega rich cabinet have a whip round and pay for it, that's how normal people help pay for things they can't afford.

by hammon69, 10 Apr 2013

can i get heating allowance if i live abroad

by SYDCYP, 16 Apr 2013

Don't think it just aliens taking from us tax payers there a lot of home grown sponges in fact a very lot of people never paid in better off I remember when money tight 1st married early life in high flats used to look at a nice wee house wi a garden thinking I'd love that for my kids now you leave school have a few kids never work you can get a bungalow in top area all paid for you it's wrong government payin rent on areas most of us dream of living in private renting also terrible 17 yr old beside my mum private rent didn't work made alls life hell blood all down stair walls I remortgaged my house to get my mum out because of my age cost me £1000 a month till I won to get him out and could sell my mums ( done this by protesting outside private landlords house in posh area) my mum died 5 months after this who killed her him or goverment not even mentioned how long is methadone prescribed for could go on for ever governments to soft but they all cheating too

by Fluffy56, 22 Apr 2013

I just looked at the dates for claiming the WFA and I am 60 born September 1952.
Seems I wont be eligible before 2016 at the earliest, I am 65 in 2017. how the hell does aged 60 come into it.

by pateve, 28 Apr 2013

I understand the rules have been changed pateve and you have to wait until you are older now. You can contact the D.H.S.S. and ask them what you position is.

by Sabre, 28 Apr 2013

It used to be payable to everybody at age 60, pateve, but the rules have changed recently in the same way as the rules on state pension age have changed.

Sabre is right, contact the DWP or visit their website.

by Feline123, 28 Apr 2013

I was born in september 1951 ,am I right in assuming I will be eligible for winter fuel allowance this year 13/14 ,I shall be 62 ,there should be a table telling you all this but I am struggling to find one . David

by davidmo70, 10 May 2013

Check here, davidmo

Gov.UK website.

by Feline123, 17 May 2013

I never applied for mine davidmo they sent it automatically to me and for which I am very grateful.

by Sabre, 17 May 2013

well im born 12/05/1952 work fulltime partner is 54 he doesn't work. we cannot claim a penny for anything .now I look at government site advised by above it says anyone born in jan 1952 or pre can claim . Therefore I cant??? Will I ever be able to claim as last year I read I couldn't said I would be able this year. Do they keep moving the gate post or what?? We sit her with no heating since march 14th too date with covers over us as I cannot afford the heating lol its either that or starve like millions of others lol Thankgod the boiler broke not had it fixed for 3 yrs lol

by juliew73, 12 Oct 2013

hey im 61 cant claim sod all My partner is 54 cannot claim a penny as I work fulltime born 05/1952 hes 54 unemployed I pay everything . it says on government site you advertise if you are born pre to jan 1952 or in jan 1952 you can claim. However I was told last year yes you can claim in 2013 you will get instantly, A bit like the pension lol I was told id get when I was 60 now I was told 63 probably then 103 lying government so much for help with heating im glad my boilers broke couldn't bloody afford to pay the whole whack. we haven't had heating on for 7 months I e gas fire boiler broke 3 yrs ago sod it . Alan sugar gets the bugger and hes worth millions why the hell cant I ???

by juliew73, 12 Oct 2013

I'm 61 but was born after 5th Jan 1952 why do I not qualify for winter fuel payment.

by madmaid, 12 Nov 2013

Check here for the latest info on eligibility, madmaid.

by Feline123, 12 Nov 2013

i was 61 in october but i will have to wait until i am past my 62nd birthday until i get the fuel allowance[my own money], why?

by stevebr52, 1 Dec 2013

Check out the link in my post above, stevebr52.

by Feline123, 2 Dec 2013

Bonkers payments! IF (big, big, BIG IF) it is felt necessary to make such payments AT ALL (no, obviously - we, as a nation, are broke) then simply add £5/wk to every State pension and leave it at that.

Taxed, obviously, at the full rate for the individual....

A simpler solution would be to pay £100/wk to ALL pensioners - ENTIRELY tax-free.

A third option would be to ONLY pay ANY pension to those who are NOT paying ANY income tax - (with some form of taper, obviously!) so that you're not in the insane position of both paying a State Pension AND charging Income Tax against the same individual at the same time.

Whatever, much, much, MUCH simpler solution is deemed appropriate, it should not be payable until 80, rising to 90 by 2030,

Had the State Pension Age kept pace with increasing life expectancy since WW2 (1945), it would now be..............88!

by HD2, 28 Dec 2013

It states that if you are 61 or over, but in the next paragraph, you have to be born on or before the 5th January 1952... so I am over 61 now but born in June 1952.. am I entitled to winter fuel allowance this year.

by davidp35, 3 Jan 2014

The only property I own is in Spain.My partner and I live in her house in the UK and we receive £100 each WFA both aged 70 and sharing the £200.As we spend many weeks in the Spanish property during the winter on health grounds(I have a breathing disorder)and use electricity for heating over there do you think I can claim WFA £100 for the Spanish property in my own right ?

by geoffre37, 20 Apr 2014

Hi geoffre37 and welcome to the forum

If you are receiving £200 between you for the WFA I cannot see them giving you any more especially if it's a property abroad. In your own right you are receiving £100 WFA already as it comes in each of your names.

by Sabre, 20 Apr 2014

Thanks Sabre.So the only way I could claim £200 and my partner £200 is if I could show I was a Spanish resident in my property there ?

by geoffre37, 20 Apr 2014

No geoffre, you are only allowed £100 each now unless you are over eighty-five then you receive more. I am sure they won't pay you another £200 between you if you are a Spanish resident.

by Sabre, 20 Apr 2014

Thanks for your help Sabre.

by geoffre37, 21 Apr 2014

I am confused i am 60 years old have been told that i cant have a bus pass until i am 63, I have been told that i can get a heating allowance i am also unemployed. There is no one to ask what i am entitled to.Can anyone help.

by zulueta, 22 Jun 2014

Contact your local Citizens Advice .
They will help .

by zog75, 22 Jun 2014

Good advice zog.

I was informed when my winter fuel allowance was due and they said it was automatic for anyone due it.

by Sabre, 22 Jun 2014

Hi everyone I'm dissabled in a wheelchair and am terminaly I'll am I intitled to and money towards and gas or electric payments I'm only 38

by Stevenjerwood, 27 Oct 2014

Hi stevenjerwood.

I'm so sorry to hear of your circumstances. You should be entitled to a lot of benefits. Your GP or nurse will be able to help with this.

I wish you well.

by Feline123, 28 Oct 2014

hi steven as you are in a similar situation as my self check with your energy provider as they give me 130 pounds every year of my bills

by alanij, 4 months ago

If anyone's stuck with naff heating and think's they can't afford a new boiler - I have some news. My neighbour was struggling along on a low income and after his boiler went bang he was in despair. BG came and wanted 4000 for a new boiler !!!!! There was no way he could pay - how could he ? Thankfully someone suggested STL Heating so he tried them and was thrilled when they could offer something called EPC which meant he was paying a lot less for a new boiler - hurrah!

by PaulioWhitey, 5 months ago

The Government have a scheme whereby if you are on benefits and low income you can have a free boiler and radiators checked, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. It's well worth enquiring about and I do know of people getting it.

by Sabre, 5 months ago

I get the calls often to get a new boiler installed in my address at small or NO cost.
Even though I have had a new one in the last 12 months.
I assume that they call me as it is me who stays there and do not see a record of this as the property would be registered using my landlord
Like wise to insulate the same address

by backjack, 5 months ago

I am 60 in January I have a terminal dieses I have to apply to my energy provider every November for help of my heating bill I get about 130 pounds taken off my bill the following year in march this may be of help to someone you have to be disable to get this there is no other help with heating allowance's that you can claim of government that I know of

by alanij, 4 months ago

so if you live in a care home and are over 80 do you still get the payment

by paula8, 5 months ago
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