How Can I Check if a Company is Legitimate?

by , Last Updated: 17 November 2014

If you're worried about the authenticity of a company it's always worth double checking they're legit before you have any dealings with them whatsoever. We look at how you can find out whether you can trust a company or should avoid them at all costs.

Couple sofa laptop pondering

When you're contemplating purchasing something from a company you've never heard of, it's good sense to find out as much about that company as you can.

After all, unfortunately scammers do exist and you don't want to be the next to be duped if you can at all help it.

It pays to be vigilant at all times and to have a healthy sense of suspicion whenever you commit to making a purchase or supply a company with your personal details, whether they're an online merchant or a shop on the high street.

Here are our top 5 ways to check a company is legitimate before you make a decision you could regret.

1. Check for concrete details

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake company is if you can't see any evidence that they exist in reality.

The first thing you should do is check that the company you're dealing with has a physical, concrete location somewhere in the world.

Check their website for a phone number, preferably a landline number - then call this number to see who answers. If an employee of the company in question answers the call you can have some reassurance that you are dealing with a 'real' company, but if no-one answers or you're put through to an anonymous call-centre this may be your first warning sign that the company is not legit.

You should also look for a physical address on the company's website that you could write to if you so wished. If this physical address is a registered office, even better.

2. See what others say

One sure-fire way to get to know any company better is to enter their name into a search engine such as Google and see what results you get. This may bring up instances on forums, for example, where someone speaks of a bad experience with the company or warns against dealing with them - in which case you'll know to steer clear.

Equally this may bring back results where the company is shown in a good light which will encourage you that they are a legitimate firm.

'Googling' a company is a good way to get to know more about who they really are behind their superficial image. Remember that what is said on forums isn't gospel, but it can act as a useful indicator when you aren't sure about the legitimacy of a company.

3. Check the FCA register

If you are looking at a company who is part of the financial sector and deals in financial services or products, there's one simple way to check out their credentials: look them up on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register.

The FCA register is a comprehensive database holding details of every financial company who are registered and regulated by the FCA.

Therefore if you are dealing with a company who aren't on the FCA register, you should avoid them. You can search for a company on the FCA register by entering their name and/or postcode.

Another good resource is the UK government's Companies House website, which you can use to perform a search of all 2 million+ limited companies trading or once registered in the UK.

4. Check out their website

Obviously if you are dealing with an online company their website will be your first port of call. Otherwise, if you are dealing with an offline company seeking out their website is a good way to find out more about them.

Look for specific things on the company website that may give away whether or not they are truly legitimate. If you notice poor English used frequently on a website that is purporting to be trading as a UK company, this may be a clue that the company is in fact based overseas where English isn't the first language - which should raise your suspicions if you were under the impression you were purchasing something from a UK-based company.

Also, though they can't always be relied on, check if the website lists any testimonials from satisfied clients or customers. Do they sound genuine?

You should also look for a privacy policy and company history on the site which will state things like how long the company has been in operation, what their ethics are, and what their mission statement is.

What's more if you are going to purchase something online, always check the company's refund and exchange policy so you know there are steps you can take if the goods don't materialise.

Finally, before you even consider entering your payment details it's vital that you check for 'https://' at the start of the url and that a padlock or key symbol is displaying on your browser.  It's also a good idea to pay with a credit card (although make sure you pay it off at your next statement date) so that if a company isn't legitimate they aren't able to clear out your bank account.

5. Go with your gut

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice is to simply go with your gut feeling about a company. If you have any suspicions or you are uncomfortable dealing with the company, walk away and take your business elsewhere - it's better to be safe than sorry.


Im trying to find out if Bells Global PLC is a legitamate company their registration numbers is 1029384 SIA registered 431954

by carmenarnone74, 11 Jul 2012

Do not deal with them if they do not have a website, paypal does not make you safe, if they are not coming back to you would you really want to deal with them in the first place

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

i need info on a company in sweden. the company doesnt have a website, and the references havent reponded to me yet. what kind of info should i get to make certain they are legitimate. and if i use paypal am i safe there too?

by dental, 5 Aug 2012

If they are limited they should be on companies house, check when incorporated etc and who is the director

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

For Swedish companies use

by companycheck, 26 Jun 2013

i need to know if the DIGITRONICS UK LIMITED company trusted or fake
thanks for advice

by osm_la, 4 Oct 2012

I am desperate to find out if is a valid company that will transport goods I am buying, thankyou for any help!

by chriso47, 28 Nov 2012

Could you please make your members aware of a company called Ziinga - a bidding site where they ask for money to send the item you have won and when you give them your card details they take off £82 membership x 3 - each month. I have never heard of anyone receiving their item - and in forums - hundreds are complaining of being ripped off. They ask for lots of personal details including a photo copy of both sides of your credit card?????

by kenned65, 16 Feb 2013

Is there a way to check if this company is Legit?They are based in Germany selling tyres.Thanks

by nmeyma, 25 Feb 2013

I too feel ripped-off by Aquil Ltd. I sent them a Postal Order to the amount of £39.95 and have not received the product advertised in a brochure sent to me. Any advice?? please.

by christo33, 27 Jan 2014

Aquil Ltd address is a registered hotel/bed & breakfast. I found this looking up aquil Ltd. So won't be using them

by mazk, 8 Jun 2014

I am trying to find out if Aquil Ltd is a legit company. I've received lots of info from them trying to sell weight lose products. Each time they send something though, the reply envelope always has a different address, this time it's Aquil Ltd in GL54 3QX, I've not found anything on them on the internet.

by anyac, 18 Mar 2013

I have just received post about (purevital) with that addres his it genuine

by ernes82, 3 May 2013

There is an ASA adjudication against them for a product caslled Prostafen. The Pure Vital product is very dodgy looking as no ingredients are stated. And if it was that magical, wouldn't the medical profession be prescribing it?

by mail94, 15 May 2013

I have just done checks on these the company even though states it is limited but yet not registered on companies house, also i had a look on internet no sign there ether, there are quite a few variations of name reg on companies house nut not the same trading address, you will most probably find the company is based offshore and uses a ghost address to trade in the UK so you think they are UK based, this is not uncommon with various investment companies trading off shore they pay for office address in the uk and then pay for a internet phone number with a local number, they are trying to use number similar to that of 0800. If you search 0808 on internet you will find companies offering to sell this sort of number hope this helps, if anyone any advice on investments please let me know i run my own investment company.

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

The company is a front to get you to part with your money if company is limited it should be on companies house I should know i run a Limited company

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

Good info, leehale. Thanks.

by Feline123, 26 Jun 2013

I am thinking of investing in a project: Freedom bay Fractional ownership in St Lucia
Does anyone have any tips.

by angjam, 2 Apr 2013

You can check all the above on for free.

by companycheck, 2 Apr 2013

Is some help however is not as up to date as companies house for £2 you can get more detailed info on who you are dealing eg. directors name and there address

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

It is up to date. And it has more information than Companies House. You can get mortgages, charges, CCJ's etc as well. All current and previous Directors as well as shareholders are also available for free on

by companycheck, 26 Jun 2013

Hi i am trying to find out whether this company is legit.address:
electronics direct europe limited
bristan house 1
colham mill road
west drayton
united kingdom
ub7 7ae
i have googled it and it comes up as a car shop? i asked the person about it and they just said its the front of their company?

by sassi, 13 Apr 2013

company number 07171733

by sassi, 13 Apr 2013

hi is there somebody know white castle hotel located in st. paul london?
is the hotel really exist?

please help need your answer asap!

by darling, 1 May 2013

Hi.i just want to know if this company is legit.allied finance.address is 118 queens road bnx brighton u.k.

by allabat, 27 May 2013

hi .. would like to ask if white castle hotel exist?
Please help

by darling, 30 Apr 2013

Hi darling
I can find no record of the White Castle Hotel in London. Are you sure you have spelt it correctly? And do you have an address?

by Bonz1957, 1 May 2013

Gosh I thought our Bonz had joined the charm school. !!!

by Sabre, 1 May 2013

Very funny Sabre :-) The implications of starting a reply 'Hi darling' did not escape me xx

by Bonz1957, 1 May 2013

I nearly fell off my chair. Is that our Bonzy I thought ? Then I read the person's name. I'm sorry I couldn't resist the comment.

by Sabre, 1 May 2013

hi bonz,

Thank you very much for your quick response.
here is the address:
135 St. Paul's Place
London SW1B 1MY
United Kingdom.

Thank You In Advance:)

by darling, 3 May 2013

hi sabre!
your comment is cool :)

by darling, 3 May 2013

Thank you lolz. I was been a bit cheeky to our lovely Bonz !!

by Sabre, 3 May 2013

Hi, not sure why you are trying to trace this hotel, but as far as I can see they do not exist.
I can find no trace of a White Castle Hotel in London.
The only street called St Paul's Place is in Islington, North London with a N1 postcode, and the house numbers only go up to 31.
There is no such postcode as SW1B 1MY. SW1 is Westminster and Knightsbridge, nowhere near the St Paul's Place in N1.
I have checked through my fairly recent copy of the London A-Z and there is nothing even close to that address with a SW1 postcode.
I could of course be totally wrong, but as far as I can see this hotel does not exist. It could be a scam getting you to book and pay for a hotel that does not exist, especially if you found it online.
Hope this helps, but please come back to me with any further details. I'm intrigued now to know where you found details of this place.

by Bonz1957, 3 May 2013

they are recruiting me as receptionist and I have to pay for my work permit. I googled the name of the company but it does'nt appear, thats why i do some research before paying them!
looks like a scam to me.

Thank you very much for your help:)

by darling, 4 May 2013

I think you are right, it looks like a scam to me as well. Sorry you have lost out on a job, but you are very wise to do as much research as possible before parting with your money.
All the best, Bonz.

by Bonz1957, 4 May 2013

I got the same Receptionist offer from White Castle Hotel but I can't find the Company online
135 St. Paul's Place
London SW1B 1MY
United Kingdom.

by sweets16, 23 May 2013

Sorry to say sweets16, but if you've read my post above there does seem to be a scam going on here, getting you to pay for a work permit for a job in a hotel that doesn't exist.

by Bonz1957, 23 May 2013

i am working with a stock photographer in the UK, i have a small modeling agency, I need to know if this potential new client is legit,is there a place on line i can see if they are reported?

by models, 1 May 2013

Any info on a company called Ecco Tours out of London, England
are they legit?

by mmurray, 14 Jun 2013

Hi, mmurray, and welcome.

I've just done a quick google search and there seem to be several companies using this name. No reason to think any of them are not legit from the info available, but they're quite diverse in offering holidays from Africa to Scandinavia.

Can you give a bit more detail, please?

by Feline123, 14 Jun 2013

I hope this helps

Legal Requirements
Implications of the EC Package Travel Directive 1993 and financial protection for holidaymakers

As a result of an EC Directive, since 1993 all UK tour operators offering package holidays have been subject to the Package Travel Regulations. Although the legal definition of a package is complex most people understand what is normally meant by this term.

The two principal sections of the Regulations provide financial protection for prepayments and require tour operators to provide what is promised.

Amongst items covered are:

A direct responsibility placed on tour operators for the safety of their customers. Tour operators are legally responsible for the components of the package - coach transfers, hotels etc, if negligence is proved. They cannot avoid responsibility by attributing it to their sub-contractors. UK customers can sue operators in UK courts and no longer have to pursue action against contractors in overseas courts.
Prohibition of inaccurate brochure descriptions with penalties for non-compliance.
Prohibition of last minute surcharges. Surcharges under two per cent of the package price cannot be levied at all.
Legal remedies if necessary, in the form of holidaymaker compensation.
A guaranteed refund if the operator goes bust. Repatriation if this happens when the customer is on holiday - something FTO members have been doing since 1970.

The FTO welcomed the new Regulations, and worked closely with the authorities to make them as effective as possible. The Federation regrets, however, that the EU did not require tour operators to be licensed. The long experience in the UK of the Civil Aviation Authority's Air Travel Organiser Licence (ATOL) scheme has proved the value of licensing

by leehale81, 25 Jun 2013

I'm trying to find out if "The Original London Pub Co " is a legitimate UK company. They work out of the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand finding live-in pub jobs in the UK.

by ellyij, 4 Jul 2013

Can someone help me in finding out a companies legitimacy ? Company name is WLC auctions.
They have an action this Sunday and they are auctioning some real expensive stuff on a very low prices? So I want help please ,thank you .

by Ambrina, 29 Nov 2013

Hi Ambrina

I've just done a Google search and they appear to be legit.

There's a phone number if you want to check

0161 8211026

by Feline123, 29 Nov 2013

WLC Auctions is a real company but they are hawking fake products, from Asia I think. I went there, bought some of it, and had a nightmare trying to get my money back. BBC is now doing an enquiry. Watchdog did a programme on them under a previous guise (Ocean Diamond or something like that) a few years ago.

by Thumbelina, 13 May 2014

Thumbelina, did u manage to get your money back cos I'm a victim too. I feel so upset after finding out about the company.

by Victim, 21 May 2014

I am trying to see if a company called Slimproved is real in England

by Mel93, 24 Jul 2013

Hi Mel93 and welcome to the forum

I don't know whether this will help you but have found the following :- for non-invasive liposuction.

Just type in Slimproved on your Yahoo etc. and it comes up with various things about it.

by Sabre, 24 Jul 2013

sir i want to know grand star construction group ltd is existed in uk or not, if existed it is good or fake, company contact no:- +447010079420, and the address is Royal LiverBldg,Pier Head-Sercombe, Liverpool,L3 1HT, UK, please enquirer about this company and please send me a mail

by veeru, 27 Jul 2013

I got a call an appointment letter from "THE JOY DREAM HOTEL LONDON" a 4 star hotel group from london.

1. They approached me first with a mail which had the vacancies and asking you to send your profile. I got a reply within two days which made me sceptical because i have been applying jobs for over 4 months on various legitimate job listings and vacancies and never received a reply.
2.It took just few hours for them to reply on sending them my cv and personal details.
3.They send me another mail which has to be filled up online and send to them. This was when it prompted me to have the companies background checked. i was wonderstruck to even have found a website that was picturesquely crafted.
4. Hence i search further. The address on thier website mentions an address
"The Joy Dream Hotel London,17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge,
London SW3 2BX, England" on thier website"" which is where the " 5 star hotel Egerton house is located"
5. i ping the address using network tools to find out that the website is registered in Amsterdam using which is a 3rd party
6. There is a hotels image on the website with all the facilities mentioned simailar to those for egerton house.I checkout google maps and street view, could not find it. Checked out still could not find any information.Even the phone number is answered well and does not belong to the spam series of +4470... :+448712454200 is a number they have provided with a person on the other end to atend it.
7.Within 2 days of sending the appliaction i get a revert that my application is under short listing procedure.
8. In a few hours i receive another email with the offer letter. I wished icould show you the offer letter. Its neatly crafted with no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors neither does it have a single anomalie to arouse suspicion.
9. The mail reads:

We congratulate you on your Appointment with THE JOY DREAM HOTEL LONDON, as our board of Human resource has fine out that you are competent enough to work as a staff of Joy Dream Hotel London in respect of the online interview, job experience and educational qualification that has been screened. We are glad to offer you an contract to work for the next three years then you can then decide to extend the contract for as long as possible. We are expecting you to resume office on or before 2nd day of September, 2013.

This contract can be terminated if you are not able to arrive London on or before the above mentioned date without enough reason for the delay.

The hotel management has apply for your visa and the UK Embassy in your country has agreed to issue your work permit visa, in respect of this the UK Embassy has appoint a Diplomat which will be in-charge of your visa to avoid any delay, his Name is Diplomat Austin James and his contact details is below.

EMAIL ID: and phone no.918860******
As we have informed you earlier that you have to pay for your visa fee. Now the embassy has inform us that your traveling documents expense will cost 300Pounds which you have to pay to Diplomat Diplomat Austin James before your visa can be issue(All visa expense will be refund back to you when you resume office here in London). So call the diplomat immediately and start your visa processing so that you can resume office on time, Diplomat Austin James will guard you on what to do at the right time. Only contact the Diplomat immediately to start your visa and follow every instruction of the diplomat.

Note: The Hotel management will provide free family and personal accommodation for you, Free Transportation to the Hotel every day, Free feeding (Two square meal par day), Free Air Ticket from your country to London City.
I hope to see you soon in office."

and the resume has most of my personal details embeded in it.



by SHAUKAT, 30 Jul 2013

This does indeed sound and look like a SCAM. Very similar to the one posted above by 'darling' which I did some research on and found to be bogus.
If we were to be able to find the culprits they would almost certainly be based abroad and not in the UK. As you say the website is registered in Holland.
They haven't spent much money at all, a bit of cut and paste in something like Photoshop can make anything look real. And the email you have quoted in point 9 is awful. It is badly written and uses appalling grammar. No-one offering a real job in the UK would send such a poor email. A 5 year old would make more sense.
Just ignore it, do not reply to them again. If you send them any money you will never hear from them again. I would suggest you block the domain name they are using.

by Bonz1957, 31 Jul 2013

Hi could anyone tell me if uk model is legit thank you

by 68annie68, 7 Aug 2013

Hi would like some help to know if this company is a genuine company !!the address is unit 21000 north circular road London greater London nw 3 7jp united kindom tel 447031744888 this company is suppose to be a courrier base in Malaysia with the head office in London !! Please help

by asokaa, 18 Aug 2013

Hi asokaa
Well the postcode is FAKE so I guess the company is as well.
The Postcode is from West Hampstead, nowhere near the North Circular Road.
So my advice would be to have nothing to do with them.

by Bonz1957, 18 Aug 2013

Even yesterday i got an offer letter and yes to day a call from the POC (the same name Diplomat Austin James. I just asked him few questions for which he never came back yet ;) :)

by friendypiscean, 20 Jan 2014

Thanks for sharing Shaukat!

by friendypiscean, 20 Jan 2014

I got the mail regarding job offer from

Apex City Hotel London,

1 Seething Lane, LondonEC3N 4AX

United Kingdom.

Email: -
Phone :- +448712454200 , +447010043605

Dear staff,
This is to inform you, that you have been appointed as a staff of this company. Our Human Resource has finally select you for this season recruitment because your Experience and Qualifications were found qualified. As regard this, the Hotel Management has contacted the British high commission in your country over there for the easy acquisition of your visa. Moreover, diplomatic personnel have been appointed in the High Commission to be in charge of your visa processing. We request you to comply with him and do as directed by him. He is the one that will let you know all the visa processing procedures.
Be informed that you have to bear your traveling documents expenses (visa fee 300 pounds only) upfront to prove your commitment and readiness to work with our organization. All your expenses spent on the visa processing shall be refunded back to you immediately on joining. As soon as you submit your expenses report. We shall book your flight ticket and arrange for a free accommodation at the company estate immediately we confirm from the diplomat that your visa is ready. Get in contact with the appointed diplomat as soon as you receive this letter because you have a limited time to get your traveling documents ready as you are expected to resume here in office on or before 14th of March, 2014.

Make sure you contact the diplomat immediately by calling him on phone and send him an email.
His Name: Austin James
Phone No: +919167218447
Email ID:

Hope to see you soon in office.



by rajsinc24, 10 Feb 2014

Hi, I also got exactly mail. Please share your experience as you received 4 weeks earlier than me.

by ashu91, 12 Mar 2014

Even i got bro..
Did u pay 300 pounds.

by guru11594, 12 May 2014

hi, even i got it this mail and austin james reply me the visa application forms. what will i do

by madhubala, 4 Jun 2014

please any one reply me for this

by madhubala, 4 Jun 2014

hi, i have send app for another company bbs oil service. i want to know is that true or not. urgent please reply me

by madhubala, 4 Jun 2014

sir i want to know grand star construction group ltd is existed in uk or not, if existed it is good or fake, company contact no:- +447010079420, and the address is Royal LiverBldg,Pier Head-Sercombe, Liverpool,L3 1HT, UK, please enquirer about this company and please send me a mail

Read more:

by chelli8, 17 Sep 2013

is this company in Canada for real or not?

they offered me an office assistant position and they're asking for $375 for mobilization clearance so i can get a Canadian work permit and entry clearance. They seemed legit but I still have doubts. Can anyone help me? They have a phone number and address on their website which I cannot contact since I'm overseas.

by niala_nat, 19 Sep 2013

Hi, niala_nat, and welcome.

It's a scam. Getting into Canada is much more difficult than that.


by Feline123, 25 Sep 2013

Kindly Tell Me about the company World Tour Operator

by Creative26, 21 Sep 2013

Hi! I would like to know if this company exist

by fredy, 23 Sep 2013

sir i want to know grand star construction group ltd is existed in uk or not, if existed it is good or fake, company contact no:- +447010079420, and the address is Royal LiverBldg,Pier Head-Sercombe, Liverpool,L3 1HT, UK, please enquirer about this company and please send me a mail

by rohit_m60, 25 Sep 2013

Hi, rohit_m60, and welcome. I have reported your post as it's not advisable to give personal details in a public forum.

I entered this company name into google and got no results, so I would suggest it's not legit.

Hope this helps.

by Feline123, 25 Sep 2013

I need to know if a company called MTT-Log Logistics services in Amsterdam are in existance. If anyone has any information about them I would love to know. Thank you

by didnfi, 29 Sep 2013

MTT-LOG Logistics Services claiming to be in Amsterdam is not legit. Stay away from this company. The online news articles (NYT, Autoexpress, etc) about them are spoofs that emulate the real news websites. HINT: Compare the URLs from the MTT-LOG to the real News webpage.

by phoenixbase, 19 Jan 2014

Their website originated in Australia....not Amsterdam.

by phoenixbase, 19 Jan 2014

if I had business with them already, is it a Fraud? please advice what can I do? does anyone faced this problem?

by igormi, 3 Feb 2014

Im assuming you have paid them some money and they have stopped communicating with you?

by phoenixbase, 5 Feb 2014

yes that is exactly what happened...

by igormi, 10 Feb 2014

so, you gave them money and they still didn't reply? just vanish?
I'm asking because i sent them money as well... and i'm waiting a few days now as well...

by gile, 14 Feb 2014

igormi, didnfi- did any of you hear anything new yet?

by gile, 14 Feb 2014

no, this is 100% a scam...

by igormi, 25 Feb 2014

Hey bro even i got the same email from austin james.
Asking 300 pounds for visa prosedures..
Did u pay the amount.

by guru11594, 12 May 2014

Ethical forestry appears to be genuine, but I just think because I can't see these trees. It may be a scam

by franci42, 25 Oct 2013

hi, I'm trying to find if the company ''DGM COMMERCIALS AND PLANT LTD'' is legitamate . they have three websites and three differant adresses!

by it0916, 8 Nov 2013

Where do I go to check if a company based in Japan is legitimate?

by liane1, 11 Nov 2013

A couple of guys came to our door and were selling cases of meat. They said they worked for out of Columbus, Ga. One was doing all the talking and the other just stood by. He was very talktive about the meat product and almost begging us to help him out just this one time on his sale. At the same time seem to be in a hurry. He said he was trying to beat the rain because the cardboard boxes he had the meat in would get soaked from the rain. I suggested that he tell the company to provide a tarp to put over his truck to protect the product. He just said yes. They said it was a steakhouse supply company and been in business since 1992. We paid them $400. After they left my husband and I felt uncomfortable with the sale. I started doing some research the website that they provided to us and said he was non existent. Their is no IP address. Can you provide any information on this company? I feel we have been scammed. Thank you.

by lin923, 16 Nov 2013

Can anyone please give me information regarding a company called MTT-LOG Logistic services?. Are they a legitimate, registered (safe) company to deal with?. I would appreciate any info asap... Thanks

by chadd, 16 Nov 2013

Stay away from MTT-LOG Logistics Services. They don't exist.

by phoenixbase, 19 Jan 2014

See my comments 5 posts above this one.

by phoenixbase, 19 Jan 2014

Hi I am looking for information on a company called soreways logistics. I think I have been scammed can anybody help

by baz98765, 18 Nov 2013

im trying to find out if the company is a legit company? wanting to order trainers from them but cant find contact number or address and I have to pay by visa card but not sure if its safe ,can someone please help ,thanks

by lea79, 4 Dec 2013

hi i got an offer from blue shark consultant limited who provides work visa to canada just want to know is it real or fake?

by 88james, 14 Jan 2014

They are a scam

by flyr10001, 31 Jan 2014

Size zero patches!!! Rubbish,they do not work,I paid £ 44. for them and i still weigh the same as when i started.Once bitten twice shy in future.

by brianv, 31 Jan 2014

I would like ot check if this company exist "Stratecare", based in Brussels, Belgium.
They sent me a job offer by mail, an offer which is 100% corresponding to my profile. They have a web site, but it seems basic...
Does anyone know how to check companies in Belgium?

by MCSS, 27 Feb 2014

Hiya just wanted to check if a company called is actually legitimate and based in the UK as it says its situated in Hampshire but they are selling Advocate for cats and dogs without the need for a prescription???

by sharr55, 5 Mar 2014

I have ordered Advocate from them and I have not received it as yet I was wondering the same is this legitimate

by julies43, 8 Apr 2014

Hello. I just want to know if can be trusted?

by Alazi, 8 Mar 2014

Can this company be trusted?
trade int ltd
36 risby
peterborough ,pe3 8qr
united kingdom

by Alazi, 8 Mar 2014

i purchased a dress from a company from china on 5th feb this yr, they have taken the money out of my account but ive had no confirmation or delivery date, i have emailed them 3 times and have heard nothing, please help. this is my daughters prom dress and i cant purchase another.

by lewis19, 8 Mar 2014

the companys email address is

by lewis19, 8 Mar 2014
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