Reclaim PPI Premiums Letter Template 3 - Mis-Selling Denied

Use this PPI claim template letter if the company denies that your PPI policy was mis-sold. See our step-by-step PPI article.

Letter Template

This PPI claims letter template is intended as a guide only.

You will need to amend the details and information included to reflect your individual circumstances before using.

Amend the sentences in pink, and act on those in blue. 


[Insert your name]

[Insert your address]

[Insert your postcode]

[Insert your telephone number]

[Insert date]

[Insert name of the company that sold you the PPI policy]

[Insert address of the company that sold you the PPI policy]


Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: [Insert your PPI policy number]

On [insert the date you sent the first letter] I sent you a letter regarding the PPI policy I was sold by you, [enter company name] in conjunction with my application for a [delete as appropriate: loan/credit card/store card/mortgage/credit agreement].  I enclose a copy of the letter for your convenience [attach a copy of your first letter].

I have since received your reply; however I do not feel that you provided me with adequate justification that the policy was sold to me fairly and that it is, in itself, fair and reasonable as requested. 

As such I plan to take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if I do not receive a more favourable response from you within the next 14 days.

Yours faithfully

[Insert your signature]

[Insert your full name]



add your response here
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