How the Lives of 10 Lottery Millionaires went Disastrously Wrong

by from, 3 Dec 2008

Every week, millions of people buy lottery tickets in the hope that this week, finally, it will be their turn to win big. But is being a lottery millionaire all it's made out to be? Not according to this sorry bunch...

homeless man by woman shopping

Who wants to be a millionaire? Most people, surely (except billionaires of course). But sadly, winning a truck-load of money on the lottery, any lottery, comes with a heap of baggage.

Daydreams of a millionaire lifestyle seem to have a habit of turning sour faster than a sub-prime mortgage - isolation, paranoia, drugs, crime, poverty and prison await those who fail to adjust, as this top ten of 'Lottery Losers' shows:

1. Jack Whittaker won a record $314.9m Powerball jackpot in 2002.
But life since then has been a long list of arrests, lawsuits, broken relationships and even death. In 2007, his then wife, Jewell admitted she wished she had 'torn up the ticket'.

2. William "Bud" Post won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988.
He later described the experience as a 'nightmare' and wishes it had never happened - who can blame him after he was sued by a former girlfriend eager to get her hands on the cash and his brother hired a hitman in the hope of inheriting the winnings. He invested in ill-fated family businesses and within a year was $1m in debt. Today he gets by on social security payments. 

3. Luke Pittard from Wales won a 'measly' 1.3m on the National Lottery.
After the novelty had worn off and the obligatory lavish holiday, wedding and new home were done and dusted, he got bored and returned to work at MacDonalds. 

4. An as-yet-unnamed Sicilian won 79m on the Italian lottery in 2008.
Before he or she could even collect the winnings consumer groups were demanding that the windfall be seized by the government. The winner has since gone into hiding, fearing the Mafia will come calling. 

5. Janite Lee won $18 million in 1993.
Her generosity in giving money to a variety of political, educational and community causes was commendable - but just eight years later she filed for bankruptcy. 

6. Mark Gardiner from London won 11m in 1995.
Thirteen miserable years later, he hasn't lost his money, but he has lost all his friends - even the ones he treated to new 100,000 homes - and lost touch with his family. 

7. Michael Carroll won a 9.7m National Lottery jackpot in 2002.
Since then he has appeared in court more than 30 times and been jailed for drug related offences. In 2008, he admitted that 'just' 500,000 of his windfall remained. 

8. Willie Hurt won $3.1 million in 1989.
Two years later the money was gone and he was on a murder charge. Hurt spent his fortune on a divorce and crack cocaine. 

9. Charles Riddle won $1 million in 1975.
The original lottery car crash, he quickly got divorced, faced several lawsuits and was eventually indicted for selling cocaine. 

10. Ken Proxmire won $1 million in the Michigan lottery.
He moved to California, and invested in a car business with his brothers. Five years later, he was bankrupt and back working as a machinist.


Apparently, you only like to report the bad! I'll bet there are 20 happy endings to this lousy 10.

by Mia, 3 Dec 2008

very true and not everyone goes public with their winnings and go on to do their things, a few bad people winning money (that's why it is random) but, they're other people out there many more than we can ever know winning and doing great things or carrying on with their lives in pure bliss, but, like life, money can't solve our pre-existing problems or the inner bad in a person whether they won the lottery or not if they were gonna take drugs they'd do it anyway except now they'll have money and the public highlight these bad endings! can we get some good news?...hmmm

by roseyrosey, 11 May 2012

I've been getting it wrong .... the system i mean .... to win big you need to eat loads of Pizza until you reach at least 25 stone ... like the lairds of large & now these fat slobs from surrey

by raz16, 15 Aug 2012

what are you talking about ?

by melissa73, 5 Jan 2013

Read the title this is just the ones that went wrong most definitely there are more ones gone wrong and more that ended well.

by cdsaur, 9 Jan 2013

..a bunch of sorry slobs

by gibgib, 27 Jul 2013

I won by going to 20 different agents and got a 1 dollar ticket at each 1,i wont let the world know who I am and that I won,,but if you stay the way you were buy only what you need youll be fine,,,,,

by charl24, 18 Dec 2013

Life is good with enough, look at the (rich) people who have, they aren't as happy. I think they're scared of the fear of loosing everything. So I personally advice the ones who have to ask our Lord God for blessings and guidance... Fanka

by cmsadu, 5 Jan 2014

Why is it that the ones who can't handle it get to win? Those who have money troubles after winning, often had them before. The lottery only magnifies the problems, not causes them.

I would love to win the lottery. My wife and I have talked how much fun it would be to then go into hiding, and do things for people when they would least expect it. Then leave before they found out where it came from.

What a blast and the stories one could tell.

by Dwayne, 3 Dec 2008

Ive been getting it wrong .... the system i mean .... to win big you need to eat loads of Pizza until you reach at least 25 stone ... like the lairds of large & now these fat slobs from surrey

by raz16, 15 Aug 2012

I would like to see what I would REALLY do with it. Although were pretty well and trully Blessed in the ways that matter.

by timothy, 3 Dec 2008

you show only ten of the hundreds whom have won ther are many more who are doing good with their winnings, these people were idiots to start with... the money just made them rich IDIOTS, enough said!!!!!

by Horhai1, 3 Dec 2008

i agree!!!

by robert120, 24 Mar 2013

You and your wife want to win the lottery just to play hide and seek games with strangers just to have a story to tell. Within a year or so the only story you and your wife would be telling is the story how yall suprised strangers with money and hid in the bushes to get a laugh or two and now you cant afford to laugh anymore because your broke

by dfca, 19 Mar 2014

Unfortunately, money does not instantly invest one with the character qualities necessary to use it wisely. Words like integrity, honesty, self discipline, thrift, compassion, forgiveness, and service are not merely words. They are spritual principles that must be practiced as a way of life if one is to find any serenity and peace. This is true regardless of how much money one has. Indeed, If I don't learn and internalize these principles, money just becomes a huge headache.

by Imam54, 3 Dec 2008

money cannot buy you morals. My sister
did the same thing with her Disability ck. out of the woodwork came the slime. Now she is selling off her T.V and stuff to buy drugs.

by Dorothy, 4 Dec 2008

Good story. You left off a big one though.
David Edwards of Kentucky, won 42 million gross, 27 million net, playing the Power Ball lottery.

He purchased a million dollar home in Florida, a private jet, a dozen exotic sports cars, a house full of jewelry and bundles and bundles of crack cocaine and other drugs.

In the end, the house was sold in foreclosure and he and his new wife ended up living in a storage unit. That is until they were kicked out of their also and all their belongings were sold off to pay the storage bill.

David is having major medical problems and he and his wife were in and out of court numerous times on drug charges.

He had stated in a news conference, to announce his win, that he was going to invest the majority amount of his winnings and live a simple life. Four short years after winning, he is virtually penniless but his wish of a simple life.

Be careful what you wish for.

by gus, 4 Dec 2008

You never hear about the winners every damn week! The good stories. You always hear about the same damn ones. Give me a shot at it. I am confident the marbles would roll straight. I bet you it wouldnt be hard to dig up a hundred good news stories rather than focusing on these poor bastards.

by jbeuckner, 4 Dec 2008

It is very simple. One can't cure stupid!

by rlharbi, 4 Dec 2008

Stupid is as stupid does!!

by Ansel, 4 Dec 2008

I think that people have no idea how much a million dollars is.
It's like a million has no limit. It won't buy all of the things that a winner thinks.
I agree 1oo% that finding a financial advisor should be required of winners.

by Tekgranny, 4 Dec 2008

Money goes to people who waste it on drugs and silly things, it never comes to the people that do good, we foster and want to move to a village and into a bigger house, can't rent as the estate don't rent to foster carers and my partner can't buy a house there on his wages. But I will keep buying my tickets and hopefully some one up there will gave this child who is with us a break and let us move to the village where he goes to school and where all his friends are, but they don't choose who wins!

by karenhe26, 9 Jan 2013

Well, if I won the lottery, I would go to Colomubia, buy an estate with plenty of drug crops and die very happy! Ha,ha

by robert252525, 29 Jul 2013

No seriously............I would make sure everyone in the family was financially well off. Then start a small local charity to help less well off folk. Would also employ local people to help with the charity.

by robert252525, 29 Jul 2013

However, the odds of winning are not so good. So lets hope and pray that my lottery ticket wins big style......
God works in mysterious me lord...

by robert252525, 29 Jul 2013

After reading many comments I have to say, most of you have no idea how your life changes when you win. Yes I have won lotto. Its not what you all think its like. Yes at first you are excited and planning what to do. Who you can help and how much you need to have left to set yourself up for the rest of your life. (You don't get anymore so you have to do the best you can with it ) All great till family members show you their other side and think you are a walking ATM. You set limits and explain to them that its not a bottomless pit. Then you are the bad greedy person because you said no to a second hand out!!!!!....... followed by them deciding you are the one who has to give or be disowned.
Before the win you worked your butt off to keep a roof over you head but now you don't know who to trust and who is trying to con you.
My name was never published only close friends and family were told.
People enjoy spreading things so the news got out.
Yes the money is good but not knowing who will turn on me next breaks my heart. The win takes away 1 set of problems and gives you a whole new set you haven't delta with before.
Don't judge others and say they are stupid because they lost their money. You don't know what they have been through.

by sadwinner, 6 Aug 2014

What's wrong with working at McDonald's? The guy has not lost his winnings, nor is there any indication that he is doing anything stupid. Going back to work to alleviate his boredom is commendable! His story does not belong here!

by Sage77, 3 months ago

Where are the good stories? I bet they out weigh the bad ones

by Ashi, 4 Dec 2008

Now lets hear some success stories.

Thank you

by LotteryWinners, 4 Dec 2008

A good percentage of the individuals that win lottery cash find out one thing: Having large amounts of cash only make you more of what you already are.

by dowhatyouloveinthe1s, 4 Dec 2008

why? because monry can't buy u love or happen.

by sad, 4 Dec 2008

That only proves one thing,"You can't fight ignorance"
If a person has a plan, just in case something wonderful happens; like winning the lottery, they should, before spending a cent of it. sit down, go over their plan, and there is always plan B.
Act like a bank robber should, don't go around spending money you would never think about before. Don't buy anything BIG or different,than you would normally do. Once you have these things, you want MORE, and MORE, until finially there is no normalicy in your life. You are showing the world that you have acquired all this,
"STUFF" that they will never have, and that's all.
If you have Family, you know they will come running, even though they haven't phoned you in months. Give them a piece,

whatever you feel they are worthy of, put it in their name, so they pay the taxes on it.
Then after everyone has been taken care of
tell them; " Get Lost". Do something sweet for your Momma ,and start enjoying
the rest of your LIFE! GOD BLESS.

by MaryJayneLove, 4 Dec 2008

Dear Folks,

Try this: Give out 1 million dollar lottery winning as a maximum win to more people.

Teach elementary school children how to manage a dollar.

Remember the biblical tale of The Ten Talents--let's see who can prosper and not behave like a child with thier winnings!

Rowdy Boots

by RowdyBoots, 4 Dec 2008

We can't base the facts of winning big on a group of losers like these. Not all of them are losers but you get the drift of what I am saying If you are heading on a down hill life and have no sence of value to start with money just speeds up the process. If you've spent your life boozing it up or drugging yourself you just do more of it with money. Don't get me wrong not everyone does this, it just is easier to go that way with money.For those who lose Friends after winning there is a parallel here with alcohol. Money and Alcohol don't make you a mean or self centered person they just have a way of bringing it out of some people. Some people with or without money are destined to a sad life.They hurt those around them until no one wants to be around them anymore.If people would treat those around them good and keep doing this as they spend their days here on earth then the riches that we are all wanting would already be here and not worrying about winning the lottery. Money can be good

by Kenn, 4 Dec 2008

l have stopped buying lottery tickets because l supect that a dispproptionate amount will be given to the Olympic Games at the expence of "good" causes, l now bet on the Irish lottery at my local betting shop(?2 per week and have won ?74 twice so far (two numbers) which is more than l ever got buying Nat. lottery tickets,

by colinsyme, 4 Dec 2008

It is true that most people have no clue what it takes to have money like this. My dh and I play the lottery and our plan is x amount of millions put into CD's, x amount to each family member or friend, paying off all bills, remodeling our condo or buying a new house if we would win enough. We would also buy new cars, maybe take a nice vacation, but the bulk of the money would be rolled over into safe investments to live on. No idiotic schemes, no relatives with their hands out over and over, they would be given a one time gift and told this is all we can ever give you so use it well, period. We would also set up trusts where the people could only siphon so much off per month or whatever to save on tax debt. I think the best thing for people with their heads in the stars about winning is, DON'T PLAY! If you have your hopes set on winning, throw your money away at a casino instead.

by d, 4 Dec 2008

i think it would be great to win a lottery i am so tired of living pay day to pay day on 7.15 an hour now i am unemployed and its not fun not to be able to pay bills or make sure i have food for my kids and with christmas almost here and no money to buy any gifts well you know i would be thrilled to have won a lottery! have a good day

by joyce, 4 Dec 2008

Winning the lottery is the opportunity of a lifetime. I have everything i want. Winning the lottery, would be the iceing on the cake. I'll take my chances with the lottery money. I'd like to see how many people i can make smile with that money.

by Grayce6, 4 Dec 2008

This helps explain why liberalism is so dehumanizing. Showering people with money is never the answer. People treat money based on the effort needed to get it, and when no effort is spent at all (such as in lottery winnings, welfare payments and other similar social programs) people just don't respect it. When sweat is spent obtaining money, the respect is there. Throwing money at people like this is dehumanizing in that the recepiants find them selves in worse shape than before.
Creating growth oppertunities is the answer instead.

by SharpeningtheSaw, 4 Dec 2008

Maybe these people deserve the loss of this money. They are obviously to idiotic and foolish to handle the money. what they did with it was obviously wrong and thats why they lossed it.Let it be a lessoned learned. There is to much greed in this modern day though.

by Shawn, 4 Dec 2008

Have a well thought out written plan before you win and stick to it then maybe you will not have as many heart aches as these people.

by lene, 4 Dec 2008

It isn't the Lotto that caused this,
It is the people to whom the money came.
Just curious, how many people have won big money from the lotto and are not losers like these people?
This is just a miniscule number of people compared to the number of winners.

by gb, 4 Dec 2008

I have worked since I was 14 years o;d , I really do wish I was lucky enough to win a couple of cool millions, but I dont see that happening in the near future. If the nnewly made millionaires wish to give some away , please send it this way , I will see if I can handle it.!

by larrygilbert, 4 Dec 2008

their are many more out there that have
won and lived a very nice life. Sorry folks,
but you are the ones that "nessed up"
and in a big way. Did not have to be this

by faye, 4 Dec 2008

Money is like life. I you waiste it it will be over soon. After winning the lotto, if you continue to live life the same way and use the money wisely, don't tell toom many people, you will live a better life and the money will last longer.

by fdiaz, 4 Dec 2008


by AJAMES448, 4 Dec 2008

HEY, I think the guy who got a great party, wedding, vacation
and a new house did fine.

So he decided he liked his old
job at McDonalds. What's wrong with that?

by grayscale6, 4 Dec 2008

Money doesn't make sense. Sounds like they needed and lawer and CPA.

by denis, 4 Dec 2008

Ross, the idea that "if you can't be happy w/o it you can't be happy with it" are words that I have said to my children many times.

Dave, you left out a word in your quotation. Love. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. You were on the right track.

by Tekgranny, 6 Dec 2008

if u have much money give out to those guys ,

by playboy, 18 Dec 2008

i can not for the life of myself understand how people with so much money can not make it work for them or they can think of doing is buying drugs and giving the money to people who at any other time wouldnt give them to time of day or give them any help it they needed it what a load of twits i have naver known a bunch of such daff people in my life it is people like that that dont need to win the lotto as they dont deservie to have the money

by joysharp, 13 Feb 2009

Winning the lottery can be the turning point in ones life....obviously these people are...


Three words come to mind when winning the lottery....


Best Wishes
"The Paisan from PSL"


Stupid Suckers .You deserve all the grief you got .

by MichaelLocke, 21 Apr 2009

i have never won anything in my life things like the lottery dont come to people like me and my wife it goes to people who have lots of money in the first place that is why if i did ever win it ha ha ha very funny i would spend it very wisely i would help me friends real friends that is and put money in a bank for my son so he had a good start in life i would live where iam still living and i would tell noone so that by the time the year was up at least i would still have some left thats the way to do it but like i said it doesnt come to people like us only to people who dont need it but not to people who do

by michaelsharp, 6 May 2009

ya can't catch a fish if yer line's not in the water...i'll take my $1 chances...

by cb, 4 Jul 2009

Well it depends how people react.
If i won the lottery, M sure i wil never be in above list.The first thing i am gona do is to do some charity, there are alot more people who need it more than me.
so wil feed the poor, wil help the needy.
Ofcourse wil buy lil better house.Some fixd deposit for my sons university.Wil take my parents on a holiday.N wil invest some money in business to make a safer future.
M sure i wont end up being a looser.

by S.Wadhwa, 7 Aug 2009

lottery=money=power=ego=mistakes =financial loss=stress=anger=relation problems=sadness=lots more avoid all this just control your ego and thank god for every thing and dont tell anybody and if some one dont like you cos you not sorted them out they are not your friends or relatives and hanger around people who are rich as you

by devinder, 1 Jul 2010

I would spend my time teaching people how to spell and use full stops.

by jasonh, 15 Jul 2011

Thank Goodness!!!

by campag, 12 Jun 2012

The truly worrisome aspect of a large windfall is the target that it puts on the winner. It's unfortunate that winners need to be identified. I'm sure that a lot of these problems could be avoided by winners having a choice of anonymity. Mandatory counseling should be given as well, followed or not. Imagine no one, not even your closest family members were told. That would be kind of neat, a secret millionaire. Then get your name changed and disappear because people are going to want to rip that money out of your cold dead hands. Move to a very wealthy neighborhood so that you blend in. Lavish spending will go unnoticed.

by soalan, 11 Jan 2013

How about the winners use some common sense? It is said that 'a fool and his money are soon parted', and I believe it after reading this.
But seriously, I think that those winners were irresponsible people with or without the money. The money just made them seem worse because they were in the public spotlight. They would probably have ended up where they did with or without that money. Sad? Nope. Stupid? Well, they also say that 'you just can't fix stupid'! :)

by InductedKitty, 24 Aug 2011

You would think what could possibly go wrong when winning the lotto that you dream of most your life? These are only a few cases out of many happy winners. No one really knows unless being in the situation. Life changes can be overwhelming even when something is desired and received can be. Becareful what you wish. Money does not cure the person's issue with themselves. It goes to show that a person's inner problems can't be solved with money, even a million. I for one would think smart about the future and take care of helping a few in the family. Giving it all away to family and friends isn't wise. Of course I'd give to my brother in school right now. I'd pay for his schooling. I'd give him money to help start his life. Giving everything to people isn't always the best thing for them. I'd do things for myself, invest in the future. We can all say we would do better but honestly, the lotto sometimes goes to the wrong people. Thats life.

by katey7, 24 Aug 2011

I agree with you Ms. I once knew 2 lotto winners, and they were careless and foolhardy before thwy won- and even more so after!
Winning any big amount of money does not make one smart....hire a 'lawyer' and a 'money-management' person/s when you come into this type of predicament!

by margho, 25 Aug 2011

Whilst we all like to think we're going to win the lottery, deep down most of us buy lottery tickets just so we can day dream about what we'd do if we did win. The feel-good factor you can get from the few pounds a week you spend on the lottery is worth it. To make sure you never miss out on having a lottery ticket, you should join free national lottery tickets and get tickets for all the Lotto and EuroMillions draws for nothing. What's good about that is, if you watch the draw and your numbers haven't come up, there's always the chance that your free ticket numbers have so until you check you can still daydream.

by Lowey, 24 Apr 2012


by atkinso46, 1 May 2012

Plz let me win the lottery plz i will b a force of good 2 manckind abnd i will pay for baboon conservation in countries like aficrica

by atkinso46, 1 May 2012

Pls some alien force or sympathetic force of nature MAKE me win a few million tonight! I would then be able to avoid the abominable people I am forced to work with, sleep in all I choose, go to every dream destination with my entire family, eat the most delicious fresh food, wear the loveliest clothes, shoes and perfume, reward the people who have shown me divine kindness in my life, uplift struggling communities and generally help out my fellow man. I have been dreaming this for the past twenty years of playing this impossible dream.

by cheron, 25 May 2012

I was one of those who wasted my lottery win, drink and good food were my downfall, I know I was wasteful and if I ever win £10 again I will be more careful.

by terryec, 28 Jun 2012

Just because Luke Pittard went back to work at Mc's it does not make him a loser it just shows that he does not want to sit on his backside. Give the guy some credit.

by misssensible, 1 Jul 2012

Lol, terryec!

by Feline123, 1 Jul 2012

these winners dont have a plan and proper preparation about money,you see I won 10 million and it is doubling cause I put it in the things that is worthy due to proper handling.

by junjoh, 20 Jul 2012

Ive been getting it wrong .... the system i mean .... to win big you need to eat loads of Pizza until you reach at least 25 stone ... like the lairds of large & now these fat slobs from surrey

by raz16, 15 Aug 2012

unless you shair you money it cant do you any good

by johnjoh71, 24 Nov 2012

Why can't i find a top-10 important things to do?

Number ONE should be : stay anonymous as long as possible; stay out of the media.
2 would be: move to a place where no one knows you.
Third on my list would be to NOT spend the money but invest well and (if you can) live off the interest or divident (2 million dollars @ 3% will get you enough to live a comfortable life).
And best of all, as i've learned from a few wealthy people: you want to stay wealthy, live stingy! Don't buy excessive things, but DO still cut out those discount coupons.

Those are just my thoughts... and yes there are 10 examples above that show you CAN get into trouble, but no mention of the 100s of thousands of other lottery winners around the globe that don't get into trouble...

by Eddy-B, 25 Dec 2012

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testimony here..i love gambling as a way of life but i have never won

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by contine5, 9 Jan 2013

Thank you for this info. My teacher is having us write a long paragraph for Eighth Grade semester benchmark. I would have thought a paper would have been more reasonable, but what does it matter. Our paper is about our opinion on whether or not we would want to be lottery winners. Since I have read your blog, I have decided that being the lottery winner would be cool, but not entirely worth it.

by DrJ6, 24 Jan 2013

After four years, this thread came up again so I thought I'd have a look.

Wish I hadn't bothered.....

by Feline123, 24 Jan 2013

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by johanp, 15 Mar 2013

if i win the jackpot i wont be wasting it and go bankrupt the following year like some of these assholes who don't know how to properly use the money/cash, i mean you don't need to take drugs to enjoy life or commit crime?, i would buy a house (say £1m) buy X6 BMW, help my family and the poor and leave money in the bank and just enjoy the interest in the bank, watch your money so you don't go bankrupt!!! pag ako nanalo sibak sila!!!! ang sarap yata ng may pera diba?

by robert120, 24 Mar 2013

Now I really wish I hadn't revisited this......

by Feline123, 24 Mar 2013

I won the lotto at 25 im 29 now iv worked since i was 15 ..i still have the same as when i won ..all i bought was my house and my car sorted out my mum dad sis and bro .there all that matters to me ..but i had it hard iv lost all my so called best friends me u really dont know what people are like untill u have real money ..iv lost my gf at the time ..have a new one now were supose to be getin married ..she still doesnt know were im getin my from and im not sure ill ever tell her .im happy but i can tell all of yous wishin yous won it carefull what u wish for ..iv now lost my bro he kept on comein back for more ..i had to tell him no now im the bad one ..i havent let what i have change me its others around you that change ...i try my best to keep my life simple if u were to see me on the street u wud never know what i had .thats just me the way i am now when i meet new friends i dont tell anyone nothing ...thats the best way that works for me ...thanks for takein the time to read this

by wwwwww, 1 Jun 2013

When I won the lottery I didn't let it change my lifestyle.
Mind you, a tenner doesn't go very far these days.

by ian123, 2 months ago

Money doesn't buy happiness, ian, but crying in a Mercedes is more comfortable than crying on a bicycle....

by Feline123, 2 months ago

I want to win the lottery so bad

by ihsan9, 7 Jul 2013

My name is Steven Jackson,after reading how peoples lives had change them, because of money it just goes to show that money does not buy love.

by jacks24, 14 Aug 2013

What a lovely advert.
Most here are happy not mad.
If I won so much money I would not spend and waste my time posting useless info on websites.
Now you have the chance of a "life"... kindly get one.

by martini97, 22 Sep 2013

it happened to me i won 61 million in the powerball and i spent every dime of it on high heeled corset wearing busty hot bodied strippers and escorts as well as drugs, booze, and i hired motorhead a bunch of time to play at parties i had, i bought every kind of muscle car ever made and partied like a rock star through a haze of cocaine and smokin hot porno chicks, the rest of it i just wasted, 2 years later i have $11.00 and live under a bridge, but what a ride!!! will work for food

by mrvito, 12 Dec 2013

I would tithe FIRST, and then I would take care of my family (my parents, my mother-in-law, my 3 grown daughters, and my little granddaughter). I do not believe that throwing a bunch of money at your children helps them. I would still expect them to be productive. I'm not one to enable anyone to develop bad habits, and I won't tolerate laziness. Next, my wife and I would carefully decide what charities and good causes we would contribute to. We would take care of our immediate needs (groceries, a second vehicle) and we would set our money up in such a way that we would be able to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. You won't find me at a casino gambling, or at a "gentlemans" club watching girls half my age disrobe. I won't be trying heroin or cocaine, or any of that garbage. Old friends and distant relatives may try to take advantage, but I won't let that happen. Receiving a substantial monetary blessing means needing to pray for guidance from the Almighty God. Otherwise, it can ruin you. It can destroy your family.

by mcbane, 6 Mar 2014

What an interesting response, mcbane.

by Feline123, 6 Mar 2014

mcbane, I think you'd be so much happier if you didn't win. Maybe you should stop buying tickets rather than risk winning lots of filthy lucre.

by JSL, 6 Mar 2014

No money in the world will by you "Lasting Happiness" if you have not true Purpose in life. That purpose can only be that of having a close relationship with the true Creator of the universe. By living life according to his direction none of the pitfalls of the unfortunate ones that have won will ever befall you. "You will know the truth and the Truth will set you Free" from the immoral activities that they have allowed themselves to fall in. Many of you who have said they would do the right thing with it would really do the same. I can tell by your word usage and how your quick to judge those ones with ugly words that you yourself are lacking in someway. Take a second look at yourself through that hazy metal mirror and rethink your thoughts until you find the true path. NOT Of YOUR Own making. Love

by Straightshooter, 18 Mar 2014

For those who have a problem with this person posting the downfalls rather than those who have done well. Check this: You will not learn much from the latter because your attention will be on how much fun "you" could have based on your own dreams, but when someone post the bad consequences that another has to endure due to their bad decisions you are more likely to pay attention. "Thus you post how you feel" This allows you to choose whether you will act screwdly in you endeavors.

Here is some deep thought for the money lovers. If God is all knowing and he considers everything he does. Who really is the "God of Good Luck?" Will the True God have given these ones something that He new would ruin them? You know Jesus did say that the Ruler of the World was coming and he had know hold on him" Speakin of Satan who offered him all the kingdoms of the World. "Riches" Not A SERMON Just a thought for my fellow Brothers and Sister of this wonderful Earth.

by Straightshooter, 18 Mar 2014

I don't bother with the lottery myself but I am really happy for the people that have one it and just hope that they remember the important things in life.

by angeld, 18 Mar 2014

Thank you for sharing you interesting opinions straightshooter. It takes all sorts...

by JSL, 18 Mar 2014

No Problem JSL. And Have a wonderful day?

by Straightshooter, 18 Mar 2014

I usually do. Thanks!

by JSL, 18 Mar 2014

I can forgive your slightly odd views, Straightshooter, for you introducing me to the best new word of the year - 'screwdly'.

I shall make point of trying to use it in the next few days!

by Feline123, 18 Mar 2014

Bet you'd be delighted if I told you I'd 'one' a million quid, angel! Thanks.

by Feline123, 18 Mar 2014

I guess we both do not take time to proof read. "For you or did your mean For your? I guess its just a bummer that we are imperfect Feline. Good thing we aren't judging one another. Smile! oh yeah you said odd views. What was so odd my dear Lady?

by Straightshooter, 24 Mar 2014

Maybe they are odd because I do not jump on the wagon with others that you are used to commenting with. I choose to jump on a chariot of a higher source. Keeps me grounded and positive. I choose not to use this highway to humiliate others. I think it cowardace. Hope I spelled the word right if not I do not mind being corrected.

by Straightshooter, 24 Mar 2014

Ah, another person who's been here for a couple of days and knows everything about everybody.

I wish I had your perception, straightshooter.

Who are you? I know you've been here before because trolls always give themselves away by nuances of language. There are just so many of you that it's hard to decide.

Actually, I really don't care and I'll go back to having fun with my friends.

Have a nice life.

by Feline123, 25 Mar 2014

Trolls! Interesting characterization, however it is usually associated with something wicked. I'm sure that this not how I present myself. I was trying to be pleasant but I guess that as usual the majority of the people who "sit" on blogs such as these are not really there to share meaningful thoughts but are there to find someone to humiliate. Usually you find that these type of people are not happy within themselves and no amount of money will change that. Why? Because lasting happiness starts with those conscious of their spiritual need. This is what gives true PURPOSE in life. In short you may want reevaluate your definition of friends because it seems that the nest may be a little miserable. And by the way as you can see through my language that yes I am already having a great life and looking forward to the next thousand years and I hope that you will be there so that we both one day could truly becomes. Until then Agape. That means that means principle LOVE.

by Straightshooter, 26 Mar 2014

Hello Straightshooter!
Feline's otherwise engaged at the moment, so I shall respond to your observations.

Feline believes you are a returning troll. Personally, I don't care whether you are or not. I gave you the opportunity to pick me up on 'Takes all sorts...' but you didn't. You went straight for Feline and her friends on the forum. It's suspicious.

You make the 'guess' that we all sit around waiting for a victim to humiliate. Judgemental, un-Christian, and suspicious isn't it? Chip on shoulder? Axe to grind?

What we can see is that you are having a great time trying to establish a moral superiority through your self-righteousness. This forum has helped many more people than you are prepared to admit.

Feline has a very sound definition of friends. They are not people who find others lacking in purpose. They appreciate each other's strengths and forgive occasional weaknesses. You don't have the generosity of spirit to do that.

The principle of love is not a combative one. Agape implies love for all, not condemnation of the many. You come across as a modern-day Pharisee, Straightshooter, just far too pleased with yourself.

I've just noticed that you got a 'thanks' from Angeld, another of your unforgiving ilk, if not another of your identities. No surprise there!

by JSL, 26 Mar 2014

jsl don't bring me into your petty squabbles. Swallow your own poison.

by angeld, 26 Mar 2014

What do those remarks actually mean, Angeld?

You offered your support to Straightshooter by adding a 'thanks'. That voluntarily brought you into this frank exchange of views. (Or 'petty squabble' by your definition.)

Furthermore, I respectfully request that you explain an idiom with which I am, genuinely, unfamiliar: 'Swallow your own poison.' What does it mean? No-one has ever said it to me before so I don't know how to comply with such an instruction.

by JSL, 26 Mar 2014

I've managed to get back online JSL, and I thank you so much for coming to my defence in such a manner when I wasn't here to defend myself You are, truly, a Prince amongst men. 'You've got me sussed, and everybody else too, I think.

by Feline123, 26 Mar 2014

Oh hush dear, you'll have me believing all that...

by JSL, 26 Mar 2014

Nice to have the opportunity,though

by johnson90, 18 Mar 2014

Very interesting article and helpful for some

by sadwinner, 6 Aug 2014

14 million to one chance of winning it ludicrous why any one should need £10 million to live on is just pure greed never played it never will
paul baker

by paulbak20, 15 Sep 2014

There are a great many lottery winners who have never managed their own finances at all well, at any point in their lives, and where it is that they fall flat on their face. I know that if I ever won it myself, would ensure that I would invest most of it and wisely spend a little, so that more can be done as the interest grows on the investinments.

by shikira, 2 months ago

Sounds as if you have a good head on your shoulders shikira.

by Sabre, 2 months ago
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