'More than 400,000' see Handbags Stolen from Cars

by Mark Harris
Posted by Hannah on 24 November 2008
'More than 400,000' see Handbags Stolen from Cars

New research has revealed that more than 400,000 women have had their handbag stolen from a car in the last year, with the amount lost totalling 178 million

More than 400,000 women have had their handbags stolen from cars during the last year, amounting to £178 million in losses, new research has revealed.

Women's car insurance specialist Diamond announced the figures, which were based on the valuing of the average handbag and its contents at upwards of £431. This did not include the cost of acquiring new house and car keys.

The itemised figure included the bag itself at £51, cash at £50 and other items like mobile phones and sunglasses bringing up the total.

However, according to a survey released earlier in the month by the company, the average figure is actually £881.68, with £200 and £250 needed to replace car and house keys respectively. Despite this, most women were found to believe that the combined total would be less than £200.

"It's shocking to see just how many handbags are stolen each year from cars, and that shows exactly why you should never leave your bag on display in your car," said Diamond managing director Sian Lewis. "In the run-up to the festive season, thieves will be on the look-out for easy targets so, however stressed-out and rushed you are to find that perfect present, you should never leave anything on show in your unattended car that could attract a potential thief."

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