Google Offers $10million Prize Fund for Ideas that will Change the World

by Charlotte Cardingham
Posted by Hannah on 25 September 2008

Google are putting forward a $10million fund to help develop ideas from members of the public that will help to make the world a better place.

This week, as part of their tenth birthday celebrations, Google have announce the launch of project 10^100 (ten to the 100th), an innovative scheme designed to inspire and fund the development of ideas that will help to change the world.

The internet giant has called on members of the public to share their ideas for solutions that will help as many people as possible in the global community, offering a $10 million prize pool to back the development of those chosen as winners.

When announcing the scheme live on CNN yesterday morning, Bethany Poole, Project Marketing Manager for Google, and Andy Berndt, MD of Google’s Creative Lab, were keen to stress that any idea that could be developed to benefit the global community would be considered.

"These ideas can be big or small, technology-driven or brilliantly simple -- but they need to have impact.

"We know there are countless brilliant ideas that need funding and support to come to fruition."

The project’s website ( asks entrants to classify their ideas into one of eight categories listed as Community, Opportunity, Energy, Environment, Health, Education, Shelter and Everything Else. Goals for the project such as building communities, generating clean energy, giving people opportunity and access to education, helping people lead healthier lives and promoting a sustainable global ecosystem are also suggested.

Members of the public have until 20th October to submit their ideas by completing a simple form and answering a few short questions about their idea. Entrants can also include a link to a 30 second video either demonstrating their idea in action or giving a more detailed explanation.

Entries will be accepted in 25 languages and Google have placed no limit on the number of ideas any one individual can share.

An advisory board will work with Google employees to narrow the entrants down to the top 100, with the results to be announced on 27th January, 2009. It will then be up to the public to vote for their favourites before 2nd February when the top 20 ideas will be passed on to a panel of judges to whittle down.

The judges will choose up to 5 deserving ideas and the $10million prize fund will be split between them in order to fund their development. Google will also put the winners in touch with appropriate charities and organisations that can help to implement their idea.


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Your Comments

on 30 Jul 2010 02:34
in my opinion there are two ideas could change the world to vanish violence from all aspects of the new generation (TV , internet and games and to motivate them to peace between human beings The second Is to educate the new generation how to communicate with nature and preserve it
Billy Nobd Joe
on 28 May 2009 19:46
Well, here it is May 28th, and I'm just now finding out about this program. Don't think I'll bother voting...since I don't get a chance to enter either...especially since I have an idea (will probably have to test it out of own pocket) that will let you drive for electrical plug needed either. How's that for energy savings?
on 19 May 2009 22:12
Well I have a lot but my first is to: use tote bags instead of grocery bags, don't litter , make smaller cars to fit on the roads instead of cutting down trees , reduce reuse and recycle, leave the animals alone you don't have to have real animal fur coats, don't dump your trash into the water , don't use as much pesticide spray you aren't just killing the bugs your also killing the air, Turn things off, last but not least follow the Big Green Help it is helpful to you and your environment.
on 12 Apr 2009 21:38
I don't think this is active anymore. There has been no activity from google.
on 12 Apr 2009 19:22
I think the economy got to Google and their ideas for philanthropy. The deadline for this was in October of 2008, and Google was to have awarded the best entries by Feb '09. Its now mid-April, and they haven't made it through the first of three rounds in the selection process. They have quietly shelved this idea and are now focusing on venture capital projects instead.
on 15 Mar 2009 16:31
it must be just the best
Michael R.
on 15 Feb 2009 20:40
I have an idea that produces energy with out using energy. Its a machine that recycles its own energy to produce energy. A generator could be used as an example. It runs off of electricity. Its has a motor which is battery driven that produces electicity like a generator but there is a power souce that continuously recarges the battery. As long as the battery stays charged the motor will stay running and keep giving off power. Go green with recycled clean energy that can be used anywhere. Its has to be perfected ofcouse but once it is..skys the limit.
Shubham Aggarwal
on 30 Jan 2009 13:41
This idea can be used for eradicating poverty in country for this idea govt. has to provide license to the unemployed people and teach them traffic rules. After giving license they will deposit Rs.2000 daily and onwards according to locality. They will get this and surplus amount by fining people who are violating traffic rules .If 1 person fine only 4 people daily he will get around Rs.4000 from which he will deposit Rs.2000 to govt. According to this they will give Rs.60000 to govt. and get around same for them which are far better then nothing. As unemployed people are very large in no. it may be issued for one person that he will get work only for 100 days and at least person can be given job per district. There are about 2000 districts if 5 people are employed in each district then they will get 100 corer per year for both govt. and them. This money can be used by person for education their children and buy a home. Those homes will bring taxes and other things also.
on 24 Nov 2008 02:30
the ideas must be that which couldn't talks about the money to donation.idea that can be easly applied to all rich or poor ,americans or africans.the world is must feel something change in term. "self inspiration we all need"
Marcus Anthony Alston
on 17 Nov 2008 00:12
I have a idea that will change the world and it is to put bibles in all schools and start back having pray time in the school because everyone needs it and by doing that, it will make God happy and that is all we need to do and he will then so us our will to do in life.
Otany Robinson Tile:How will we Surive
on 20 Oct 2008 03:57
Hello, my name is Otany Robinson and I have an idea to change the world.I think that as americans we are so blessed but we seem to never know it I don't know why,but we don't.My idea to change the world is pray,love one anther,have respect,get along with each other,and make peace.But we greedy americans never get along.Anyway I think a way to change the world would be to find childen on the street who are poor and home less think they have know way,and take them to your home or we could even build a community of people that are willing to help those childen learn and to think big be a doctor,lawyer,travel agent or anything thaey have a life to and we just can't keep treating them like this.They are our future,we need them to THINK BIG!! A nother idea to change the world would be to help the people in Africa or in Idnia with child laber,the peaple in Africa are staving to death thier dieing out there its so outstand how the people in Africa are dieing it dosen't even make sence.Thanks!!
on 20 Oct 2008 00:50
i think we should have bamboo clothing because its the fastest growing plant in the world and is softer than cloth
Kudakwashe Liberty Chiwaura
on 19 Oct 2008 21:53
My idea is setting up a google branch in africa. this automatically creates an influx of immirants worldwide and through it all addressing unemployment crisis in africa. this will bear fruit in times of conflicts as most supernations would have in someway an investment strategy inclined and there by greatly reduces the risk of civil outrange.
Oscar navarro
on 18 Oct 2008 23:28
I have made several drawings where I know that my idea can and will reduce total damage to structures in tornado and or hurricane areas. My idea structully makes structures much more stable, stronger. The structures will withstand stronger winds. this intern will reduce insurance payments by the millions.
on 18 Oct 2008 04:25
Pass a law that the nicotine in Cigarettes is slowly reduced monthly to a Zero level within 5 years
Ray Williams
on 8 Oct 2008 00:16
How about bringing back public floging and ridicule for minor crimes. It would change a whole lot of mind sets and cut down on crime, especially here in the US.
on 5 Oct 2008 18:32
Save Agriculture and Water and save Human Life. Particularly for India. Government can put tax for Agriculture and allot fund for agriculture and Water . The Fund Can utilise for connecting the reivers accros India and develope the Agriculture in better manner. If required Govt can start the agricuture and employ the peoples for the same. Then only agricuture will sustain otherwise IT companys will erase the paddy field.
on 4 Oct 2008 10:07
this is great
on 3 Oct 2008 13:24
My ideas for a better world are given below: 1.Easy access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.We have large quantities of water in our atmosphere. Technology is available to tap that, use solar energy for running the systems. 2 A large percentage of people who are blind can be treated and vision restored.Have massive eye camps in many parts of the world where medical help is not available to people. 3.Medicines are not available or not affordable to people in many rural areas of developing and underdeveloped countries.Start a medical cooperative system which will directly deal with the pharmaceuticql companies, cut off the middlemen and pass on the advantage to the end consumers.Each citizen of rural area will be a member of the cooperative, formed based on the principles of Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union, Anand, India 4.Empower women to earn by Micro-credit systems to eliminate poverty and hunger. 5.Use kitchen waste converter reduce waste
Chandan Kumar
on 3 Oct 2008 06:35
I was waiting for this for a very long time,I am so happy i can't say.It will very helpful for those who has capacity like michel faraday but not certificate to enter in to any research center.
bhrigu sharma
on 1 Oct 2008 12:24
we can produce such a species of trees which will respirate 5-10 times faster than other trees this will result in fast absorption of carbon dioxide and fast releasing of oxygen in atmosphere.. thus preventing our earth from global warming.. since carbon dioxide is one of the main constituent resulting in global warming..but we have to create trees which do not change atheir respiration at night..
Pradeep Arisham
on 1 Oct 2008 11:49
on 1 Oct 2008 03:26
There should be a rule that if someone is going for Politics they have to do something for thier country during their period otherwise they will be shooted out, in this way only those people go to Politics who really wants the devlopment of country, and definately the development of country get started.
Billy the Half A Bee
on 30 Sep 2008 20:41
to darlene pylinski: ran the numbers, since you were too lazy. $700B divided by 300M people is $3500 per person. That's 1750 $2 lottery tickets per person, not counting the money lost to all the winners. Bzzzzt, nice try.
anushree modi
on 30 Sep 2008 17:27
we can make this world awesome by healthy people.smoking and alchohol are the biggest enemy of a person as well as of the all the companies of ciggarrets and alchohol should be closed because we can not change tha habits of a person.
mohd. anas
on 30 Sep 2008 16:37
i think all we can do is to spend 1 hour or 1/2 hour extra in offices or in any field and the money which we are getting in spending that extra time can be used for poor peoples and the education for kids and for orphon children for poor coountries this idea can help many peoples and many chidren which are dieng daily we can do this for giving help to improve the world
on 30 Sep 2008 14:54
i m an indian i dont know english to well but in few word i will say that the government would make a law in which it is written that the person who damage government property or any other property would have to pay for it .The government and citizen should use cctv camera at their homes and at public places. using cctv camera should be made a rule in every country,this will help the police and also make people more safer
on 30 Sep 2008 10:12
very nice step by google ... i want to participate in it...very good.......
on 28 Sep 2008 21:15
what a good idea to help people in this way to make their dreams become true and to make our world a better place. i hope that i can be a part in this big idea. this thing makes me feel that i am still a human beeing.
on 28 Sep 2008 18:45
if every rich man and politicians donates 25% of thier income to poor & needy people,after few years the word poverty will be erased in the dictionary of english
on 27 Sep 2008 20:45
hekt, you do realize that primary school is already free? Are you suggesting that someone should be appointed to mandate the classes for secondary education? ;)
on 27 Sep 2008 10:07
reaction to Hekt, indeed that's what people who are afraid of freedom of speech and choice would say. Let your children name themselves and claim themselves. If they don't want to go to school they will not, so forcing them is really not the way to make things better, ofcourse, mr. Jones' approach does require a certain level of intellectual integrity that mankind yet has to achieve i'm afraid ... maybe in another thousand years, after we crawl out of the darkness left behind by world war 3 ...
on 27 Sep 2008 09:27
hekt: (And I just assume that you are not ironic here) Ehm, this is in fact how school (all the way up to Ph.D.) works in Sweden. Free for all, as long as there are places, if the places are limited, free for the best ones (well, one have to select somehow, so we use grades from earlier classes). Free for all, nice for all... Not too shabby of a country :)
Ben & Jerry's Mom
on 27 Sep 2008 06:39
Show more positive programming! Often people learn from what they see. If all they see on TV is negative then they too will believe that true life society is negative. Since good and positive programming has been removed from TV, programs with a moral meaning, daily society has gotten worse with numerous killings and acts of violence occurring. For some people, what they see on the tube is what they learn. They need a better teacher showing that not all is violent in the world. These programs are what plants the deadly seeds in their minds. It's bad for your health and bad for the environment.
June Marshall
on 27 Sep 2008 06:20
Have more positive programming. With mostly negative action movies and shows, people learn from TV. They've been lead to believe what they see on TV is the norm! Don't promote the devil and wrong doing. People, often kids and teens, will try out what they see on the tube. When reading the daily news we see how television is impacting so many peoples way of life. We need to show good and bad. It's all the bad networking people get their ideas from and then they try to do it even better. Years ago we didn't have all these problems and we didn't have all negative programming. Sure, that's what sells but it isn't good for our health nor the environment.
on 27 Sep 2008 03:15
Excuse me, hekt. Jones idea (except the free part) has been done. Get a hold of A.S. Neill's book "Summerhill: A New Approach to Child Rearing". The Neill's ran a private boarding school for grades / ages k-12, and it was run as a total democracy. The students had exactly one vote in school affairs and so did the faculty and staff members. Students studied / "went" to classes only when they chose. And when it came time to take college qualififations exams Summerhill students consistently outscored students from other, more conventional institutions of learning. And, afaik, Summerhill alumni were no more sociopathic or irresponsible than any other demographic.
on 27 Sep 2008 00:08
I agree with Hekt, not only would it be dangerous but the whole system would unravel upon itself and society would start to crumble after just 2 generations as students no longer take "core classes" like math, science, english (or what ever language you speak where you are) but instead would be taking what most people call "slacker classes" or the easiest thing to get through. The teachers for those classes would go up in demand (assuming kids still go either by free will or forced by parents) and the other teachers would cease to exist.
on 27 Sep 2008 00:00
Google should allow all the entries to be viewed by anyone
on 26 Sep 2008 22:58
Where I live in the Netherlands we have free schools which are much as Stephen Jones suggests. They're a minority option, most kids going to a more normal school, but they're there. I don't believe they turn out any more axe murderers than any other kind of school, so hekt can rest peacefully...
stacie tolliver
on 26 Sep 2008 22:09
For the government to fund money from taxes to go to humane societies, to stop puppy mills around the world and to spay and nueter cats and dogs!
Olga V
on 26 Sep 2008 19:45
Wouldn't it be fantastic to see so many people from around the globe participate in this worthwhile endeavor. The spirit of the occupants of this world is slowly diminishing, whether through war, famine, drought, intolerable dominance of fanatical dictators or governments. Being involved in the enhancement of the quality of life for all is certainly something precious and filled with Grace. Thanks Google for the opportunity to make this World a better place.
darlene pylinski
on 26 Sep 2008 15:03
700 billion dollar problem solution. Each state have a $2 lottery with 1 winner each month. Grand prize is winner gets 3-5 yrs exempt from state & fed taxes. Proceeds goes toward 700B bailout. Individuals only. No group sales. Winner can also get 50K as cash prize. Lottery can last 2-3 yrs. Run the numbers, this will work without raising taxes. Win win for all. Who would not want 3-5 yrs with no taxes? IRS can key the winners SS# with note that they are tax exempt. Withholdings still taken out but at tax time they get all state & fed taxes back. My e-mail is dw1ndle@aol
on 26 Sep 2008 13:44
Here's my idea to fix the world.. no one will like it, so I'm not gonna bother sending it to google, but at least you tards get to see it. Every individual who's personal wealth totals 5 million dollars US or more, will be required to give all earnings in excess of that 5 million to a special fund, that redistributes the money to to the poor. Doesn't seem fair to you? Then you're a greedy pr**k. 5 million is more than you could ever want or need.
on 26 Sep 2008 10:35
Mr Jones u must be an idiot. Are u suggesting an anarchist approach to school? Choosing your own subjects, giving a kid such a choice is not only dumb but dangerous for our entire society..
danielle barton
on 25 Sep 2008 23:32
for every new house or building that is built to install a windmill system or solar power. thus having no more use for power plants in the long run
Stephen Jones
on 25 Sep 2008 20:40
School should be entirely free and be a choice for whomever wishes to go. The classes as well should be up to you. You take only the classes you want to take and learn only what you want to learn.
on 25 Sep 2008 17:54
I would hope that Google would select at least one of their panel of judges, at random, from all the folks that submitted ideas... this would help Google explore NEW thinking, not just more Corp. good...