Broadband Customer 'Hit With 31,000 Bill'

by Jayne Davison
Posted by Hannah on 7 July 2008
Broadband Customer 'Hit With 31,000 Bill'

The Manchester resident received the shock charge for downloading music and a TV show episode while overseas.

A mobile broadband user has received a shock £31,000 ($60,000) bill for downloading music and a single episode of popular TV show Prison Break.

Iayn Dobsyn, 34, downloaded the files through a mobile broadband card plugged into his laptop during a recent holiday in Portugal. The Salford, Greater Manchester resident was unaware that downloads are much more highly charged-for while the user is overseas.

On receiving the bill from his broadband provider, Yes Telecom, Mr Dobsyn sought out legal advice; he has since had the bill reduced to £229. His current broadband bill averages £150 per month, he told the Lancashire Telegraph.

Mr Dobsyn added: "The figures looked like they had come down from the moon. I just laughed. There had to be some mistake. I knew I had used a lot of data while abroad, but not to the tune of £31,000. The figures just didn't make sense."

His lawyer, Danielle Mestraud, also told the newspaper that Yes Telecom initially said that they were "happy" with the bill and would be seeking payment for it. However, following "negotiations", it agreed to allow the broadband customer to switch to a lower tariff.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone, Yes Telecom's parent company, added: "Yes Telecom has always been committed to removing the uncertainty of charges when abroad by helping customers to choose the right price plan."

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