We Apologise for our Hoax Story

We made a mistake with an article we posted on the 9th May 2008.

Updated on 25 July 2008.

Man apologising to woman

We published an article on 9th May 2008, 13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers. We posted the story as if it were real and did not disclose that the story was a hoax until 12 days later, and this was a mistake.

money.co.uk considers itself a trustworthy and reputable source of information on financial news and information. The contractors responsible for this mistake are no longer associated with money.co.uk in any way. We have also updated our policy at http://www.money.co.uk/about.htm which confirms that fake stories will be clearly labeled as such, and we have put measures in place to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Money.co.uk values the trust of our readers, and we never want to violate that trust.

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