How to reclaim mortgage exit fees

Action Plan:

Decide: Should you use a 'no win, no fee' solicitor?

If you are not prepared to accept the Ombudsman's ruling and want to go to court, then it may be tempting to use a 'no win, no fee' lawyer. You may find it hard to get one of these lawyers to take your case. The Ombudsman will have considered the impact of his or her ruling on both sides very carefully, and if he or she has found in their favour, there is a real chance that the courts would do the same.

If they are prepared to help, then do not expect that you are going to get a free ride. Far from it, if you win your compensation, you may find that you are set to lose a fair chunk of it to the lawyer in legal expenses. If you are dealing in small amounts, it would probably not be cost effective for you anyway. But the decision is yours.

If you are asked to take out an insurance policy to cover the costs up front, then this will mean you dipping into your pocket. Is that a risk you really want to take?

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